Help!! I need/want a reading asap!

  • if anyone would be so kind, I would love a reading. i welcome any good advice as well, but more importantly I would prefer a reading too. to see how things will likely play out in this situation, so i have some peace of mind of my anxiety. what happened was my boyfriend is living w/me and my family. he just got a good job,but his car blew up several months ago. so he has no way. I have my car but im trying to get a job too and I go to vet school at nights. he has to work for child support, etc.. he wanted to use my car to go to work, but my mom and i said that i need it for school, since he cant guarantee he will be home in time for me to go to class. my mom mentioned him to take bus to work but he didnt like that idea. so he is really mad at me and my mom. he says he feels we are putting his job in jeopardy.but thats not true he has options if he really needs to get there. last night he made mean comments and threw a fit, then made a wisecrack about finding a sugar mama on craigslist. so i accuse him of using me, etc... right now he is acting as if he is done with me. I did mentioned how my ex wouldve taken bus and let me drive his car! yes i know low blow, it shouldnt have said things like that, but i was hurt and pi**ed he is being selfish and not gentlemenlike. I want to know why is he acting like this? why is he mad at us? iv tried explaining in a text that we just wanted to take the best option where we both can get to work and me to school. but he doesnt want to hear it now. i totally went off on him last night and im sure thats a big part of it. i would like to know what can i expect to happen next in immediate future and what will happen between us? my mom is mad at him now, cause he has attitude and not talking to us. what can I do to fix things? if possible. I love him so much, and see a future with him, but i dont like how he is behaving right now, and why he is being unfair. is there any hope here? im so scared, please help

  • I would love to give you a reading. No fee involved. Please email all you have to do is give me permission to read your cards. I _____ give you permission to cast my cards and I will be able to read for you. Sara.

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