Mashmusic11235, would you do a reading for me please?

  • Hi Alex, some update- my bf called me tonite, and apparently he still loved me.. so we r okay now..

    So can you please just do a job reading for me? the background story was in my earlier post. Looking forward to hearing from you again. thanks!

  • Ruby, this is your reading. I'm going to do a three-card reading for "what will happen if she marries him?"

    Princess of Pentacles Rx. This card indicates that you may lose touch with the practical and the physical. You might stop working or studying. It could alternatively mean turning your sight inward, and becoming more spiritual. Losing touch with the physical world could be a good thing - maybe he is able to support you so you no longer have to work.

    The Eight of Pentacles. This card is "bringing in the sheaves." You reap the benefits of your long-term labors. It is the farmer harvesting his crop, selling it, and being able to live off of the profits for another year. In your case, it supports the idea of economic prosperity, if you marry him. You may not be extravagantly rich and living in mansions, but you'll be fairly well-off. At the very least, money will be no object.

    The last card is the Two of Swords Rx. This card indicates taking sides, breaking peace, and taking action. You might have different opinions from him, and will not be afraid to show them. This card signifies some amount of discord - if you had an argument with him, it might end up blown out of proportion and cause undue distress.

    At a first glance, it looks like the relationship would end up being of the Hallmark movie, "lots of money and lots of arguing" variety. It doesn't necessarily mean that you don't love each other, you just may end up having some quarrels along the way. I'm not trying to tell you that it won't work, I'm just telling you what the cards told me. Proceed with caution.

    Blessed be,


  • Alex can you tell me if there is something good in my future or if I should just hang in there till everything becomes more clear?

  • Hi Alex,

    I was hoping you would do a reading for me also. My life has been turned upside down lately and I am so confused as to what to do. I lost my I going to find another one here or have to move? A year ago my heart was ripped out by my bf who I thought I was going to be with forever....will he come back or will I meet someone new? How do I look dob is 10/16/56. Thanks in advance....many blessings to you:)

  • Hi Alex

    Great reading! I like the" proceed with caution."

    That is exactly how I feel.

    Thanks again for your time.

  • DDTT, I'm doing your reading now.

    Danceur, yours will be up tomorrow.

    Bright, I might be able to fit yours in tomorrow as well.

    Luli, would you like a specific question answered, or would you like a general reading?

    DDTT, this is your job reading.

    The first card is the Two of Pentacles. This card represents prosperity, but constant motion to keep it in place. If this is your future, it means not only having a job, but a very good one - at the cost of having to juggle it against your family, friends, and other obligations. This doesn't necessarily signify a bad thing, as the other element of the card is play - you may be juggling your life, but you enjoy it as much as the literal juggler performing on stage.

    The second card is the King of Wands Rx. This card represents overbearing authority, possibly in you or in someone else. If it's projected onto a new job, it could represent an overbearing, no-nonsense and no-argument boss - whose attitude could transfer to others in your life through you, if you let it. It could also mean stepping down and allowing this overbearing authority to go unchallenged, perhaps for the sake of harmony.

    The third card is the King of Cups Rx. This card could indicate negative emotions, and perhaps falling into depression. You may fear the loss of control over your emotions - a very easy thing to think in the context of a job.

    Summary: I certainly see a job in your future, indeed a profitable one. However, it may come at the cost of having to put up with a less-than-favorable boss, and you may end up depressed for it. My advice? As I said to Ruby, proceed with caution. By all means, go on the hunt for a job - you're likely to find one. However, once you have, be careful of what actually happens there. Don't expect it to the the best job of your life, and if it gets bad, you might even start looking for a different one - at least you'd have a job in the mean time. Also, don't let it get you down. Unless he or she is actually harming someone, the way your boss runs the company doesn't matter, ultimately, and no one is being hurt but the company itself.

    If you have any questions, ask away!

    Blessed Be,

    Alex )O(

  • Hi Alex, thanks so much for the reading. I certainly want a job first! making some money. depend on myself! consider the rest later on... but i will make sure i keep your advice in mind.. just in case. thanks for your help. i appreciate it a lot

    if you dont mind, may i ask you when i will probably get this job? and is it from a small firm or a big one? Thanks! Great blessings to u!

  • Hi Alex,

    I been lookind for quite a while for a job and honestly this has affect my confident and my personal life. Can you please do a job reading for me. I been very patience since I really believe I will find something that I really like, a job a I will feel connected with. I am 29 yo women born on Dec-22-1982, in a complicated relationship and with a 2 yo kid. I hope you can orient me on this one.. Thanks so much 😃


  • Hi Alex,

    My questions revolve around my love life, anyone new or possibly the former love returning? Also, I am recently out of work and worried about my you see a job or any money coming in for me (from a settlement possibly?) Also, I am on the fence about moving back to the midwest since everything here (I live in California) has fallen apart...what do you see on this? My DOB is 10/16/1956 and my ex love's is 01/22/53

    Thanks so much for any insight...I look forward to your reading!

    Many blessings,


  • Danceur, your reading will be at the end of this post.

