Need Help Interpreting A Reading

  • I recently did a reading for myself. I just recently joined in an extracurricular activity that involves competitions, but now realize that I am very ill at ease with even thinking about participating.

    I drew a 3-card past/present/future spread.

    1. The Moon

    2. King of Pentacles

    3. Knight of Pentacles

    I'm a little fuzzy on the first two cards, but the Knight totally befuddles me. I keep getting directly conflicting ways to interpret the card. Could someone please help me?

    Thank you.

  • The Moon represents the creative energy but also falsehood. It can represent intuition and primal feelings... Sometimes even it can represent emotional rollercoasters.

    The King of Pentacle: Kings are generally driving forces whereas Queens are the realization. Kings are about motivation and the start of something. Euhm.. You didn't say whether your cards were upright or reversed... It makes a big difference in a reading... The king of pentacles in particular is about building of projects... in their heads... the Queen here would represent the building on actual grounds.

    Had this card been reversed...

    The King of pentacles reversed describes someone who won't take chances. It's the reversal of the practical, hard-working King.

    Knight of pentacles now... Knights represent change... Perhaps you joined that extracurricular activity in order to fit in and now regret it. This is asking too much of you in terms of your personality. Are you afraid of defeat?

    Now you have the elements in your hands, the reader generally has the answers to his questions...

    Good luck

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