Anyone up for exchanges

  • Its been awhile since ive been on the site or used cards i came across them the other day and thought wow i need to get back into this so basically is anyone around tonight ?

    Jamie ❤

  • Hello Jamie,

    I would like to take your offer.

    I would like to get some insight about my love life.

    What does R signify in my life?

    What is your question?

    Thank you.

    Hugs and love,


  • Hello 🙂 Glad to get this oppertunity to practice with you ive seen all the great readings you've done for others... im excited for this oppertunity.

    I would like to know what i can expect from S this weekend. Just a friend but i keep recieving the two of cups regarding him and im not totally sure what this means!

    I will get to your reading now should have it posted in the next hour look forward to our results!

    Jamie ❤

  • Reading Exchange:

    Ok So for your love life and R's signifigance to your love life i got this:


    You right now are facing a period where your trying to close some chapters in your life so you can open new chapters. This is never a easy period but its something you must do i feel you may have some big decisions coming up that will effect what happens next. Does this have to do with your relationship wtih R?....Regardless of what it is i get the impression that you need to take a look at past lessons youve learnd from and go off those experiences. It is important that you follow your intuition for the next little bit because i dont think you'll be getting the whole story and you might even feel as if your in the dark. Is R a rather secretive person? Do you feel like everything is kinda up in the air and you kinda feel like your out of loop well you may have every reason to because there might be some stuff you might not know about right now so just keep your eyes open and your ears ready for any information you may recieve. I also got from this the whole time that R isn't being completely honest with you so just make sure you think about everything before you jump into anything. He is a really good guy at heart i just think theres more to the storey then your seeing and before anything else happens it should be known whats going on. You have a rather strong support system don't be afraid to use it for advice or what ever you need because they will be there 100 percent of the way in regards to your situation with R or in general in your love lfe maybe someone you are close to has some really good advice you havent heard yet. All an all i think for the next little bit things may be a bit emotional but hang in there let things play out the way they should and use your intuition in situations before just jumping into anything and you should be ok.

    As I stated i havent done this for a while so i dont know if this will make any sense. im sorry if im completely wrong. i can redo it if need be.

    Jamie ❤

  • Jamie,

    What can you expect from S this weekend?

    • Individuality + Wheel + Mask

    A lot of talking and communicating. Probably that you both have been making plans to go out and have fun, but the outcome card says that he will probably spoil the mood by not being himself and probably being distant, as if he's hiding something.

    Is he a busy person? I asked further and got the Responsibility card for him and it tells me that he may be taking care of a lot of people trying to help everyone at once.

  • He is a really busy person ... and this does very much sound like a typical behaviour....

    Is there anyway i can get you to pull a card for how he will be attracted to me this night...

  • You're reading was wonderful.

    I had a crush on R last summer, and I thought that I had moved on. He is one of the sweetest guys that I know, and I don't feel like anything between us could ever really happen, but of all my crushes, he's the only one I have ever dreamt or whose voice I hear so clearly even when I last months without talking to him.

    I don't feel like I really do like him anymore, but he keeps popping up in my head. I think it's because it's a Mercury Retrograde, so I just wanted to know for sure.

    Thank you so much for the reading!

    Any more questions that you have I would be happy to answer.

  • Jamie,

    Only with a bit of effort do I see him being attracted, lured, to you.

    • Musician + Choice + Manipulation

    Right now it seems like he's trying to decide whether to spend the day with you or to go out and work. It seems to me like he's less inclined to stay with you, so you may have to be persuasive.

    Your finest clothes; finest perfume; some music to set the mood so that he understands what you want?

    (And I'm sorry if you both have not been intimate yet, but that Manipulation card is asking me to creative! [laughs])

  • Is there any other questions you have!

    I understand what your going through it relates to whats kinda happening with this guy always in my dreams (we known eachother for a long time tho and hes just always appeared in my dreams but and ive never understood why because were not together at all..

    Anyways tho thanks for the reading ill take the advice 🙂

    If you have time to do another one id like to know what oppertunity that night could bring us together in a positve way.

  • also to add if thats ok .. just what hes hiding from me ... 😞 or what he feels he must hid from me!

    again please feel free to ask any other questions!

  • Thank you for your generous offer, Jamie!

    I guess my follow up question would be, what do you cards see for my singing career?


    What opportunity can the night bring you together?

    • Prisoner + Challenge + Sword

    Not good... As there is a feeling that probably time will not permit and that there are too many things coming up. In the end, you might feel as you're not being looked at properly.

    What is he hiding?

    • Fortuna + Sacrifice + Achievement

    Probably that he is more willing to work towards his career and goals rather than to commit to a relationship.

  • not surprised about that outcome oh well... thanks for the great readings!

    So what i got for you was

    Ace of pentacles, 2 of swords, wheel of fortune

    I get the feeling that you just started off something that has given you a good foundation whether it be your singing career or a another job you might be pursuing i feel as if you'v kinda been holding back from this and to me as soon as you go for it and really start working at it things will change the wheel can turn anyway but i do feel that once you just go for what ever ur suppose to things will change for the better

  • Your readings are incredibly accurate.

    I'm sorry If I put you in a sad mood.

    I asked the cards what they would like to tell you:

    The Fall + Concession + Solution

    Though things in your life might not be going so well, the circumstances are changing to give you a new start. Don't fight the changing tides but let them carry you away and gently guide you. In the end you will find this new phase of life to be more enriching and wonderful, as you will be giving inspiration and energy to achieve what you have always thought of doing.

  • aw thank you so much for the inspiring reading... truely appreciate the positive message 🙂

    When ever your up for this again i can do a reading for you just let me know!

  • It was my absolute pleasure.

    I will definitely be coming back to ask for a reading or two. 😉

    Don't hesitate to ask me for some readings, as well.

    Thank you for everything.

    Hugs and Love


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