• I am interested in hearing what everyone's opinion on heaven is, if you do believe in one.

    Please as many answers as possible, thank you.


  • i believe that all of believes have some truth to what really happends in the end and some of it is not at all true the same can be sad about all religions and that god comes to us in many way and many names but i think what every you believe in if its the gods, goddesses, or even one god its all the same one.

  • Heaven is where we began and where we will go back to after this life. We will get to review all the good and not so good things we've done. We'll get to feel how what we've done or not done affected those around us. We'll debrief then decide if we want to go back and either try again, learn something new, come back as a spirit guide for a loved one etc. We'll decide who we want as our parents, children, lovers, etc to experience earth. Life on Earth is just a game played by us in Heaven. We can play as often or little as we'd like.

  • Thank you very much for your inputs, interesting.


    what do you think you would choose to do, if you had to choose right now?

  • Makes sense to me that we create heaven or the afterlife the same as we do here. Our thoughts opinions beliefs contribute to our experience.

  • yeah, I agree. Like the law of attraction, we create our own reality.

    I could see how we could each create our own heaven too

  • 112790, I would choose to come back as someones spirit guide next time. I need a break from this mess! lol

  • ahah, same here!

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