    Luli, which question would you like me to read for first? Out of fairness to the others who requested readings, I'd prefer not to do them both at once.

    DDTT, the answer to your question is... complicated. I have heard of Tarot cards being used to predict the timing of an event, but I personally don't think they're that accurate. I believe that they don't lie, so they would give an accurate answer, but it's impossible to say exactly HOW they would format the answer. The best one could hope for is an approximation (a card signifying impulsiveness or suddenness would indicate it happening soon, a card indicating patience would mean later, et cetera). Also, as a reader, I don't feel comfortable giving specifics like that (accordingly, I also wouldn't attempt to read names or specific locations in the cards). As for a big or small firm, that would again be too specific for me to answer directly. HOWEVER, if you had a specific firm or a specific time in mind, I can do a yes-no spread and get the answer.

    Danceur, this is your reading. You had a number of questions, and it would be difficult to handle them all in the same reading, so I'm going to do a general love reading - it will probably answer most of them.

    First card: Ten of Swords Rx (this meaning "reversed" - the card is upside-down). Upright, this is one of the cards to be afraid of. It indicates a long, arduous march through a period of intense pain and inconsolable depression. However, in its reversed form, it indicates coming out of this. From what you've said, you've experienced this already. The card likely means that you're going to be able to move on and get on with your life.

    Second card: Six of Swords Rx. Upright, this card represents fleeing from danger - in a smart way, not a cowardly way. Reversed, it can indicate returning from such a journey, or not taking it at all. In your case, I believe it represents the former - you've been on this journey ever since you started trying to move on. I see you 'returning' and living your life again after this period of pain.

    Third card: Ace of Swords Rx. This card says, flat out, "it's beyond your control, it's been decided, you can try if you want, but it's better if you don't, because it won't work." In this case, 'it' is the relationship with your boyfriend. It wasn't meant to be, and if you try to pursue your relationship with him, you're setting yourself up for defeat - best case scenario, a constant struggle against yourself, against him, and against your circumstances.

    Summary: It's time to move on. Take your sword in hand and cut the relationship off. You've done all you can, but higher powers dictate that you weren't meant to be. However, letting go won't be as painful as you think - soon enough, you'll be back to living your life, and breathing the air of a free woman again (if you've ever seen Les Misérables, think of Jean Valjean after finishing his 19-year prison sentence). I can say this not only as a Tarot reader, but from experience - I went through the same situation myself not long ago.

    Good luck, and Blessed Be. I hope all goes well.

    Alex )O(

    For the rest:

    Bright - tomorrow

    Luli - Thursday

    Nelu - Friday

  • Hi Alex, i appreciate your words, and I do agree with you...

    Here is my questions if you dont mind pulling cards for me..

    Will I get a job from KPMG?

    If I dont get a job from KPMG, will I find a job thru our school career service online?

    Will I get a job by the end of May? if not, how about by the end of June?

    Thanks a lot! Looking forward to hearing from you again. hugs!

  • Hi Alex,

    It is difficult to choose which question, but maybe the financial one since more developments came about today!! Am I going to get any money from this settlement or maybe find a job...things are getting desparate and I am not sure what decisions to make, if something doesn't happen soon I might be living on the street:) Again, my DOB is 10/16/56....thanks so much...I look forward to your insight.



  • Hey, Bright. I'll do a yes-no reading for whether something good will happen in your future, but the answer is yes. Everything goes in cycles, and this will be over eventually. I pulled yes-no cards for you, and the answer is 'yes'. Things may look bleak for a little while (Chariot Rx), but I see great responsibility (10 of Wands) and good health, friends, and relationships (2 of Cups) in your future. Good luck ^-^

    Luli, this is your reading.

    Four of Wands Rx: Even reversed, this card represents happiness and completion or homecoming. The Wheel of the Year deck shows happy children dancing around a newly-completed treehouse. In your case, it may mean that this cycle is coming to a close - you'll pull out of this hardship and get back into life, and the most you will have to worry about is your social life (another aspect of this card).

    The next card is the Queen of Pentacles Rx. This card says that you might have some trouble handling money once you have it. You could be unorganized. In this case, it might be hindering your search for a job. If you do get money out of the settlement, spend it carefully.

    The last card is the Five of Pentacles Rx. This is the card you've been looking for. It indicates the end of a period such as the one you've been having, and one of the primary aspects of it is RETURNING TO WORK AFTER UNEMPLOYMENT. I don't know what the source of your income will be, but in all likelihood, you'll come into some money - most likely through a job. It indicates coming out of the rain and into a shelter, which I think is just what you need in this situation.

    Summary? You'll be fine. Your fight is over, and you'll soon be coming into a happy time. Your financial woes will be eased, and you'll soon feel at home - that is, in a steady routine and without extensive worry. My advice would be to stay vigilant for new opportunities, and be careful of how you're spending your money once you have it.

    I love it when readings turn out like this.

