Mashmusic11235, would you do a reading for me please?

  • Hello Alex,

    I've been reading through some of the threads here and see that you (along with many others here) are very skilled at readings. Although, I am not a reader myself, I was wondering if you'd be open to doing a reading for me? My work/financial life is a mess and I am soooo tired of this, but am really overwhelmed as to what to do to fix it/me/whatever is wrong.

    Thank you so much for your insight, it is truly appreciated.

    Blessings and light,


  • Taurus,

    First of all, I'm very honored, as this is the first time I've been asked to do a reading. Thank you.

    I'd love to do a reading for you. Before I get started, I have three questions;

    1. Do you have a specific question you want answered?

    2. What is your situation currently?

    3. Do you have a course of action in mind? (To determine which spread I'll use).

    Blessed Be,


  • mashmusic11235 would you also do a reading for me I would like to know if my financial situation is going to get better for the past 2 years we have been living paycheck to paycheck ,with nothing left .I just started working for a new company as an independent cotractor, is in real estate

  • Absolutely, Bright, I'd be happy to πŸ˜„

    It's currently 10:30 PM in my little patch of Earth, though, and tomorrow I'm horribly busy, so I'll have the readings up on Sunday. Apologies for the waiting, but check back then πŸ˜„

    Blessed Be,


  • Hi Mashmusic11235

    I hope it is ok for me to jump on this thread also. When and if you get a chance, could you do a reading for me also? I was engaged to a man for over a year. I found out he had lied to me. We broke up for a while and now he wants things to go back to how they were. I feel deceived and have lost trust in him. Am I wrong or right ?

    Thanks so much

  • Hello Alex,

    Thank you for your reply and I'm happy to answer your questions. πŸ™‚

    1. Specific Question - What am I not doing right or what specifically am I not seeing that I need to fix?

    2. Current situation - I'm finding myself again unemployed and facing financial challenges/difficulty just paying my bills and trying to live (exist is more like it as I have really no extra for anything else really).

    3)Course of action in mind? - Well, since I'm lost/overwhelmed, I really don't know. I would like to have more control over my work/career life and have always wanted to start my own business, but again, nothing available for financing. I'm also not certain what type of business to begin that will give me satisfaction, security and rapid financial rewards. - Need to get some money coming in quickly in order to pay my bills. πŸ™‚

    Well, that is it in a nutshell - hope this helps! I really appreciate your insight and thoughts. Thank you so much.

    Blessings and light,


  • Gentle bump πŸ™‚

  • Hello, everyone. I apologize, but my life has been very hectic the past few days, and I was not able to do the readings like I'd planned (also, the time didn't feel right). However, at this time, I'm going to do all three of them. I apologize in advance for triple-posting, but I think it'd be easier for all involved if I post the three readings in three separate posts.

    Taurus, your reading is first. I'm going to do a Celtic Cross spread with the question 'what should Taurus do in her (correct me if you're a 'he') work life?"

    The first card indicates the present, and it's the Nine of Wands. You expect difficulty, and you're building your defences. In the Wheel of the Year deck, it depicts a farmer building a scarecrow to protect his fields. You're trying to protect yourself from the prospective difficulties of unemployment, and you're most likely building up your defences (figuring out where you can cut costs, lining up favors, deciding what you can do without, and considering temporary employment) while waiting and watching for a way out (a new job). However, you're also at a juncture: this could be your opportunity to go into business for yourself, or maybe even have the career you always dreamed of. Still, this is a time of difficulty and putting defensive measures in place.

    The next card is the immediate challenge, the thing which crosses you: the King of Pentacles Rx (Rx meaning 'reversed). I'm not surprised that a Pent came up here. The issue you're facing, of course, is money. The King of Pentacles Rx likely represents your last job, where you may have been treated unfairly, or even abused and cast off (‏fired). Your reserves of money are rapidly slipping through your fingers, and you don't know what to do.

    Now for the distant past: the Queen of Pentacles Rx. The Queen of Pentacles Rx is somewhat stingy and distant - she's wrapped up in her monetary life, and may not care as much as she should for others, especially her loved ones. She may be rich, she may not be, but either way she often has trouble handling money and keeping everything in order. In this instance, I think this may have been the way you were raised (perhaps this was your mother), or perhaps your business life was complicated in the past, and you had to keep money as a top priority in order to get by.

    The recent past is Judgment. In the recent past, you 'woke up' from your previous life, had some revelation or another, rose to a higher calling, or found your true path. It could also mean having a spiritual revelation of some kind. In any case, you went through some kind of change, and you're now the better for it.

    Now for the best possible outcome of the situation: the Ten of Pentacles. In this card, you've grown older but not yet elderly (40s-50s, most likely), and you're extremely prosperous. You likely have a family, a home, and everything you need to live, plus some room for luxury. This card also indicates economic prosperity, and you will end up coming out of this situation.

