Powerful ladies in reading!

  • Hi, I am currently in a career quandry. I have been working as an academic and have my book coming out at the moment, and could continue on a successful path in that field. But I have been taking an evening course in counselling for a couple of years and feel passionately about it, and have got to the point with the counselling training where I can no longer do a full-time academic job alongside it, because there isn't time to juggle both. So I did a 3 card reading for continuing with a full-blown academic career, and a 3 card-reading for trying to find some part-time academic work that fits around the counselling training (which would mean not advancing my academic career, but switching over more to the counselling).

    For the 1st, pursuing an academic career, I got:

    2 of Wands

    Page of Wands

    5 of Pentacles

    I think these wands cards are showing me that I have some dreams (Page of Wands) about my career, and the ability to expand my horizons to a successful academic career (2 of Wands), but that this would result in the pain of losing out on the counselling training/career (5 of Pents). The page is maybe encouraging me to express who I really feel myself to be (an academic or something else?!)

    For finding part-time academic work and continuing the counselling training I got:

    The High Priestess

    The Empress

    The Queen of Pentacles.

    I'm struck by the appearance of these three powerful ladies! (I'm a woman myself). I think the High Priestess may be telling me to use my intuition, the Empress is perhaps offering assurance that things will work out abundantly, and I'm not sure about the Queen of Pents - perhaps she has something practical to say on the matter. I think also that maybe the Queen of Pents is herself a counsellor, in a way.

    I'd be really grateful for any insights. x

  • Pick the hand that asks the most of you. Expects leadership, self reliance and bravery. The choice is about not going the path of least resistance. On.a universal level, right now the energy is behind those who who are brave enough to truely leap beyound any fear that has held them back from realizing their true self and purpose. Spirit says just move forward and choose bold directions that require bravery , discipline and fortitude. This is the year focus and effort pay off. This is a year for purpose and passion. Do something different. Expect surprises.. Also the two spreads are almost opposites! I pick up in the first hand the energy requires a mask--you will always be two people and the nature of the position puts you in a position to be two people--there is a lot of compromise. It is more tribal energy. You serve as an important aspect of the tribe but your leadership role in that environment is limmitted. The second spread is pretty powerful and indeed expects a lot. Your potential is evident. You are part of a tribal energy but your role is much more demanding and definate. This is a higher potential. BLESSINGS1

  • Thanks so much, that is so interesting. I instinctively feel what you say about wearing a mask, re. the first spread, to be exactly right. Also that the second path is more demanding in a way, at least more emotionally demanding, but ultimately more fulfilling perhaps, and that is perhaps connected to your idea of higher potential. 🙂

  • Academia is well and good but can keep you in your head. Find joyful learnings.The 2nd spread speaks of growth intuitively... deeper. If you can balance both your academic interests use what you've learned and offer counseling.. being of service ... your life will be richer. How could it not? You already know this, your looking for a wee bit of validation?Best of luck .


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