Can I have a reading from you, Captain?

  • Hi Captain, if you have time, I would like a reading from you about my love life... I have been dating this man for 3 months. We had some rough time, but things are getting better between us. I can tell that he likes me a lot and he wants to settle. I am wondering about our future together.. do you see if he's the one for me? any insight regarding this relationship would be appreciated. Thank you!

    Me: april 8, 1985

    Him: August 10, 1967

    am aries and he's leo. and yes, hes much older than me.. never planned on dating a guy his age. somehow it happened..

    Looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks!

  • This relationship tends to works best for friendship. It emphasizes communication and will develop a personal and intimate common language - not necessarily a verbal one - that can be the basis for a great deal of intimacy. The two of you work and relax well together, sharing humour throughout.

    Marriage here can be successful, though not always as a union of true soulmates.Two firesigns together can create sparlk that either enflame or destroy the relationship. You DDTT will have to respect your partner's need to be left alone, and must also resist depending too much on his habitual balance and stability. Should he become 'unglued', you may go into a tailspin after years of dependency on your reliable mate. Nor should he glorify or idealize you too much - in fact this combination's tendency to form a mutual admiration society may undermine the relationship's stability by preventing it from confronting and working through underlying problems. You tend to look up to your partner and he is glad to finally meet someone who can match him in energy and intensity. But Leo will always want to be the boss and leader of this matchup, something you, a fiesty Aries, may not always be able to handle or accept.

    In your love affair, your partner's loyalty will be important in holding the relationship together. This has its downside, however - if you are unhappy, you will not hesitate to search around for solace or a change of scene, or perhaps will go on wild binges, leaving your partner doggedly hanging in there. Much pain may result for all concerned if he refuses to let the relationship fall apart, even after it has outlived its healthy life span. Yes, there will be rough times - for all his apparent strength and self-confidence, your partner can react badly when forced to confront failure. You are tougher, but the sight of you continuing blithely along after a crisis or setback may be too much for your partner's ego or insecurities to accept. He has a fear of being abandoned or emotionally abused which can make him desperate to create a 'normal' family, even though he may have no idea of what that actually is. In the most intimate of situations, he may be unable to relax completely, fearing what may happen if he did. This fear can make him unresponsive, controlling, emotionally manipulative or even sexually repressed at times until he learns to confront and deal with the past. You will need to probe a little deeper into your own psyche to see if you can handle a lifetime of ups and downs with this man, because he may not let you go easily if you get in too deep and want out.

  • wow Captain, im blown away! thanks so much for your detailed reading! It is spot on, especially the last paragraph. we had some big fights before, and what you explained was exactly what went wrong between us! we r still trying to knowing each other better, and this journey has been quite bitter sometime....

    do you see if he proposes this yr? and will he be my future husband?

    thank you!

  • Yes I feel he will propose but I don't feel you will be at all happy as his wife, as he will put great expectations on you to 'perform' well as his spouse and will be even more controlling and demanding. You need a more equal relationship to be happy. I feel you are always looking for a man to take care of you, but only when you realize you can take care of yourself very well, will you finally attract the one good man for you. I feel these dominating men in your life stifle your creativity - your true self - in some way and you need to break away from this to be yourself. I feel you have the talent to work for yourself in your own business. You just need to believe more and trust more in yourself.

  • Hi Captain, thanks so much for your insightful response. It's true that my bf has lots of expectations on me. I can tell already. I actually dont mind at all, as I have lots of expectations on myself too. i do want to have my own business and become successful sometime. I just feel like I need some guidance from the man i am with. I dont wanna depend on anyone, especially financially. i have been studying abroad for so many years, and i feel lonely inside sometime. truth is i just need someone by my side that I can account on.. you know what i mean? Anyway, your words especially the last part warmed my heart. that's the strength i really need! thank you!

    if you dont mind, may i ask... which month will he probably propose? thanks!

  • up up

  • Hmm, it sounds like you are desperate for him to propose. But the marriage may not live up to your expectations. You should consider this matter more carefully - getting married for security or to prevent loneliness may not reasons that will ensure longevity or happiness. For instance, what if your husband wants you to stay at home and not work once you are his wife? Would that suit you? Do you both want children? Before you marry, make sure you ask him what he expects of you to see if your own expectations of him and married life agree.

