A little bugged

  • I was shopping today & the sales lady was so helpful. Some of The things took a while to put together. While paying for things there was a woman that was on the side going through a suitcase & she had a large satchel & a brand new handbag. She was there for a while & I commented on her handbag. She left & came back & gave me her name & said she was promoting her brothers band then asked my name, asked me if I was on Facebook. Said no to Facebook but said my name. Now I'm not sure if I even giving her my name was too much information? She also looked over onto my iPad but no info was really on there. Was she just a nice person or was she up to something? Thank you for any thoughts. Love & Blessings ~D

  • No she wasn't just being friendly - she saw you as a person she might be able to use for her own profit-making agenda.

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  • I agree with the Captain.


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  • It is called networking dmick, every human being is a potential client and some people are good at it, like really good salespeople. They suck us in and we only realise too late they got us to buy something we don't even need.

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