    The next card is the immediate future, and it's the Knight of Swords Rx. This is the Knight on a mission. He's on is warhorse, raising his sword, and riding off to do what he has to do. In this case, it means that you're going to seriously take matters into your own hands and do what needs to be done, be it exacting revenge for a wrongdoing, or, more likely, getting on your proverbial horse and riding off to the nearest place of employment to fill out an application.

    Sidebar: I see nothing in the reading so far to indicate that you should start your own business at this time. It could be a possibility in the near future, but it hasn't appeared in the reading yet.

    Now for factors affecting the situation, and it's the Three of Swords. This card shows you what's going on internally that may be affecting the situation. The Three of Swords is a heartbreak card: in the Rider-Waite deck, it actually shows three swords piercing a heart. This card means that you've been hurt, possibly by the loss of your previous job, or by a friend or romantic partner. This card stays in the same line as the first card (the present): what do we do when we're hurt? We put up defenses.

    The next card is external influences which affect the situation, but are ultimately beyond your control: the Princess of Swords. This is an interesting card to have in this position, as it indicates searching, gathering information, standing at the top of the watchtower and looking out over the battlefield. In this case, it could mean that this is what you need to do: look for opportunity in the world around you. If you see a sign that says 'now hiring', ask about it. If you know there's a friend of a friend who's looking for an employee, talk to them. The other possible meaning is that someone else is doing this, and has you in their sights. Someone might approach you to ask for a paid favor, or maybe even an offer of employment.

    The next card is your hopes and fears, and it's the Six of Pentacles. This is basically a card of someone with enough money and resources sharing with those who need it. It can mean something as simple as a paycheck, and in this instance it probably does. You're hoping to get a source of income in the near future, and you fear not being able to get it.

    The last card is the final outcome of the situation: The 10 of Cups. This card is similar to the Ten of Pentacles which represents the best possible outcome of the situation. You live prosperously, comfortably, and very much in harmony with your community, your family, and nature.

    In summary: Look to the future, but keep your defences in place for the time being. Keep your eyes open, and when you see an opportunity, pursue it with a passion. If it doesn't work out, keep looking. If you do this, you'll find your Six of Pentacles, and you'll live happily ever after.



  • Hi Alex,

    Thank you so much for the reading. I appreciate your time, intuition and thoughts that went into this very revealing reading. Yes, I am a woman in her mid 50's (57 is the year I was born) and have accumulated some nice things (home, etc.) but with work or rather long term unemployment with just a brief period of recent employment, I'm just like so many others who are experiencing similar things, trying to hold on to what I have and remain positive.

    I am very pleased to see that my financial future does look bright, just need to keep my focus there and open to new opportunities. πŸ™‚

    Thank you again for your insight.

    Blessings and light,


  • This reading is for brightmoonshine. I'll be using a five card Past Present and Future spread that goes like this:


    B D F

    C E G

    Card B is the past, D is the present, F is the future, C, E, and G give more information about the cards above them, and A is the general theme of the reading (I turn this one first).

    As I was shuffling, the Queen of Pentacles literally jumped out of the deck, so I think she has something to do with the reading, which sounds about right. You're dealing with issues of frugality, financial security, and general material concerns.

    Card A is the Eight of Pentacles. This card is perfecting your skills, and reaping the fruits of your labor. In the Wheel of the Year deck, this is shown as a farmer havresting his grapes in order to sell them and gain money. In the context of your question, it means you're hoping to gain experience in the field of a real-estate contractor, and eventually reap the fruits of your labor.

    Card B is the Four of Swords, and it represents the past. This card is taking respite from your stresses, and you likely did this when you decided to get this new job. You had a lot to deal with, and you took a moment to think, perhaps meditate, and do some serious decision-making.

    Card C is the Six of Wands Rx (Rx means 'reversed'), and it gives more information about the past. This card indicates a fall from glory, or perhaps an elusive or false victory. In this case, it probably means that such an event caused you to take respite; perhaps you didn't get a higher paying promotion or a raise (which would have eased your financial worries), or you even experienced a pay cut. Maybe you moved, purchased a new car, or got a new pet which ended up making your financial situation worse. Maybe you even got a pay cut. In any case, you had to take a step back and think things out.

    Card D is the present, and it's the Princess of Swords. The Princess of Swords is on top of a tower, watching out over the battle. This is what you're doing at this time, looking for new opportunities wherever they may appear. You just got a new job, but you're probably looking at new opportunities and ways to get more money at every turn.

    Card E is the Five of Wands Rx. Upright, this card indicates competition and struggling for what you think is the best way to do things. Reversed, it indicates either breaking through the barriers that other people may set up for you, or it can indicate being mired down in an argument or ongoing struggle. In this case, I think the latter is the most relevant. You've been struggling to get by, and you're looking for new opportunities in order to ease this struggle.

    Card F is the 10 of Wands Rx, and it indicates the future. In this card, you're setting down your burdens and getting a new lease on life. There's nothing in the card that indicates being particularly prosperous, but your situation will improve or change to the point where you can let go of your worries and stresses and start doing the things that are truly important. In this case, it may mean that your new job will allow you to stop worrying as much about money, and start doing other things which may have been neglected, such as pursuing a hobby or spending time with your family or friends.

