Just wondering if I could have a reading please

  • Hello and good evening

    I was just wondering if I could have a reading please my dob is July 12 1961.

    Thanks so much Illona

  • Illona

    you are not going to feel satisfied until you break that frustration barrier that keeps you from "acomplishment". Pick a goal and STICK to it past the resistance hump. You have potential--dreams but lose focus. You can be all or nothing and go back to square one too often. You need to feel achievement--know yourself--your needs that are just you. You need to feel acomplishments--they feed you and keep you moving. This is the year the universe backs you up if you take it so pick SOMETHING--anything that requires committment and focus and hard work. Unfortunetly, your shadow side feeds on failures and you beat yourself up. Start the energy by making a to do list for the fridge--no deadlines just an intention to get as many crossed out. The list can be little things that bug you--you hate but never get done. Example.--spackle that crack on the wall in bathroom. Clean the crazy closet. You know--those little nagging things you say--I need to justy do that. Make your list one long page and numbered. Then cross out as completed--it will be seen everytime you go in fridge! That feeling you get when you cross off something THAT is what you are seeking---keep that going! BLESSINGS!

  • Hello Blmoon

    Well one thing that I have stuck to is school. And I really am doing so good this time. There are some things that I need to do in my house and there are two closets that I need to clean out. And there are two more things that have been at me for a while but I can't do nothing with them

    till July. Then I can move. And I think it will be so much better for me. I am going this week and getting my hair cut that as been something that is a pain and I am dropping off people that I know that are not good for me. And I will make that list and there are a couple of things that I have start and I had to put on hold for a minute because of my surgery and now they are not doing it this Thrusday so I can go and start back on it. There are some things that I have been wanting to do and I have start working on them, because I know this is the year to go and do what I have been wanting to do.

    Thanks so much Illona

  • Yes you are moving ahead! Sometimes you just need to see it in black and white--hear it from your own wise self--you do not need a reading--just a keep it up reminder and yes---this is the year so DO focus and sometimes there is a peak and valley but keep getting back up! On the days it doesn't seem real enough--you will have your list on the fridge that speaks the truth and helps you feel good about yourself because that is the bottom line

    your spirit stays energized when you see more good than bad. Specially when their is no one but yourself in the room to hug! BLESSINGS!

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