Mashmusic11235, would you do a reading for me please?

  • Hey, Alex thanks so much for the reading. It made a lot of sense 😉 im more than happy to move on.. just need to focus on the job search. hopefully i can find one soon 😉 Again, thanks so much for the detailed reading. I appreciate it a lot. hope your doing well. lots of love and hugs. xx

  • Hi Alex hope you are doing well will you do a reading please I went for an interview thanks

  • Danceur, this is your reading. I apologize for getting behind on these readings - I've been extremely busy lately. Bright, I'll have your reading up by Sunday.

    The Eight of Wands Rx. One of the principle meanings of this card is falling out of love. He might view you as 'in the way' at this point. On the less extreme end, his heart might just not be in the relationship any more.

    The Seven of Cups Rx. He's looking at the situation from what he thinks is a logical view. I think he wants to just get on with things.

    The last card is Death Rx. This card is complicated, but I think in this case it means that he's wanting to move on - have his life go through a radical change.

    In summary, I'm beginning to think that, even if he's not telling you, deep-down he wants it to be over. He's ready to move on. I can't really offer you any advice, but I hope this information helps you.

    Blessed Be,

    Alex )O(

  • Hi Alex,

    Thank you very much!

    And yes it does help. I feel some of the same things as well. Just think I need to commit to moving forward. Not the easiest thing to let go of someone you love. Esp when they themselves dither at times and give mixed signals. Maybe I just need to learn to ignore that.

  • Alex don't forget about me I know you are very busy thanks

  • Alex I did not get the job so I am ok I will just keep trying . I did not mean to bother you ,do not worry about doing a reading , i am ok, thanks , blessings

  • Alex are you ok ? Your readings are great and I am following your advice

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