Retrograde natal planets

  • How does one interpret retrograde planets on a natal chart?

    I'm presently working on a chart with five retrograde planets...

    Thanks ahead.

  • Retrograde planets indicate an energy that is turned inward or held back; it’s more subjective and introspective as opposed to an outward expression of the planet indicated. People with retrograde planets have to work harder to express that planet energy and as they mature that energy becomes very strong. I’ve also read that there are hints of Karmic or past life indications. The outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) are more or less retrograde 5 months out of the year, so they are fairly common in a natal. The inner planets are retrograde less frequently (Mercury, Venus, Mars) and the Sun and Moon are never Rx. Which planets are you looking at?

  • Hi AquaBubbles - Thanks for your response. I'm looking at

    Mercury retrograde in Pisces (4th house)

    Venus retrograde in Taurus (6th house)

    Pluto retrograde in Leo (10th house)

    Neptune retrograde in Libra (11th house)

    Saturn retrograde in Libra (12th house)

    Any thoughts?

  • I can tell you quite a bit about Pisces Mercury Rx because I have this, also in the 4th. I also have some outer planets (Pluto, Neptune, Uranus) I'll come back with my thoughts tomorrow. It's kind of late here and I need to get some sleep, and you are going to witness my Mercury Rx come into play first hand, because I need to think about it first before I put my thoughts out 🙂

    Talk later.

  • ok - I'll be patient.

    sleep well.

  • This is information that I gathered from various sources. I'd appreciate your thoughts on it. You could also look at the aspects to get a better insight into how these energies are being played out because there could be a supporting planet involved.

    Pisces Mercury Rx in 4th

    Mercury is in detriment in Pisces. They are intuitive and imaginative; they feel the tone of the words and situations much more so than the actual words themselves. With retrograde action, they express themselves better in writing where they can gather their thoughts and put them down on paper. Sometimes, because the thought process is internal they will verbalize at the start of the conversation, have an inner conversation, then voice their conclusions, skipping out the middle and leaving everyone wondering where that came from. Meanwhile, the discussion continues and eventually the group will come to the same conclusion. This leaves them feeling misunderstood, sometimes ignored and many times they reconsider before speaking and will just leave the thought unvoiced. New ideas and concepts are absorbed through osmosis as opposed to structured deliberate study. If this last point doesn’t make sense, I can tell you more about it from my experience.

    Taurus Venus Rx in 6th

    Taurus is one of 2 natural rulers of Venus, it is loyal and faithful in friendships, and is slow to commit but take commitments very seriously. They are affectionate, possessive, appreciate beauty and luxury. With retrograde action they are inhibited in expressing their love and affection and will relate awkwardly to others. This would delay opportunities in finding the right partner, and would cause them to question the love others have to offer. They are disappointed by the levels of commitment offered to them.

    People who don’t have any retrograde planets know exactly what they want in life and when they want it from an early age. Retrograde planets might delay a person from reaching their ultimate expression, it doesn’t deny it. Remember that the outer planets are in retrograde more or less 5 months out of the year, so just under half the population born each year share these.

    Libra Saturn Rx in 12th

    A Libra Saturn fears the loss of their personal identity and in the 12th there is a deep-seated fear of isolation. Saturn in Libra however, enables more decisive thoughts and actions. In retrograde, they have a hard time feeling good enough inside and hide this fear behind a mask.

    Libra Neptune Rx in 11th

    Neptune in the 11th is manifesting in the house of friendship and group associations.

    These are sensitive beings and in order to hide their ultra sensitivity they hide them behind a mask. They experience feelings of guilt, so they are more likely to blame themselves when something goes wrong than to blame others. They are more susceptible to being taken because they are constantly trying to help others.

    Leo Pluto Rx in 10th

    Pluto in the 10th offers opportunities for transformation by participating in the community, society or business. With retrograde, in order to get what they want, they appear indifferent to getting it, their inner turmoil is private and during a crisis they keep a stiff upper lip.

  • Aquabubbles -a very impressive interpretation of retrogrades and very accurate and in depth. Rather more off the cuff, I think Nayhotze has had some rather 'heavy' parenting with much too much control over the slightest aspect of everyday life. ...or maybe parents who just argued a lot. There has been family conflict and control that has 'paralysed' you, Nayhotze, in many ways. If you can undersetand and nurture oyur 'inward pointing' energy, you can start on the road to turning it ouwtard, but you will need support....paradoxically you will seek it from those who caused it in the first place. Hope that this helps in a small way.

  • AquaBubbles: Thank you muchly for your insightful and helpful input. From what you’ve shared, I feel more confident in my understanding of natal retrogrades … I tend to work intuitively rather than theoretically, and for reasons unknown the concept of Rx just really threw me off…

    Highpriestess: Not sure I understand your interpretation of me personally … if you don’t mind my asking, what is your reference?

    Thanks again, folks.

  • Dear Nayhotze. reference is a few years of observation, a lot of rreading and a large dose of intuition, but from what you say it seems my antennae are pointing in the wrong direction.

    Basically I find that you can only join up the lines on trines /oppositions/squares etc. on retrogrades if both planets are retrograde, never if one is going backwards and one forwards. Also you don't have Mars retrograde which is ueful, as a Mars retrograde seeems common in 'passive-aggreessive' souls (tend to be prone to matyrdom, so I dob't feel your retrogrades will affect your activities too much. Am I totally wrong about your parenting - doting or long-distance, it seems fairly dominant ?

  • Hello Highpriestess3 Please excuse my caution - I'm one of those privacy freaks lol

    but when you write "a few years observation," I have to ask: Do we know each other?

    As for how I was parented, I was abandoned at six months, 'goes downhill from there until my teens when I was shown that Spirit had been leading the way all along... hence my confusion about your insight. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

  • I'm glad I could help Nayhotze and thank you highpriestess.

