Mashmusic11235, would you do a reading for me please?

  • I meant Alex, sorry

  • Hi, Brightmoon. I'm going to do your Celtic Cross reading now.

    The first card is the Star Rx, and it indicates the present. Upright, the Star represents creativity, self-confidance, and following your dreams. Reversed, as in this situation, it probably indicates that you're unable to see your true beauty and talent, and therefore you're unable to use these to your advantage, which is affecting your search for a job. It could also indicate something blocking your spirituality, rendering your spiritual work less effective.

    The issue that's crossing you is the Four of Swords. This indicates prioritizing your life, and taking a respite from most of the issues in your life in order to focus on a particular one - in this case, finding a good job. As a crossing card, we're seeing more of what we had in the last reading. You may be letting the job hunt get in the way of other important aspects of your life.

    The next card is the distant past, and it's the Hanged Man. The Hanged Man has essentially hung himself by the foot in order to see the world from a new perspective, and this is what you did in the past - made sacrifices in order to see the world anew, or to find inspiration to dedicate yourself to a spiritual cause.

    Now the recent past - the Six of Pentacles. This card indicates both having one's material needs fulfilled, possibly by charity, and also giving to others. Generosity produces joy, on the parts of both giver and receiver. I see you as a very generous individual, and in the past you may have assisted someone who desperately needed it, or you received help from someone in your time of need. (Note that this card can also refer to favors and not money).

    The next card is the 10 of Swords Rx, and it represents the best possible outcome of the situation. The Ten of Swords Rx means coming out of a dark, stressful situation and going into the light, usually by accepting that the past is over, and there's nothing than can be done to fix that which has already occurred. I think this is the first indication that you ARE doing the right thing. Even though the danger may be past, a person who narrowly avoided death or injury still lives in that moment for a time afterwards - in this case, the end of your struggle is approaching, but you may have yet to realize this and make the best of the future.

    The Six of Swords Rx represents the immediate future. Upright, the Six of Swords represents taking a journey - distancing yourself from difficulties in order to find a new perspective or a solution. Reversed, it can represent being unable to do so, but its second meaning - and the one that applies to this situation, I think - is returning from such a journey. Lately, you've been prioritizing - putting your search for a job at the forefront of your thought and effort. However, in the immediate future you're going to return to those other issues in your life that you may have suppressed.

    The Seven of Wands represents the factors affecting the situation at hand. This card represents putting up barriers, building up your defenses, and getting ready to defend yourself from bad things which may be looming on the horizon. This sounds like what you've likely been doing lately - scrimping and saving in order to provide a buffer against a possible stretch of unemployment, and having countermeasures in place in case the next job attempt doesn't work out as planned. This is affecting the situation in that it's the mode of thought that you're still in.

    The next card is Death, and it represents external influences on the situation. This likely doesn't represent physical death, though the recent loss of a loved one could certainly apply here. It refers instead to quick, merciless, often traumatic change in your life. In this case, it probably means getting fired from your previous job, or perhaps something has come up to strain you economically - maybe a required but expensive repair or modification to the house or car, or maybe someone close to you needing financial support that you may not have been in a situation to provide. This trauma perhaps has you worried that a similar situation will occur in the future.

    The Five of Swords represents your hopes and fears. In this card, there has clearly been a recent battle with three significant survivors - one has emerged victorious and is carrying his as well as two of his victim's swords. The second is still carrying his own sword, but he is clearly injured - he emerges from the battle with his body, if not his dignity, intact. The third appears defeated, and perhaps even wounded gravely. What this means for you is that you hope to emerge victorious from the situation, carrying out everything you went into it with, plus the spoils of war. You fear the situation utterly defeating you, and swallowing you up entirely. In this case, I think you've thusfar come out as the second survivor - alive but hurt. Don't worry, things are getting better.

    The final outcome of the situation is the Seven of Swords Rx. This card is normally one of carefully laid and executed plans, and cunning and covert but ultimatly powerful action. Reversed, it indicates staying on the safe side, ignoring your plans because of the risks involved, or steering clear of danger. As the final outcome, it signifies that you may need to take a leap of faith. You need to choose to step into the light, even though it may be a frightening prospect at first.

