How do I get my Virgo Woman to trust Me?

  • So I'm a Sagittarius. I've been dating a Virgo woman for 5 month's who's moon is in Sagittarius and Ascendant is in Cancer. She has been hurt badly in her past and she is easily distrustful. If I get off work late or delete a text convo in my cell, she accused me of possibly cheating.

    She has to be able to see my e-mails and text messages. If the food she cooks isn't perfect she worries I will not like it. If I get up and get a glass of water and forget to offer her a glass, she says I don't care about her. If I go 2 hours without returning her text she thinks I'm disrespecting her. We have fought a lot over her trust issues. She has gotten better and the fights have calmed down. Now she says she loves me. Her sex drive fluctuates in cycles. When she's not horny, she worries that she isn't pleasing me or that I will cheat.

    I know it's only been 5 months but will I ever get this Virgo woman to trust me? Or should I flee while I still have a chance?

  • Run. It wont get better from here, she sounds like an emotional mess, however it is only what I would do if a man acted that way with me. You will do what you wish.

  • Oh, well. I am a Sag too (only I am a woman) and he is a Virgo (the guy I am dating). In my opinion more that offering to show her everything you do you can have a talk with her in which you reassure about your feelings but also tell her that she is pushing you away with that behavior. There is nothing worse for a Sag that someone threatening your freedom. So she need to tone it down there or you will not be there much longer, even if you do love her. Tell her that she makes you feel really bad about yourself when she behaves in that way towards you and when you have done absolutely nothing wrong. The Virgo person I am dating also has HUGE trust issues and at the moment he is pulling back big time...I do not know what to do myself because it is different with guys. So I do not now if I will ever get him to really get past that and connect with me, and at the moment I do not know myself if I can deal with that long is compromising my peace and believe me, I do not want to threaten that! Keep us posted!

  • i am a Virgo woman and have had horrible experiences with lying cheating, disrespectful me. I understand when she feels that you don't care if you don't offer her a glass of water, because she is thinking of you and giving to you and how she canplease you and then you don't show it in return by the little things. It is noticeable with us.

    However, when I love someone I have given so much of myself without the same returned. We don't expect much but when we do we really need our man to not be selfish and think of us too.

    She obvious loves you. For me a man has to not stare at other women in front of me, because I wouldn't do that to him. She will trust you if yu make her feel sheisnthe only one in the room, whther you are alone or in a crowded place.

  • Lying cheating disrespectful men. -- on my iPad and typos are easily made while typing on it.

  • Hi WiseSagg, Can you give us an update with your girlfriend? Hopefully things are better...there is nothing better than talking if there is good disposition...

  • That's depends .. i do not act super jealous, clingy and suspicious all the times..

    and i even forgive my cancer male cheating on me due to my low sex interest too ..

    I am slow in jealous , hates begin clingy and possessive thus making my cancer male think i no longer love him..

  • mardepp. Thanks for asking.

    Things have gotten better and the dynamic of the relationship is beginning to take shape. The distrust has subsided. We still have occasional fights that revolve around misunderstanding or miscommunication. Half of the fights are my fault. The other half are hers. I think there is a lot of trepidation in our relationship. We think each other is weird. We do things differently.

    We are still struggling to find our place in this relationship. We are slowly moving out of the initial shock and awe dating phase and moving into a phase where we try to attend to our responsibilities and plan for bigger things than just dinner dates and movies. We are planning big things in the future. It feels as if it's ambition and hope that drives us. Maybe it's only because we've been dating for a short period of time. We both have had long relationships in the past so it's hard to give total credence to a 4 month relationship. I think we will both have to do more than compromise, I think we will both have to change for it to work. Which could be a good thing.

  • I am glad things are going better. Early in any relationship it is really like a dance and you are trying to find your own rhythm that fits. It takes time to get there...So interesting what you are describing, because I told you I am dating a Virgo (I am a Sag), only three months in out case. I know what you mean, there like an implied idea of a future and we are very different, yet we seem to want the same things. We just get there in a different way. He runs everything through his mind to the point that it doesn't let him enjoy the present. I am trying to deal with that at the moment. I am not irresponsible, but I like to be spontaneous and let things flow a bit. Ok, gotta go!

  • i´ve been around some virgos in past and i see the same sh** in them, that they don´t change a thing of themselves. The adaptation must be real hard for them to take over. If she doesn´t arrange her problems herself first, or she´s apparently unwilling to change... you want evolution? then i´ll recommend you to go on your own and far...

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