    Card G is the Knight of Swords Rx. This is an interesting card in this position, and it indicates some impulsiveness, irritability, standoffishness, or wanting to retreat. You will want to just retreat from all the stress in your life and heal for a time. In this case, it may mean that in the future, you'll want to retreat from your monetary concerns, at least for a time, and spend some time with your family or do something that's affordable but fun.

    In summary, you've been struggling for a time, and you want to take a respite. At the moment, however, you seem to think that finding a new opportunity and getting out of your financial hole is more important than anything else, and I absolutely do not think this should be neglected. However, I reccommend taking some time away from the hunt and spending some time with your family or friends - basically making amends for anything that may have gotten pushed aside over the past years. I don't see anything that indicates coming into money any time soon, but I think retreating for a few moments will give you a new perspective, and will improve your chances of finding the way out that you want and deserve.



  • Alex thank you so much for your reading , you are wonderful and talented, and you will find your soulmate . Yes I have been struggling after taking and eventually loosing a job where I had been for almost 10 years. I tried to find a permanent job with no luck, so I decided on the real state whic is like having your own business , I like the work there is a thrill to it, but I know you have to plant the seeds first. Again thank you so much.Blessings to you too.Bright

  • Taurus and brightmoonshine, thank you for the kind words, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to practice reading. I'd be more than happy to do more readings if you'd like.

    The third reading will be up tomorrow. I apologize for the delay - I had to go to a funeral.

  • No need to apologize. You are the one who is doing me a favor and I appreciate you taking your time to help me. Your readings are so detailed and correct. I'm looking forward to mine.


  • Alex would you a celtic cross reading for me or it is too soon? I want to know if I am doing the right thing, thanks again. Brightmoonshine

  • Did you forget about me?

  • mashmusic11235 you have been very accurate, I don' know if it is too soon to ask for a celtic cross reading, you tell me, thanks

  • I'm so sorry for the hiatus. Things have been hectic, and I haven't had time to sit down and do a reading. Ruby, I'll be doing yours now. Brightmoon, I'd be happy to do a Celtic Cross reading for you.


    No one can tell you whether you were wrong or right but you. That's a question you have to find the answer to within yourself - I couldn't give it under any circumstances. However, I WILL do a reading on the relationship for you, to see where if anywhere it's going.

    I'll be using this spread:

    1 3 5

    2 4

    This is what I call a Dynamic Spread, and the cards are like this:

    1: Distant past, the root of the question

    2: Recent past, something that affected or caused the present situation

    3: Present, the current situation

    4: The near future, something that will happen in the near future that will affect the issue

    5: The final outcome of the situation

    1: The Emperor. This card speaks of setting boundaries, having authority over the self and one's immediate surroundings, and taking charge of one's situation. In this case, the current issue is being caused by someone trying to over-step these boundaries and avoid the structure you've set for yourself. He lied to you, and you of course did not deem this morally acceptable. His having overstepped your boundaries is the root of the current issue.

    2: The Two of Swords Rx (meaning "reversed"): In this card, you stand up and take action. This is what happened when you found out he lied to you: you stood up, put your foot down, and said 'no'. In this case, it seems that he thinks he was justified in lying (or at least that his lying was forgivable), but you don't. You're trying to align him with your perspective (making someone see your point of view or take your side is another aspect of this card) - note that this isn't always a bad thing. It's what people do naturally every time they have a disagreement.

    3: The Four of Cups Rx. Your life is stagnating at the moment, and you're looking for a way to enliven it. This man seems to be the one, and if you had an omen or something that would point you in that direction, you'd be with him again in an instant. You're trying to find a new beginning or some new vital energy in your life, but you may not be sure how to get it or who will end up providing it.

    4. The Fool. This card signifies new beginnings, and perhaps taking a leap of faith in order to find them. As the near future, you'll end up following a whimsical thought or sudden impulse, possibly just for the sake of seeing where it leads. In any case, you'll experience a new beginning, and will start looking at the world with a fresh perspective.

    5. The Three of Cups Rx. In this card, you withdraw from the usual social crowd, either by choice or by necessity. This could be the end result of the new beginning in the Fool. Your whimsical decision might not be the 'popular' thing to do, and your social life may end up suffering for it. What this whimsical decision may be, I have absolutely no idea, but it seems that it will work out well. In the end, you'll make the right decision.

    I apologize for the wait, and for the lack of clarity in the reading. I can attempt to do another one, if you'd like.

  • Alex thank you for being so helpeful I will be waiting for the celtic cross reading, I think I am being too impatient I have to have faith...

  • Alex, I really liked the reading and it did describe how my life has been going . I am confused and don't know exactly how I feel about things. If you get a chance to do another one, that would be wonderful. I realize that everyone lies, but this one was a hurtful lie and I have a hard time with forgiveness. That is something I need to work on. I would like to have a hint on where our relationship is heading.

    Thanks so much for your time. I really do appreciate all of the gifted readers who help people on these forums.

  • Ales don't forget about me..

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