Luv2laf - if you could help?

  • Hi Luv2laf,

    I love the name 🙂 And the calm sensitivity and that you exude in your readings. If that makes any sense.

    Was wondering if you could do reading on me, specifically on love and relationships potential moving forward, including someone I briefly dated 8 months ago. Have I any past life ties to him? Want to know what he really feels about me now - as a person, a friend, a former lover. And perhaps a general direction ahead for me, as I feel both empowered and lost right now, to be honest...

    Don't be afraid to tell me what you see and I'll give you feedback as to what resonates with me, and if I don't understand anything.


  • Dear Danceur,

    Thank you, for the beautiful compliment. I am quite a serene and caring person, I guess hardship and suffering creates real compassion and I can relate with an empathic quality with most people. I wanted to be called flowermoonchild or flowers are forever, but thought something fun would suit me more, as I do love to laugh. I feel that you are a libra pisces kind of energy, a quiet but soothing calm serene type of vibration, I am always changing in subtle ways everyday, today I am feeling a little mischievious, sleep neeeded ha. Can I have his sign as well as yours, dates would be handy, I won't calculate the year though as this is a different kind of reading. If you are feeling lost, don't worry, I feel that you will find the answers you need here soon. I will be able to do this tomorrow. Thank you again, ttfn.

  • Hi Luv2laf,

    Don't know why but you come across like a little fairy 🙂 And it's very soothing. I like it!

    I'm a Scorpio on a Libra cusp (25 Oct/79) -so prob I'm not very soothing at all haha 😛 Quite a tug of war since the qualities are so different (and I have a Sag moon too). Seem to have a combination of water, air and fire traits. Depending which day you get me - I may appear to be playful, cheeky, a daydreamer, excitable, nurturing, intense, fiery, passionate, quiet, laidback, calm... am all of the above - and no wonder I'm lost 😛

    He is a Gemini (13 Jun/73). How does the year change it into a different reading?

    Basically, I'm wondering about him in particular, about why I'm so drawn to him and if we could reconcile in the future, but also about love and relationship potential in general, moving forward. And how to find my way in life. Cos it feels like there's strength and positivity, but yet I'm stuck in negative vibes/thought patterns, and moving back and forth, instead of forward.

    Have a good rest!

  • Oh, thank you, the fairy discription is a wonderful way for me to see myself now . I love the flowers that I plant every year and my cat who passed away last year used to watch things that were not there around the flowers, so I wondered if there was fairies around, a good feeling. You have given me a sense of peace with this. I will soon reply, in a few days. Thank you, love and light to you.

  • Hi Luv2laf,

    Thank you too. Honestly, I had a really bad day, but i feel happier reading that you felt better from something I said.

    I love cats! Have one myself and totally get what you mean.

    Take care. Look forward to your reply. Take your time 🙂

  • Good morning Danceur, I am wishing you a wonderful day,

    I wanted to share with you that after our conversation about cats, I had a nap yesterday afternoon and in my dream my beloved feline familiar came to me in a dream, I saw him smiling at me on a chair, he was lying down looking up at me, I kissed him and he smiled and stretched out. He was by my side for 12 years. Last year in May, I was waiting for a cancer test to come back, it was negative, no cancer detected. The strange thing is, is that my cat died of cancer within days. I felt that he sucked it out of me and sacrificed himself for me. Sorry to sound morbid, but he was the love of my life besides my kids. I am grateful to you for the feeling of the fairies and kissing my beloved friend who is always with me, even if only my dreams. I am happy and alright, but don't want to plant flowers anymore, they were for my cat. Anyway, you have a great day, and I will soon do the reading, this is my passion, and thank you for asking. It is an opportunity for me to learn. Ttfn

  • I am sorry to hear that you had a bad day yesterday. Want to talk about it?

    I also wanted to change the energy of my last post.

    I had a dream a few months after my cat passed. He was lying under the covers with me, his head sticking out, and my mom who passed 17 years ago came into my room laughing with a piece of chocolate for me. The next dream of my cat was of him playing outside of that same dream house with other cats, one in particular was almost identical to him.

    It all made sense one day when I said to my friend that I would never have another animal, well honest to God, in walked a cat that looked almost identical to mine, he even had a chip out of his ear like my cat did. This cat would not leave me alone, he scratched at my window until I let him in., He still comes around almost every day and I even gave him a bath, he loved it. He sleeps outside in the jungle of flowers on my cats chair, and comes in to watch t.v. on my lap or a nap on my bed, then goes home. I will plant flowers for him and myself this year. I could have done a reading for you by now, instead of pouring this out. Thankyou for listening, will write soon with the info. Have a wonderful day!

  • Hi Luv2laf,

    What a beautiful dream! Am very sorry to hear your cat passed on. It's not morbid at all and thanks for sharing. The way you feel about your cat reminds me of how I feel about mine. He's my best friend 🙂 He's been with me for a very long time as well. May be the only one who accepts me completely.

