What a season...

  • I guess Im at the same point as so many others where I wonder, on occasion, whether or not I'm going to connect with a lasting love anytime soon. I took a LOT of time for myself, re-grouped, focused, and re-arranged my priorities. I"m happy, have great direction and don't necessarily feel like I"m "lacking" but I would love to have someone special to share this life with. I'm not sure if anyone is willing to do a read for me or not but if you are I would LOVE to hear what you have to say 🙂

    Thank you in advance...

  • gladyouwrotetome

    You will not be alone for the rest of your life. The time is near when you will be meeting a man that has dark hair and eyes that just shine with happiness. Your one child feels female in energy will really like this man coming in. Seems you will meet him through a friend, or social settings, He is tall and dresses really nice. He feels like a earth sign. Drives a red truck and he likes to be outside, sports ect.


  • OH YAY! Outdoorsy! I hope he likes to camp and hike bc that would be awesome! Oh, happy eyes, I just love that!

    My daughter is a good judge of character, she's 11 so old enough to see through facades :). My son is easy to get along with, and so so so busy that he keeps life exciting...he's 16 and unbelievable. I don't know how I ended up being blessed with such phenomenal kids!

    One thing that prompted my post was that it seems that so many men shy away from kids and then splat, any hope of any kind of relationship just fizzles; which is too bad bc anyone who doesn't get to know my kids is really missing out. I think the man I meet will understand that they are old enough not to have to worry about parenting, which I think is one of the things that really freaks them out and turns them running.

    I look forward to meeting him, I knew he'd surface eventually but I was feeling a little bit like I was stuck in the doldrums! lol...I'm glad to know that it'll happen before I'm all bones and dried up! haha

    Thanks Shuabby 🙂

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