Relationship Issues: Stay or Go?

  • Well, me and an ex had a horrible relationship. There was abuse, cheating, a house got destroyed, and problems with alcohol (on both sides) that probably caused a great amount of these issues. We broke up for two years, then about 4 months ago got back together. I understand if you are thinking "CRAZY". Well, now the drinking has stopped, so the past issues are not the same. I have moved from them, let them go. It was hard, but I truly have. He is holding on to fears and resentment, and all my efforts seem in vain. Im not going to get into who did what to who, because I feel it counter-productive to do so. There is no longer abuse, things arent being destroyed, and I was finally hopeful. Now Im not so sure. The trust is not there, I feel like a stranger, there is no communication. I would greatly appreciate any advise at all. Thank you so much for reading!

  • oh, if any other info is required, my dob is 9-29-80. his is 3-10-74

  • Do you feel Time has healed the Past ?

    Have you learned from your Past ?

  • i feel i have learned and healed from the past. i will always have more to learn, but i believe ive come a long way. i do not believe he has done the same.

  • The only thing I know is that even if our hearts let go of past hurts, the brain never forgets. It can be very difficult to move through bad past history, not impossible, but it has to be equal on both parts.

    Perhaps this was solely meant for you to have the ability to heal?

  • i think you are right. it doesnt feel like healing now though,,,,, lol.... thank you.

  • lilcrazy

    Congrats on putting your life back on track! I would encourage you continue to do your own life. His growth and healing experience are his. In time you both will see the true Spirit of who you really are. The firewater is so destructive the memory may still be too painful for him. You both have made better choices this is a very very good thing. Stay grateful .



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