    It's all beautiful imagery that I see through your words when you describe your dreams and this new kitty 🙂 And it's very soothing for me. Like the image of you as a little fairy fluttering about. Am just feeling v sad at the moment. Am loving this man in secret and I think his opinion of me has changed.... for the worst. Maybe he doesn't even like me as a person anymore. Which is why I asked. I really do want to know. Hope you can tell me. Anyway, I thank you for these lovely messages you send. I love it that you're sharing them with me. Hope you have a great day too.

  • Hello there Danceur, I hope that you have had a more joyful day. I have done a reading for you:

    This reading is about your relationship with the Gemini man, it will show you how you and he are experiencing this level of change.

    How you see yourself: You may be emerging from a trying phase, you may feel as though you are coming out of the darkness into the sunshine once more.

    You need to be loved and nurtured, and will want to be loving, but need to feel that you are loved and fulfilled first. The cards also indicated that you may be dating more than one person or overindulgence in food, drink or pills.

    How he see's himself: He is keeping his options open. He is busy trying to juggle lifes up's and downs. His social life may be put on hold at the moment because of lack of energy. He is trying to balance his life. He may be trying to maintain emotional control when faced with upsetting news or circumstances.

    What you need: You must achieve some form of harmony so that you can successfully blend various areas of your life. To make some adjustments in your life, you may be overworking so slow down. You could be caught up in a painful relationship that robs you of your self- respect, and which you need to end as soon as possible.

    What he needs: He will have to reorganize his life, sometimes in quite radical ways, and it may take some time to recover from it, both materially and emotionally. He must now have the courage to show who he really is. There may be problems in the relationship caused by either him or you,or both. It looks like the worst is over.

    How you see the situation: Although things look bleak, you could be feeling devastated as a result of a betrayal, or stabbed in the back, or feel that the odds are stacked against you. You have reached rock bottom and the only way now is up. It could be a turning point. This often indicates the termination of a particular phase in a relationship, it may not be the end of the relationship itself, but may be transformed. cont.....

  • cont...How he see's the situation: Because of basic compatabilities and irreconcilable differences, he will not be able to unite, and if he is are already commited, he will feel the only recourse left is to sever the relationship. He feels since he is not the cause and is powerless to change what is happening it is of no use being upset, This may change of course.

    Your sticking point: You want a new beginning or fresh start in business or love. You won't want to experience life alone or have a " part time" relationship; you will want a full time partner and though you will be receptive to those who advance, the time won't be ripe to reap the full harvest.

    His sticking point: Problems are causing him to shut down emotionally, and not letting on to what is really going on inside will make the pressure build. If he loosens up and changes his attitude he will find love with you.

    How you can resolve this: You may long for a future event, but will worry that your plans to unite may fail, or that what you want may not come to pass. You could be unconsciously screening out any unpleasant memories, and only concentrating on the happy ones. Maybe it would be wise to see him as he really is. I also see you picking up the threads of the old relationship again.

    How he can resolve this: It looks like he is on hold for the time being, resistant to moving forward. He may be waiting for you to direct things. He may be feeling confused as to what to do about this relationship. He might feel that he has to give up this cherished relationship because it is making you both unhappy. Things may improve if he alters his attitude.

    On the whole, this relationship has formed a an alliance with deep emotional sentiments, and a strong emotional bond. If the two of you are not seeing a third party and wish to communicate and sort things out, then I see a relationship in the future together.

    I hope this did not confuse you. I only read what I see in the cards. This was not a reading with numerology, it is only a superficial look at what may be happening. I hope you have a clearer look and be able to relax and let ideas come and go. When the right one comes, you'll know it. Have a wonderful restful night, and please let me know when you are able what you think. Thankyou for the opportunity to learn, Ttfn

  • Hi Luv2laf,

    Thank you so much for your reading. Am still trying to digest it. Yeah a bit confused 🙂

    Let me try and respond as a whole and hope you can provide more insight. Sorry this is abit lengthy.

    I do feel overworked – so tired physically and emotionally – and am trying to slow down. My job is getting me down and I feel like I don’t matter. It is a toxic environment.

    I’m looking to find a long term relationship and I thought I had found the beginning of a promising one with him. Our easy-going friendship developed into more. But it was a “part-time” relationship, though it felt that the emotions were sincere and real. He pulled away after we had dated for 3 months, just as things were looking optimistic and more serious.

    At first, he said he was busy so I gave him space. I tried to keep in touch but gradually I felt hurt that things had become one-sided so I backed off. At various points, he and I have reached out to each but on a very superficial level. We have never alluded to the intimacy we once shared. Or maybe we let too much time pass and it’s no longer comfortable to bring this up. So we just act as if it never existedd. He may have been with other people or may be currently committed. I don’t really know. I have not dated anyone after him.

    I think he is now in trying emotional times. So most of what you mentioned about him shutting down and needing time to reorganize and balance is life is probably true. And for me, yes I do feel the odds are stacked against me.

