The Cancer Crab is 1st water sign

  • I am a fish myself and have been feeling freaky lately, til I found out that we will be in Cancer for awhile, it being the first water zodiac, us water signs do not like this shift.

    Remember this though, we as Pieces are the last in the zodiac, everyone else goes first. That's why we rock as fishy's, we have a little of each sign in us, which is why we are WAY more intelligent and psychic.....Anyone agree?

  • Hi, I see Pisces as smart and easy to get along with. They do have a dual nature that I don't really care for. I guess I need help in understanding this since I'm a Fixed sign.

  • Emphathetic, i agree to what you said.

    Dalia to know of pisces study the sign best way i´d say to learn the sign of pisces. Its what i did and i understood meself more. I also studied the signs of those i loved, helped some.

    I still dont get silent crabs or mindbogging libra or rush race still as ssschhh aries lol

  • Pisces have always been a magnetic encounter for me, however I find we bring out the darker side in each other, (I'm a Cancer), I'm also found that they can kind of get stuck in a dream world if they don't like what's going on around them (I think it's a basic trait of all water signs really to some degree), my ex- was able to see spirits and things like that and we had a psychic like connection also. Pisces are very creative, and artistic and often times very good writers, and musicians though

  • not all Pi's are intelligent. I had one that I tried to train for 2 weeks. By the next day she forgot almost everything I taught her. She has ADD. I was very patient with her and tried to figure out how she could relate what I was teaching her, to things she already knew. My boss lost patients with her and fired her. My sister is a Pi too, she worked for County welfare for 30 years she has strong psychic ability . She"s horrible with driving directions and at 52,she's still ditzy! Her common sense is not there that much. All my siblings and I are are flirts but, so were our parents, mom was a Sag, pop's a Cap. Our mom had the psychic ability, she sort of repressed it when she got called a witch. My daughters got it too and my youngest ability, who is an Aquarian, is stronger then my sisters. She also took to one of my Tarot decks and I haven't seen it since!! It didn't talk to me that well anyway, I usually use my very old, faded one. Since your a water sign, you fall in love emotionally plus, your symbol is an animal, which means your a base emotional person. I'm a water /animal sign too. Signs that have people or objects, as part of their symbols are more into the 'logical" reasoning and fall in love with their heads. Usually love based on what you can bring to the relationship and how much you agree with their plans. I would say a Pi has a lot of traits of the other signs but, not stubborn as Aries or Taurus unless it's in one of your other houses, can flipflop like a Gemini, not usually self absorbed like Libras or Capricorns, not as moody, suspicious or as secretive as Cancers and Scorpios but, do have same traits as fellow water signs: love and crave home harmony, can be very loyal until hurt and the hurt stays and goes DEEP, then you can get as MEAN as a Scorpio!. Psychic, I think that's because animals that are in water, can feel vibrations from things miles away and similarly, water signs can naturally feel vibrations from different dimensions in time space continuium. The dead are on a different dimension. Sensitive to others to the point of empathic, my boyfriend ( Cancer) won't let me massage him because I can pick up and hear peoples life/emotional repressed stories, ...humm, one day, I'll catch him off guard, when he's laying on his stomach in bed, I'll massage his back and find out what he doesn't want me to hear! Pi's and Scorps love to solve mysteries!! He has the ability to block me when he's aware. He grew up with a Pi and a Scorp sister.

    I'd say Pi's are a young spirit sign. I wouldn't say they embody the traits of the all the other signs. Be glad. It would drive you mad!! You'd be Sybil of the 12 signs!!

  • I like the way you describe Pi's and water signs! It makes a lot of sense! Wow! I do agree that water signs pick up more empathically. 🙂 Thanks

  • Water signs are definitely empathic and intuitive...all to different degrees and expressed different ways....I think cancers show it in their faces (I happen to be one), pisces, at least the one that I know, I think she expresses it in the way she says things you can hear the emotion behind it...Scorpios....way deeper then both of us and have a real quieter, quicker way of showing it....hard to describe...but you know what I wouldn't have it any other way being a water sign 🙂

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