  • Hi Captain... Need your advice again please...

    I havent spoken to my bf for a few days becuz we got into a fight over the phone last Sunday... Today he txted me saying he takes it as I decided to break up with him... I didnt txt him back.. I wanted him to fight harder for me. Sometimes I feel like he stopped making effort for me. I still love him and I know he loves me too. I wanted to tell him that I dont want a breakup, but I can't. If I did, he would fall back to the old lifestyle again. What's your suggestion? Do you see if he will contact me again sometime soon? Thank you.

  • You are not going to change him no matter how hard you try. He is the one who will want you to change for him. But I've already told you that this relationship won't be all you hoped it would be. You can either accept him as he is or walk away.

  • Thanks for the response, Captain. I knew i couldnt change him, and I never wanted to do so. I just wanted him to appreciate me more and understand me more. I am willing to give him another chance - but am not sure what he's thinking at this point. Do you see if its the end of our relationship? Will him contact me again sometime soon? Looking forward to hearing from you. thanks, Captain.

  • "I just wanted him to appreciate me more and understand me more." - That is wanting him to change. Can you accept that he may never give you more than he gives you now?

    I feel he is waiting for you to make it all right. He will always expect you to be the one who apologizes or backs down even if he is in the wrong. He deep down believes a woman must know her place as man's subordinate and helpmate.

  • Thanks Captain. I agree with what u said. I am the one who should adjust to my expectations.

    some feedback -

    He will always expect you to be the one who apologizes or backs down even if he is in the wrong. -- actually in the past, most times he's the one who contacted me first. But yeah, its hard to get him apologize for what he did wrong. He would apologize if he noticed i was very angry..

    He deep down believes a woman must know her place as man's subordinate and helpmate. - true.

    Captain, do you feel if we will be okay soon? Thanks!

  • I have previously said that you will not be happy in this matchup.

  • Hi Captain, I need your insight please. It has been a while since we talked. well, more than a week actually. We are both being quiet.. I donno how the future plays out between us, but at this point, I dont wanna give up on him.. Although he drives me nuts sometime, I do admire how smart he is, and I love our conversation - I always feel like I can learn from him. I understand what you said that I might not be happy with him in the future, but I still wanna give it a shot. ;(

    I am wondering if he will contact me sometime next week? Need your insight please. Thanks.

  • ehh please disregard my previous post, Captain.. he just called me .. ehh

  • Hi Captain... I have a strange question if you dont mind.. How rich is my bf?I start to have a feeling that he's not that rich as I thought he was. Its not like im gonna leave him just becuz he's not rich. Just curious to know... Can you please let me know? Thanks. Also, he just started a new project. Do you see if he can do well in this one?

  • Well, I feel he has a lot of possessions and investments but not much actual cash or savings because he spends or invests it. He likes to put forth a prosperous image so he buys nice things.

    No I feel the new project will struggle because he is too inflexible about how it should be run.

  • Thanks for the response, Captain. Your words just confirmed my doubt.. He does spend a lot. buy all the high-end stuff. Crazy. Dont think i agree with his lifestyle. I prefer to save more and spend less.

    Captain, do you see if he can make much money from this new project? The old project he was working on for the past 6 months fell through recently, and he got so frustrated. I really hope he wont go thru the same tough time again... Your thoughts? he's dealing with lots of embassy people this time btw.

    I have another question - I was supposed to meet a person for dinner tonight, and we kinda got into a "fight" over the text messages. Now both parties are being quiet. Do you see if this person will contact me again?

    Am looking forward to hearing frm you, Captain. Thanks for the readings.

  • regarding the second question. this person just contacted me.. but his reason for not making it to the dinner tonight is hard to believe. am i overthinking? or is he telling me a lie?? need your clarification please.. and if you have time, please respond to my first question regarding my bf's project...

    Thanks for your help, Captain.

  • 1. Unless your BF changes his ways of doing business, all future projects will have the same negative result.

    2. Yes you are overthinking it. This person did tell you the truth (more or less).

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