    In summary: You absolutely are doing the right thing. This real-estate job seems to be the one that will pull you out of this financial hole. However, in order to get back to living the good life, you need to take an extra step and cast off the chains of necessity. You're safe now. You can stop guarding your borders mercilessly and start living again. Start thinking about your spirituality more, and tend to anything non-job related that needs to be tended to. The nightmare is over, and it's time to come home.

    I wish you the best,


  • Alex I am amazed ... you are very very talented,everything you said is true ,yes I am very generous although i did not realized that for a long time , I am also very spiritual and I have been looking for my path since I was 12 years old. I paint, I am an Artist also that was my dream and is my real passion. Do you like Art? Once again you have a gift , thank you, many blessings to you....

  • Alex I forgot to mention that you are also very generous,thank you....

  • Thank you for the kind words. I do enjoy art, but my chosen medium is music instead of anything visual. If there's anything else I can do, please let me know.

  • *instead of anything visual.

    I'm not sure what I wrote, or why it got crossed out.

  • That's truly odd. This is the last time I will try to fix this error, but "v - i - s - u - a - l".

  • Hello Alex !

    Will you be able to do another reading for me?

  • Hi Alex, I am wondering if you can give me a reading regarding my love life. my bf and i are going a tough time now.. not sure what's the future between us. any insight? What does he really think about me at this point? Thanks! looking forward to hearing from you. hope your having a great weekend. ox

  • Alex: Happy spring! That was odd! I think you meant anything else! anyways Of course I like music and admire musicians ,if I have another life I would like to have a wonderful voice like my mother did...You lifted my spirit a lot with your reading,and believe it or not I am feeling totally different,like something was lifted off my shoulders. If you need a good ear , let me know, and I will keep in touch I may need another reading in the future. Blessings!

  • Alex ,here I am again, could you do another reading. I feel like I am running out of time and we are not going to be able to keep up with bills, expenses I do not see the end of the tunnel...I am still looking for a full time paying job but nothing, I like Real Estate but there is not a fixed income.....thanks

  • Hi, Brightmoon. I'm going to do your reading, then do the others that have been requested (I apologize for not responding more quickly, guys!).

    I'm going to do three-card reading, in which the positions of the cards don't have any meaning - the cards all work together to provide information about the question (I'm using the question "what should Brightmoon do in her job situation?").

    The first card is the Seven of Cups Rx, which represents seeing through the fog of confusion, setting clear goals, and following a clear plan of action. In this case, It can also mean bewilderment to the point that you lose touch with reality (I think this may be what you're currently experiencing).

    The next card is the Eight of Cups. This card indicates leaving behind something that you formerly desired or cherished in order to pursue something you view as more important. It may mean that you should look at changing your lifestyle, as well as looking for a new job.

    The last card is the King of Pentacles. This card indicates responsible spending, and skill in handling money. It also means spending money less often, but looking for quality or practicality when you do, perhaps at the instance of spending a little more.

    In summary, I'd say sit down, take stock of what you have, cut through the confusion and make a plan. What kind of income do you have to work with? How are you spending it? Can you change your lifestyle and possibly make it more cost-effective (as an example, where I live the "high-end" grocery store is Wegman's. If you consistently shop at expensive stores like this, try to find less expensive stores, discount stores, or even thrift stores for things like clothes. If you have two cars, maybe you could even do without one of them)? Write things down, make a plan, and be prepared to make sacrifices in order to improve the quality of your life. Also, when spending your money, look on the practical side, as well as at quality. Instead of going to the movies or going out to eat, maybe you could have a picnic at a local park. Also, think about quality. If you have to, say, get a repair done on the house or car, get it done right and you won't have to do it again, while cheap but shoddy work can end up costing you more than getting it done well.

    You're going to have to make changes, but all will be well in the end.

    Good luck!


  • Alex thank you you are right and the expenses have been cut and yes there is a few things that I would love to pursue in addition to getting a ful time job number one is Art it always excites me I live , feel and breath art that is who I truly am . I also enjoy real estate and I will keep at it . I will still will try to get a regular job , blessings to you how are you doing?

