Pisces Female dreaming of Taurus ex-Husband

  • Greetings all,

    I'm a new member here, seeking advice/feedback for my situation. this is kind of long winded please bear with me.

    Since December of 2011 I've been having vivid reoccurring dreams of reconciliation with my ex-Husband. whenever I start to doubt this, I get some sign from the universe like shopping receipts with our anniversary date on them, it's happened a few times or I'd stop to take a water break while out walking and the street address is the last 4 numbers of our old phone number, started my car the other day and the mileage was the same number.

    we were together for 10 and half years, of which we were married for 3 and a half years. it was a very loving & close, do everything together kind of relationship. we even worked together. Then he got a promotion to an office job working for the same company. things were good for the first few months then in Oct 2004 we started having minor arguments sometimes alcohol was involved and he asked for a divorce, I told him no.. lets work this out and we did and things got better or so they seemed.

    In Dec 2004 a mutual friend a Gemini homewrecked us, he told me with tears flowing he wanted a divorce. He was commuting to see her and still living with me, then he would try and patch things with me when he was fighting with her etc.

    For 5 months this went on until April 2005 he and I had a bad argument about him letting her butt in on our life, in which he packed all his things and got ready to move to his dad's house.

    he left me a 4 page unfinished letter of closure and he said you never know we could remarry one day like Liz Taylor and Richard Burton.after he moved he was still calling me many times a day, sometimes crying saying he missed me and loved me, sending letters in the mail saying keep me in your heart I will always love you, you always have a friend in me and ending his letters with love.

    3 days before we were set to sign the divorce papers he called me drunk and sobbing telling me he made a mistake by leaving me and he loved me and apologized and wanted me back and then a half hour later he said he wanted to work things out with her. so 3 days latter I signed the papers to end the head games.

    Shortly after that communication became very scarce if at all. Our divorce finalized in July of 2006. They got married in May 2007. I haven't spoken with him in over 5 years. I saw him in 2009, he looked very happy to see me, ear to ear smile but didn't utter a single word. we've exchanged holiday greetings/condolences thru his dad but nothing more, I sent 2 non- romantic messages thru social media, went ignored.

    After the dreams started his dad told me he's not the man you remember, he turned into a suit very cold, distant, vain. I guess the pressures of working in an office building, her having a wealthy family with a silver spoons attitude.

    his dad said to just move on, ( I've had one brief rebound relationship I didn't love the guy so I ended it) so I agreed with him and left. went to the grocery store some boneless wings and a bag of chips and the total was $6.22 our anniversary date... it's happened a few times with different items.

    Do you think the universe is trying to tell me something or should I pay it no more mind and move on with my life... if anybody can do a reading into this, it would be most appreciated.

    Pisces female d.o.b 3-3-1977

    Taurus male d.o.b. 4-26-1972

    thanks in advance for your time and feedback



  • I'm not trying to write war and peace here but I left out a few things.

    I believe everything happens for a reason.

    a few months after the divorce papers were filed I had to move back home. my mom started having health issues soon after I got home, I'm her only daughter so I was taking care of her. her health slowly declined year by year and she passed away last September. I think this was the universes way of telling me she needed my help more than he needed a wife.

    I have a feeling that he and I are soul mates and we are still connected by a deep bond. my intuition is telling me something is not quite right. possibly lying or infidelity but I sense trouble.

    maybe he is going through some kind of personal crisis...dunno

    for the past few months I've been doing a lot of astrology/tarot research on my sign to get a better understanding of the piscean behavior I exhibit. it's helped greatly.

    I still have a lot of love for my ex, many fond memories, I still have hope for the future, just wondering if my dreams of us reconciling will come true.

  • This relationship was really best suited as a friendship, and nothing more. You did have a lot to learn from this relationship, Gofish, as it tended to focus on social interaction and may have brought you from an isolated position into closer contact with your fellow human beings. Your partner also stood to benefit by deepening his social skills and understanding people better, rather than just using them to implement his ideas. You two may get along well enough in a brief love affair and marriage but will usually find greater fulfillment in your interactions with other people, usually friends. This relationship fares much better out amongst people, than alone. By yourselves, the glaring weaknesses of the relationship can become more obvious. Arranging dinner parties and planning trips away are more the forte of the two of you together than any deep interrelating or intimate situations. Your partner has trouble handling emotions and moods, and you have plenty for him to cope with (or not cope with, as the case may be.) He can be very unsympathetic to your feelings and his independent streak may not gel well with your need to be needed. He wants to be out in the world more than he wants to stay at home. This can be an impractical, angering relationship in many areas and will never be anything like the healthy, successful love matchup you deserve, Gofish. Stop dreaming of what it could be and see the reality. There is nothing here for you - you can do much better.

  • thanks so very much for your response. time to wake up now and take another path on the journey of life.

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