Exchanges for today (anyone available?)

  • Hello

    I hope everyones having a fantastic day. I have some time this afternoon and would like to practice and ask a couple questions is anyone around to do this.

  • Jamie3

    I am a clairvoyant reader, however am interested in an exchange with you.

    Here are my two questions and feel free to send your along when you send my reading.

    1. Will I friend a life purpose here in Austin?

    2. Is TX my permanant home?

    Iam a woman with light blonde hair and light eyes. Middle aged.

    I look forward to your reading.


  • Greetings! Glad i get this oppertunity.

    So i did a life direction spread i hope that is alright.

    1.Current Situation magician

    For me the magician is all about using all the available tools that you have around you. I feel like you are resources full and have been taking advantage of this by taking up an oppertunity you recently decided to do. Im not sure if your from austin or if you just recently moved there but either way right now i feel like your in a good spot ready to make magic in what ever situation your in.

    Why is it working: World

    I feel like with the world being your next card is youve recently closed one chapter in your life and your now ready to move forward and the way you intend to do so is by calling on the magician from the previous magician. I feel that now that this chapter has closed it has made it a stronger person and you know what you want and your going to make it happen.

    How will you find your niche in life: Wheel of fortune

    Very powerful cards in this reading.I feel that a lot of the next little bit will be up to what fate has in store for you i think that like i said the chapter has now closed and now its time to move on to something new and it may be scary but its whats ment to be and no matter what happens your going about your life path in the way you were intended to. Don't try and control the future let the future unravel the way its intended to.

    When / or where will you find it: Fool

    Again i cant believe ive pulled all major cards youve gotta a lot of big things going on around you that you dont have much control over i feel but you need to be open to all of this and go with this because i feel once you do you will be enter a very freesh new start that will bring some positivity into your life dont be afraid to take that risk i really get that message through all of this

    How will austin help you find your true niche in life

    The 10 of Wands is sometimes known as a burden, or at least a heavy sense of responsibility, taken on willingly or not, that in the long run is difficult to sustain but at the sametime in the long run can be potentially worth it. I feel that you will work your way to the top in regards to something while you are in austin. No matter how much work it takes you will get it down and find fullfillment to it you just cant make your life about work you gotta enjoy the other sense to so that way when you do reach that point of success your not to tired to enjoy the rewards that come along with it.

    Thanks again for letting me practice i appreciate the oppertunity. I hope this makes sense to your situation let me know if you need me to draw any more cards or have any other questions

    I would like to know what is going on in my love life if theres anything exciting thats expected to happen in the next little bit

    I also want to know what big event will be occuring next for me


  • jamie3

    Thank you for the informative reading. I m at new beginnings at several stages of my life.

    Your love life looks like a big red balloon that is ready to pop. So that tells me that you are in for a red hot love affair if you are not in one at this time in which I feel you are not.

    The vibes will be electric and the compatability will be there also. I feel you can be a real fire cracker where temper is concerned and this relationship will cool you down , yet keep you lit within. I feel this to begin in May and you will meet at a social event.

    Big events coming seem to be a bit distant right now. There will be three in a row that come your way and one will really show you a new way of presentation is what I receive to give to you. I can not pick up what it is you do or about to do, are you in the Arts?

    Number 10 is going to be important to you in the coming months . A building with the number 10 on it glows with positive energy for you.

    Shawn is a name I am given to hand to you as someone special you know or will meet.

    Who is Sally as she comes in like a whisper?

    I see a little black terrier dog here, in the imed future or someone you will have connections with has this lovely dog, male energy. Sunshine will follow a dissappointment of a business nature, and happiness with shine it light on you this summer.

    It was my pleasure to read for you.


  • Thanks for the reading.

    Im currently not in the arts. Im currently in medical office admin. So I hope sunshine will follow after everything ive been through with my career situation. Very positive reading so i look forward to the next little bit thanks again.

    J xx

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