  • DDTT, this is your reading.

    I'm going to do a five card past-present-future reading, which will tell us what your relationship was like in the past, where it is now, what the future holds, what the best possible outcome is and how to get there.

    The Past is the Moon Rx. In the past, your attitude toward the relationship may have been based on practicality, or "does it make sense?" Chances are, you or him didn't want the relationship to get too involved, perhaps because one or both of you are currently working on careers or school. This may have caused problems and frustration in the relationship, because one of you wanted to get serious or "go steady," and the other one didn't (doesn't).

    The Present is the Fool Rx. The Fool upright indicates sponteneity and chance-taking. Reversed, he represents the opposite. You may be unwilling to take chances, overstep boundaries, or "push the limits" in any way. You may view the ‫limits you placed on the relationship in the last card as divine law, that cannot be surpassed or changed in any way, and that's that, full stop. Relationships are about exploration, though, and even though you may not feel entirely comfortable with it, you should be willing to take a leap of faith every now and then

    The Future is the Emperor Rx. Strangely enough, the Emperor is an authority figure. He's the 'internal father' who sets limits, gives direction, and tries to keep you safe, just like your real father may have when you started dating. Upright, he represents the domineering, authoratarian father that may very literally not let you out of the house. He represents the mentality of firm boundaries, and draconian consequences should you offend these boundaries. If you continue to allow your inner father to control you, I see more of the same in your future.

    The best possible outcome is the Ten of Pentacles Rx. This card indicates long-term prosperity, wealth, and a long-lasting relationship. This is the card of the classic "retired couple" who spend their days travelling the world and doing what they've always wanted to do. In this case, I think it represents a stable relationship, with a good balance between each other and finances (I'm beginning to think that the reason you or him set strong limits on the relationship was because of a career). If you play your cards right (no pun intended), you'll end up having both your career and your boyfriend (but since this card is reversed, you may have to work on viewing your prosperity as simply a blessing, and not an end to be pursued, as may be your viewpoint now).

    The last card is what you should do to achieve the best possible outcome, and it's the Nine of Wands. This card is a fortification, and perhaps sacrificing several things in favor of one thing. In your case, I think it means putting your limits in different places. Instead of "the relationship can't progress past such-and-such a point, because I need to focus on my career," think along the lines of "I can do whatever I want in my free time, but I have to spend at least such-and-such an amount of time or effort towards my work each day" (keep in mind that moderation will set you free - don't become a workaholic). Think of it as setting up a fence and a scarecrow (which is, in fact, the image on the Wheel of the Year deck) around your garden of prosperity (your career). Even though you're protecting it from thieves and crows, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a leisurely walk through it, arm-in-arm with your boyrfriend.

    The cards tell me you're a very responsible, intelligent, practical person. You set limits on your love life in order to pursue your future, which is noble no matter how you look at it. However, I'd recommend backing off a little. Keep up your efforts with your career, but explore the depths of the relationship at the same time. You may just find a valuable ally in your boyfriend, and if you keep a healthy balance between love and work, you'll most likely end up prosperous and in a loving, lasting relationship. Protect your material interests, but shift your boundaries to allow a little more love into your life.

    Simply from a male's perspective, I think he's thinking essentially what the cards show. You may be coming off as somewhat inaccessible, almost TOO career-oriented. Work on letting him in a little more, and focus on exploring the relationship together.

    Now, I could be wrong. I've been saying "career, career, career" the whole time, but this may not be true, or you may be a student and not even have a career yet! If this is the case, the "career" I've mentioned could also be educational (if you're still in school) or social (maybe you just moved to a new town and want to meet new friends before you get a serious boyfriend). If my reading is entirely off-the-wall, tell me and I'll see if I can clear things up.

    I hope all ends well!

    Blessed Be,


  • Ruby, I would love to do another reading for you. Is there any specific question you'd like answered? The last reading was somewhat ambiguous, but in general the more specific the question is, the more accurate and specific the answer will be.

    Brightmoon, I'm doing well, thank you 😄

  • Hi Mashmusic, thanks so much for your detailed reading. I appreciate it a lot!

