Why do we always end up having sex?

  • He's a Cancer, I'm a Libra

    When we were together and we had a fight..we both calmed down and when it's time to talk about what happened we end up having amazing sex...we broke up and didn't talk for 2 months

    I still loved him.

    he said he hated me

    he said he didnt want anything to do with me

    he said he didn't care for me anymore

    I stop talking to him..

    a couple weeks later he messages me, he feels remorse about what happened between us and wants to talk...

    I go over...I can't think straight, it's the first time I've been this close to him in a long time...we end up having amazing sex. Why does this happen?

  • Because he wants physical relief and you want emotional comfort and closeness. If he just treats you nicely for sex, dump him. You may feel close to him but he obviously doesn't feel the same or he would treat you better.

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