What's up with Aries?

  • What are some common traits you see in the Aries you know?

    Every Aries I ever met craves attention. They always seem to take special care of their hair. They have low to medium sex drives but you get the feeling they'd make love to themselves if they could. They are also usually into art.

  • WiseSaqittarius,

    I have been married to an Aries for 15 years and before him was with an Aries for 3 years.

    I love their energy, it is high and they believe they can achive anything that they put their minds to, and they usually do become leaders in their field of endevor.

    Your correct about their hair and my Aries loves designer lables, meaning he wants the best there is to have. Yes, they are self centered and have to have certain things said proven to them so their minds can accept it.

    They are good hearted which helps with the conceit they project at times, and generous to love ones. Aries get bored and must be kept challanged mind wise or they will not stay faithful. I have had many Aries people in my life and I am a water sign. I can keep up with their vocal wit and banner and am interesting enough to keep his head from turning elsewhere.


  • I have to disagree with you being that I am an Aries female. I have a very high sex drive and would gladly have s e x 6 times a day if I could. I however would not make love to myself if I could though.

    My hair, yes I will agree with you there - that I do take care of and always have. I like my hair to look shiny and pretty.

    As for art, or self expression is very important and should be to anyone. I love bright and cheery colors personally and love to decorate my home with them.

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