    Here is my feedback -

    I have been looking for a job since last Nov.. no luck yet...

    My bf is much older than me, and he'a very successful wealthy man. kinda controlling which is cool with me. The main problem between me and him is he doesnt spend much time with me, and he spends tons of time working working working. I complained abt it several times. and he always found perfect excuses to ease my mind. but finally he pushed me to my limits and things went ugly that we basically havent spoken for about 2 weeks. He contacted me last Friday saying he took it as I decided to break up with me. I didnt txt him back. two mins later, he txted me again, okay, i wont bother you again. Again, I didnt respond. I havent heard from him ever since. The reason he sent those kind of messages was to get my attention. But he failed this time. I wanted to let me know, if you want me, you better game on. He was so spoiled by all his ex's, and im totally different from them. I dont chase, beg or compliment for no reason. I stand on my own feet. I actually think thats why he loves me. So when you say career, I think its referred to him, not me.. But i am career oriented. just no career yet! ehh... another prob between us is I dont think he's totally opening up to me. I always feel like he's reserved too much. He's not letting me go deep into his heart. Im not sure what he's really thinking inside... about me, and about us. What you think? Do you mind doing a reading about him? like what he's thinking at this point? and what he's thinking about me and our future? do you think he loves me a lot? The good thing to know is it seems like we still have a bright future together if we r working on our issues, right?

    Mashmusic, if its not too much, can you please also do a reading about my job hunting? Its really getting on my never.. i graduated last nov. and have been looking for a job ever since.. no luck... im doing accounting btw. I have this friend from KPMG, and he's a partner in there. He's been trying to get me a job within that firm. but still no luck yet. they r hiring at this point. and i have to wait.. but am not sure if i can still get a job with them. what you think? If not KPMG, do you see if I can find a job somewhere else within the next couple months? big or small firm? And will I get that job on my own or thru a friend? Any insights would be great! Thanks!

    I am looking forward to hearing frm you again, Mashmusic. Thanks for your help. Sending blessings your way. Hope your having a great weekend.

  • Hi Alex,

    So sorry to gatecrash the original poster's thread, but could you do a reading for me too?

    There's a situation with someone I used to date. It was really good - then he distanced himself. That was almost 6 months ago. We've had sporadic interaction but it's mostly become very awkward and silent beween us. I've loved him in silence but I'm trying to move on now because having hope hurts. But it's hard as my feelings are strong. Also there is no explanation or closure and he's still in my environment. How I should approach this issue? I've remained cordial to him and I think he doesn't have a clue that I'm hurting. If he should ever want to chat with me, how much should I disclose about how I feel? Thanks.

  • Simply from a male's perspective, I think he's thinking essentially what the cards show. You may be coming off as somewhat inaccessible, almost TOO career-oriented. Work on letting him in a little more, and focus on exploring the relationship together.

    I also think he might think of me inaccessible. But its not becuz im too career oriented. He knows that I was so hurt from my last relationship, and sometime he would get jealous. He would say I am still hanging on to my ex-bf. I am trying to let him in. but at the same time, I think he's the one who is not letting me in. He never really talks about his inner world. Plus, he was also so hurt from his ex-gf.

  • Hi mashmusic11235

    Here is a little background....he is a drummer, 58 years old and has NEVER been married. He has had a few long-term relationships, but considered himself ( I think ) a player. I was married for 30 years, so we are 2 very different people. He says he wants to settle down and get married. My question isn't, should i marry him......but what may happen if I do.

    I hope I worded this correctly and didn't scare you! lol

  • I'm flattered at all of the requests for readings! I'll have them up as soon as possible, but time is at a premium, as I'm sure it is with all of you.

    DDTT, I think the cards were referring to him, not you. From experience, I think that if he doesn't want to make an effort to get you back, he doesn't truly want you, and frankly doesn't deserve you. I will absolutely do another reading for you.

    My reading schedule, as it stands, is as follows (first come, first served):

    Ruby - your reading will be up tomorrow.

    DDTT - yours may be up tomorrow, maybe the next day.

    Danceur - yours will be up on either Monday or Tuesday.

    Blessings guys 😄

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