Please give me a reading?

  • hi!

    does anyone see love for me this year? if there is what kind of person will it be?

    name serena my dob 21-5-1984

    thank you so much!

  • Rebecca, I feel you need to slow down and take more time with your romantic choices. You give off a desperation to be loved and to be with someone, but you can get involved too quickly without taking the time to check if you are actually compatible with your partner. You may end up being hurt or even dumping someone because they bore you. You tend to idealize your partners and feel crushed when they turn out to be someone whose whole world you cannot enter or understand. And trying to control a romantic situation or stubbornly wanting to do everything your way won't work either. It needs to be an equal partnership, not mother and child or anything unequal like that. Don't expect another person to make you happy or solve all your problems for you - if you are not a happy person on your own, you won't be happy when you are with someone. You have to make your own happiness - other people are only meant to be our companions, not our problem-solvers. You have to acquire the maturity to take responsibility for creating your own happiness and success. Instead of falling into misery and self-pity, rejoice in your uniqueness, communicatibe talents, and creativity and take the time to look for someone equally individual as you. You want a mature, independent, companion - you certainly don't want someone who nags you as this can drive you to despair, drink or drugs, or actual illness. You may be conflicted about certain things due to your Taurus-Gemini cusp nature. While on the one hand you want to be earthy and stable, you tend to be drawn towards more unstable, frenetic people who are not good for you. Until you realize that other people are not the problem and that you are the only person who can make your life full and rich, you may continue to suffer unnecessarily.

    You mustn't spread yourself too thin. feel restricted by life, or misuse your vitality in resentments and aggression. You are a free spirit and you need another free spirit as a companion, someone who understands you cannot be tied down or limited. But don't run too far or you risk rootlessness and superficiality. Your quest for freedom can sometimes degenerate into searches for mere stimulation or simple thrill-seeking. You are a versatile, even brilliant individual and, if you can banish any self-defeating thoughts and attitudes, manage certain ego issues, and avoid both a sense of entitlement and of unfulfilled expectation, your destiny will be to live life to the fullest and most dazzling. Many of the restrictions you feel are merely in your own mind.

  • thank you captain very much.

    anyone else got insight?

  • I will give you a free tarot reading if you wish. Please email and give me permission to read your cards. I _____ give you permission to cast my cards and I will read your tarot. Sara.

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