Would like a reading please

  • I would like a reading from anyone who wouldnt mind. I have been unemployed for a couple months now, and im getting frustrated. My tax return $ is running low and I need to make money to get and forth to school etc.. I was wondering is someone could do a reading on me that answers these questions,, when will i get a job? what kind of work will I be doing in my next job? and just the near future outlook for me regarding finances.


    You will get a job with a little more effort. I feel it will be in the next month that you will be working. I feel cars around the next job you will take to make ends meet. Either at a car lot, or Jiffy Lube or something of this nature. Jake is a name given here that will be of help to you. Also, there is a temporary agency that could help you get work , not to far from where you live. A woman named Carol will be of help .

    You dollar issues will be slowly overcome with patience and working at a job that you take to make ends meet for now. Down the line a bit you will live in the comfort and peace of mind that you have earned through your education.


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