    We didn’t even use the term dating or relationship, as what we had was in its infancy. I didn’t know him well. And you’re right – I may be over-idealizing him. Prob because we hadn’t interacted long enough for us have seen the bad bits yet. All my memories with him were beautiful.

    What does “I also see you picking up the threads of the old relationship again.” mean?

    I can’t decide whether what you mentioned about a painful relationship robbing me of self-respect refers to how I feel about my boss, for I feel completely let down. Or is it referring to this almost relationship Gemini and I had – for this stalemate has gone on for 5 months, and it’s really testing my emotional sobriety. Yes on some level I feel betrayed. Not just by him, but by my leap of faith in trying to be with him – for I actually believed we could make this work.

    If he had decided I wasn’t right for him then I wish he didn’t leave me out of the loop. And leave me waiting and wondering. For I am here loving him in secret. And he’s somewhere in the stratosphere. Not knowing how I feel. And I have tried to forget. I have tried to move on. It just causes injury to my soul and spirit. So I stick to thinking of him in loving ways, for I feel healing this way.

    And yet I feel troubled for not being to let go.. Because from what you have written, it seems it will take a Herculean effort for him to even ‘see’ me (that is how forgotten I feel)… let alone have courage to try to rekindle what we shared. He was happy once, being with me, and I was happy too. I’d like to think that we have a deep emotional tie – but really, it seems that only I feel that link, the other end of the rope has already been disconnected. He doesn't want to communicate with me. He hasn't tried to.

  • If I could add a few things to maybe help. I feel what you are talking about on different levels. I think separation anxiety comes to mind, as I pulled the Star card at the end for you, it explained: You will be troubled by a yearning heart-can't have and can't let go. The memory of things lingering on. Scents can bring up things from the past, like purfume, even things or people long forgotten. This may be a catalyst for you to imagine the purfume bottle breaking so that the contents spill out. Maybe you are bottled up and need to release everything that is inside you, Not knowing how to think or act can lead to overblown reactions. It can feel as though everything is completely lost or destroyed.

    I think that your job has a lot to do with your feelings of self, what ever they are. I also think that because you are not in a healthy work scenario, it may be the problem, and you are creating endorphins to be able to cope, it may even be addictive. What I mean by this is your wanting to be fulfilled through this man: It may indicate a period in which you are caught up in memories and fond recollections of days gone by. It can also describe a tendency to live in the past rather than the present, especially if this means feeling very nostalgic about the way things used to be. There may be eagerness to recreate history in the present or a yearning to emulate a vanished way of life. I have been with a Gemini man who awakened me because he was so different, he was always doing something, it was exciting, he was always talking to people writing poety, sexy, etc. I was hooked, but felt this voice inside my stomach saying run! I was right, he was fickle. He wanted me and was fun and then intense, he was a double personality. He would pretend innocence then on the other hand would become enraged. I was a mess! I know how deeply a scorpio feels as well, he is probably so attracted to you and it scares him. And Scorpio's hold onto their mates intensly, I know, this is my rising sign. The Gemini man is a thinker, depending on his rising etc. and all kinds of numerology come into play, he may be starting another cycle, of learning, he will, as all of us do change.

  • Hi Luv2laf,

    Thanks for taking the trouble on this. Going to respond some before I sleep.

    You're saying that part of the reason I'm holding on - is because I'm using the 'feel good' feelings of nostalgia to cope with the unhappiness i feel at work?

    Hmmm, that's an interesting perspective. Need to think about that more.

    I always thought it's the other way around - that I'm using work to distract myself somewhat, so that I ruminate less on things. I'm not happy - but I don't want to be unhappy. Does that make sense?

    I do think my feelings go out of proportion at times. Prob because as you say, they've been bottled up. He and I have 'pretended' so well, it's almost like we were never together. I wish we could get it all out into the open. But I'm also frightened at the possible aftermath of that. On some level, I want to make peace with the idea that I will have to attain closure without ever having had a chance to tell him how I feel.

    I don't know - maybe this is the last hurdle before I'm able to reach a better mental and emotional place. Maybe this is separation anxiety before transcendence? I'm not a Gem, but I'm a thinker too 😛 hehe.

    I want not to bound by feelings this way. I want to let fate play out as it should. And if we get a second chance, we should grasp it and if not, i want to know that I will not close the door on someone else.

    It is a strange thing. It's almost as if people (men) can sense this vortex I'm in. 3 men have told me I'm beautiful in as many days. Two of them are married and acquaintances. And one is a stranger. It is very unusual. Kinda puts me off.

    Could be wrong, but I think his rising may be Scorpio - just like you 🙂 Yes the famous double personality 🙂 If he is still attracted to me, well he's done a mighty fine job of burying it. I don't know much about astrology, but I've dated air signs almost exclusively. Only realised that on hindsight. Actually what I'm drawn to in him, is his tenderness in quiet moments. Quiet strength. Maybe it balances out the emotional side of me.

    What's your sign? You strike me as an Earth sign, like Taurus.

  • Oops think it's the moon that is in Scorpio - not his rising.

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