    Blessed Be (and you soon will be),

    Alex )O(

  • Hi Alex,

    I have a couple more questions if you dont mind... Today, i got into a fight with my bf again.. and somehow, i txted him after saying im done.. basically i broke up with him over the text message.. I feel bad now. I am not sure if breakup with him was the right thing to do... hmm do you see if its the end of our story? if not, will he contact me sometime soon? Thanks for your input.

  • Hi Alex,

    Thanks so much for the wonderful insightful and I feel so much better. I felt weight lifting off of me tonight and I am hoping it is the turning of the corner for me.

    Bless you and thanks again:)


  • Alex thank you again every time you do a reading you lift my spirit, you are blessed. Here is an update, I went for my16th!!!! Interview but of course I won't have an answer for another week, we'll see ....

  • P.s. my name is Mila

  • DDTT, I'll certainly do another reading for you, probably tomorrow.

    Nelu, this is your job reading.

    The first card is the Seven of Wands Rx (Rx meaning 'reversed'). This card represents tearing down barriers. Pull out all the stops, especially when it comes to society. This is a job that will make YOU happy. If someone else doesn't approve, do it anyway if you think it's a good idea (say you want to go into business for yourself, and your relatives don't approve). It can also mean removing barriers between people. If you have a possible contact (a cousin who has a friend who owns a store, et cetera), pursue them.

    The Sun Rx. This card indicates that your life probably isn't as happy as it could be. In this case,‎ it probably refers to unhappiness as a result of you not having a job. See life for what it is, and try to find joy in the simple act of living. Go for a walk every once in a while, or meditate. If you're happy with your life as it is, a job that makes you happy will be all the more rewarding.

    The Eight of Cups Rx. Upright, this card represents a departure, sometimes of a loved one. Reversed, it represents a return or reinstatement. An old friend might come back into your life, or an old boss might search you out, asking you to come back. Alternatively, it could mean 'keeping the status quo' - keep up your search for a job, even though it may feel hopeless. This could be the end result. If you've ever had a truly amazing job, it might mean that you'll end up back in that state of bliss.

    In summary, keep looking. You'll find that dream job eventually, but first you need to take some time to appreciate what you have. Search high and low for opportunities, and leave no contact or potential path unexplored - good things hide in odd places. Everything will work out in the end.

    Blessed be,


    As always, if you want another reading, just let me know!

  • Hi Alex,

    Thanks so much for your reading. I wonder if the reading can allude to cutting through the assumptions/misconceptions - and geting answers. Because much of the suffering has come about because I was afraid to ask him the big questions. And consequently now, I'm finding it hard to move on because there's unfinished business.

    Is it possible to have a reading on him and me - how he sees me now?

  • Danceur, I'll be happy to do anothe reading for you.

    DDTT, these are your readings. Yes-no readings are very simple, so I can do them for all of your yes-no questions right now.

    As a note, before I get started: I'm not entirely comfortable with giving "yes-no" readings. I absolutely do NOT guarantee the results. I believe that Tarot cards don't lie, but they don't work in absolutes (i.e. 'the answer is yes' or 'the answer is no', or 'yes, this will certainly happen' or 'no, it certainly won't'). It's difficult to extract an absolute answer from a medium that doesn't work that way. Another thing to think about is the way the future works. What might be true in the moment I draw the cards could change tomorrow, or even by the time I get it typed.

    Will you get a job from KPMG?

    Probably not. From the cards that came up, it looks like this is a job you've been wanting - it might even be the 'ideal job' for you. However, it looks like even if you did get it, it might end badly.

    Will you get a job through your school's career service?

    Again, probably not. It looks like there's a fair bit of competition for jobs offered through that medium, so you may want to make your escape from that competition and look elsewhere.

    Will you get a job by the end of May?

    Maybe. Keep an eye out, and try to make contacts. Someone could give you a very helpful tip.

    Will you get a job by the end of June?

    Again, maybe. Stay open-minded, and jump on any opportunity.

    Now for your love reading.

    The first card is the Six of Pentacles Rx. This card might refer to unreturned gifts, or charity without reciprocation. You may have made a lot of concessions in the relationship - maybe even let him get away with things you don't think he should have gotten away with. It could simply mean that he doesn't return all of the feelings that you have for him.

    The Five of Swords. This card represents a kind of injured victory. You've just had the battle of your life, and there was really no way to escape it without taking massive wounds. However, whether or not you came out the victor, you'll alive and able to recover - you're wounded but you can still walk. In your case, it probably means that you've had a long, hard struggle in trying to pull this relationship back together, but it's finally over.

    The Lovers Rx. This card most likely means a relationship that seems to be a 'match made in heaven,' but lacks much of what makes a relationship truly great. It probably means that the relationship had no love in it, no true attraction. Anything that was there was either leftover from the initial, 'infatuation' stage, or you trying to keep the relationship together just for the sake of keeping it together.

    Summary. In my opinion, I'd say it's over. You've been through a long, hard battle, and now it's over. Simple as that. By the time you broke up with him, all that the relationship once had was essentially gone, and he certainly didn't harbor the same feelings that you have for him. It's over, it's done. Pick up the pieces and move on with your life. The wounds will heal, and you'll be able to move on.

    Blessed Be,

    Alex )O(

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