    It’s nice to get confirmation that I’m on the right track.

    I have a question also. If there are 2 Rx planets aspected, would the orb indicate a timeframe of a conflict that might have affected the individual? For instance, Pluto Rx opposition Mercury Rx, < 2 deg orb, would it indicate a significant conflict within the family say at around age 2?

    I hope you don’t mind me following along with your question Nayhotze, I’d be interested in learning also.

  • AquaBubbles writes: I hope you don’t mind me following along with your question Nayhotze,

    Not at all, my friend ...

    AISI, learning is what it's all about


  • Dear Nayhotze

    Sorry that you were 'abandoned'..does that mean you were adopted by doting parents (mum that is, dad ather a 'control freak, but deeply committed? . Sorry to be nosey!.

    No I know absolutely nothing about you; by observationn, I mean other people's charts wth similar retrgrade planes.

    Aquabubbles, I do believe you are on the right track with Pluto...I read the natal Pluto as a 'father' figure;, natal Saturn as a 'mother' figure,, but as a transiting planet, Pluto thros up events from the past, Saturn, the body. At 2 ears old was there a custody battle with the 'father?'

    Am I way off here Nayhotze? I hope am not causing offence here, because I would genuinely

    like to help, having a fistful of retrogades myself - as does Aquabubbles ...

  • Interesting, but no, there was never an issue with custody involving either myself or my siblings. There were issues of political instability in my early years and others surrounding the family business and although they didn’t directly involve me, I am sure the stress on the family played on me. Actually I believe Pluto is associated with the mother and Saturn the father in natal. 🙂 The 2 deg orb relating to the 2 yr age fascinates me but obviously I don’t have any recollection of it so I can’t confirm it.

    Thanks for your insights highpriestess.

  • {{{ HUGS }}} to you Nayhotze

  • I am deeply touched by the kindness shown here, Aquabubbles and Highpriestess --

    thank you both for your compassion and willingness to share.

    As for your questions, highpriestess, no offense taken -

    mine is a screwed up history -

    abandoned at six months, 'rescued' by the landlady (my father was at sea) -

    then after the landlady came a strew of 'caretakers' -

    the ones I most identify with are the venerable Sisters of St. Joseph

    whose rule dates back to 1650's France,

    through whom and by whom I was introduced to the esoterics of the faith ...

    although (I suspected that) I am a half-breed NDN (mother full-blood Choctaw),

    this information was kept from me until I reached my teens ...

    following Spirit's teaching from then,

    my faith became mightily infused with the medicine path which I have since walked.

    The landlady was a little crazy - diagnosable, actually -

    dropped on her head at birth in a barn,

    laid aside for dead while her mother was attended to,

    so some serious brain injury there.

    Right before my parents and I showed up in her life,

    she'd just buried an infant daughter

    (and, as then-called for by the Church,

    she'd also previously buried two third-semester fetuses as well)

    I'd stayed with her until right after my sixth birthday

    with my uninvolved father visiting on and off.

    Hence, my curiosity about your insight ...

    does that info help at all or clarify anything?

  • Dear Nayhotze

    I feel really humbled by your history and incedibly impressed by your balanced sirituality. I suppose the 'doting' bit was right for that poor lady who was a 'mother' figure,and amazed that the sisters were good to you. I live in England and nuns have had a terrible press here and n Ireland regarding their brutality to children; you never hear of course, about the good ones.

    I find the Choctaw connection very interesring; I can only assume that your ancestors looked after and preserved you from harm from their spirit world . Peace and love Nayhotze. heir spirit world.

  • Hello Highpriestess --

    I don't know if I'd call the landlady "doting" -- insane would be more like it lol She was fond of creating what's known in therapy as "double binds" - IOW, no matter what you did, it was wrong ... took me many years to turn off her tapes in my head.

    And thank you for your take on my ancestors ... being so disconnected from family, I hadn't thought about an ancestral connection ... but now that you've pointed it out, wow, powerful stuff! Thank you again.

  • Dear Nayhotze

    I am half English and half Scottish and have researched both maternal and paternal ancestors back to the early 1800's. What I know/think is that whatever is unresolved in the ancestors' lives is passed down to the following generations to deat with until it is resolved - karma if you like..I think your medicine path holds the power of healing that you need and have already set in moiion

    We can know what the past has held, but never the future.

    I think your retrograde planets are pushing you to 'rellive' your Choctaw history so that you can tap into the healing power of your ancestors. Can you do some research into your moter's parents/grandparents at all?.

    As for your landlady/mother; I think she was trying to mould you into the image she had of her lost daughter - and of course you didn't 'fit', because you were a living, vital child w ith your own needs, not the 'dream-child' of her imagination.

    Sorry to go all esoteric on you, but listen to the shaman in you and draw on his strength.

    Do you know wherer Chiron is in your chart? That is where your medicine man resides.

    Take care Nayhotze.

  • DEAR HPriestess,

    I read all the posts on here, and all i can say is (( WOOOOOOOOOW ))

    May I ask if in my Birthchart if you SEE any of my past lives ~~ I was told by a Spiritual Clairvoyant Pyschic Teacher ~~ That i was a child from Atlantis ~~ & I believe she her~ she saw Water the Ocean ~ & me Drowning ~ I never like the the depths of the Ocean ~~

    the drowning was from fear of seeing alien grays Thought they came in peace ~ & were sorry they caused me to drown ~~~

    What is your take on this ~~

    i have been in communication with my Friend Via Email & forum threads almost daily ~~

    But ever since joining Tarot

    i would like to hear from another Gifted Reader 🙂 basically to comapre or confirm any my past lives ~~

    Thank you so much !!

    mille 🙂

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