For Blmoon or Daoilite - a reading please if you have the time and patience.

  • Hi Blmoon or Daoilite,

    I was hoping I may get a reading from you if you have the time -

    I recently was in the company of a man that I know for over a year or so and i have been told that we would make a nice couple if one of us would make the move! He would be one of the gang i would socialise with. I was just seeing if there is any insight as to whether a relationship would form between us in the near future?

    My DOB is Jan 18 1983 - I am not sure of his DOB but i can find out if that is needed. Any insight would be appreciated.

    Thank you.


  • I'll try to help you out. I'll do a general reading. I'll be back.

  • I think you're developing deep feelings for this person. I feel like there's a transition taking place. Are these friends or co-workers who think you make a good pair. Think they are picking-up on your feelings as well. Does this person feel like a challenge for you in some way perhaps financial. Your worries are no more than self-inflicted guilt. Are you currently in a marriage/relationship. You do hold the key to this. This is ultimately your decision. Because of the placements of some of your cards I'm getting relationship or group of people around you. I'm also getting mastery over your life and effort to avoid negativity. Need to know if this is a work situation. Also, if your involved in a bad relationship.

  • hi Daliolite, thank you so much for taking time to do this reading. you are so accurate in what you pick up! the people who say we would make a good pair are friends of us both! he does feel like a challenge as i have known him for a while and nothing has ever happened,until recently i thought nothing of it until my friends were bringing it up that we would get on well. i guess i have been afraid to make any sort of a move or let my feelings be known in case of a negative reaction. i have been trying to break out of my negative thoughts and am finding it constantly difficult. i am not in any relationship at the moment but was involved in a bad relationship about a year ago that is taking its time for me to forget about , not the man himself but the negative impact it has had on my self confidence! it is not a work situation with this guy. we normally hang out in a group together although i rarely have been in his company by myself


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