Questions On My Spread?

  • In the Riders deck the same 3 cards have been showing up more often when I ask questions around a young woman I've been socializing with. The last time I asked the tarots these cards appeared.

    What does (name) see me as?

    The Magician

    What does she think of me?

    The knight of cups

    What does she feel toward me?

    The chariot

    A random card of the two of pentacles reversed showed up as well.

    I think I understand, but I would like others opinion of what is the generalization of these cards from this womans point of view toward me specially from the The chariot because this is a card I do not understand with the specific question I asked. The knight of cups seems to always come up on every spread I ask around this woman.

  • ?

  • I will take a go at them . Remember different cards mean different things to different people. I will be general with these.

    This person sees you as a very capable person - a jack of all trades type (Magician). This person thinks of you as emotionally well put together, this person admires you (Knight of Cups). This person sees you as a way to advance herself (Not by taking advantage by learning soul-wise). There needs to be balance in this relationship (Two of Pentacles reversed.)

    Is this accurate?

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