Would love to get an interpretation of a spread with Death in final position

  • Hello there,

    I have a question regarding the Death card I drew in a love reading.

    When I first met this guy we fell in love like nothing we had ever experienced before. It felt so natural like we had been together for over 40 years. But due to circumstances we had to spilt up.

    I wandered if we would ever get a chance to be together again so I drew the Tarot cards (celtic cross).

    This is what I got:

    1. Knight of cups

    2. Queen of cups

    3. Five of cups

    4. The world

    5. The star

    6. Eight of wands

    7. The devil

    8. Page of swords

    9. Five of swords

    10. Death

    I can understand most of the cards exempt for the Death card. I always find that one complicated to interpret and especially in the final position.

    I know the Death card has been explained already, but I would like to know more about it in detail especially in combination with these cards.

    Thanks in regard, MarinaSun

  • Death in this reading signifies change. Whether it is the change you want or the change that you don't want depends on if you heed the rest of the advice given to you in the reading. This reading is about changing yourself for the better, not dwelling on the loss but on what you still have and can get, a very fulfilling situation. The guides want you to have hope. Things will move quickly. There are some negative hindrances. Communication needs to be better. Stop being hard to deal with and pushing other people away, only then you will get the change you desire.

    Hope that wasn't too forward of me but that is what the cards say to me. Good luck!


  • Hi Sara.

    This was sort of what I interpreted as well, it is always nice to hear other peoples interpretations.

    And you are absolutely wright I can push people away sometimes and I can be hard to deal with. I do have to change this behavior pattern. I glad to hear there is hope.

    Thank you so much!

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