In need of a reading exchange! :)

  • Hello all! 🙂

    I would love to find someone to exchange a reading with. I am about to make a really big decision and need some advice from a talented individual. I am currently a nursing major at my university, buy I an struggling so much that I am considering changing my major to social work and becoming a licensed clinical social worker. I need to know: am I making the right decision? I want to be successful more than anything! Thank you 🙂

    Post your question as well if you would like to exchange readings. I'll take any question you've got!

    Thanks a million!


    Dani Bo ❤

  • DaniBo,

    Hello, I'm a clairvoyant reader that comes here on site when time allows to help others along life way.

    Social work does not pay well, it may give you a good warm feeling inside when you help those in need and that may be enough for you in the rewards department. Somehow, I think that you want to have enough money and benifits to carry you through life. Nursing is really a lifetime career that can take you into many different directions once you have completed your course of study , are you trying to become an RN? I see you sitting at a desk that is rather large , in a study and papers everywhere , as if though you are not organized enough, you become confused and stressed. I am being told you can do this if you will change your energy and calm down and focus more on one thing at a time. There is a teacher ,female in energy and she will help you if you ask her too. Susan is a name I receive here to help you. You may need some extra help which is there for the asking. I see you in a white uniform and smiling and working on a ward where there are cancer patients. You will do work with IV's is what I receive to give you . You can always go into administration with nursing or research down the line also, so many wonderful avenues for you to walk with this profession. You will work in a state where there is plenty of sunshine. Ryan is a name coming in around you also.

    Are you a tarot reader or psychic medium?

    I would like an exchange reading from you.

    My question: Did my niece read and agree with the e-mail that was sent to me from her boyfriend Kevin?

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  • Bless you Shuabby for your lovely insight! 🙂 I have always dreamed to become a nurse, but I really find myself struggling in the coursework and don't know what to do. I feel as if I shouldn't be struggling as much just to get passing grades in my sciences. I am worried though that with a social work degree, I won't be able to get that medical social worker job that I would really want. I am just so confused on if I should stay in the struggling state that I am, or change. I just don't know what to do!

    I am a tarot reader! 🙂 I promise that tomorrow I will get to that question about your niece. Thank you for being patient with me!


    Dani Bo ❤

  • Hello there,

    sorry for the delay. Here you go!

    Did your niece read and agree with the e-mail that was sent to you from her boyfriend Kevin?


    It appears to me that your niece is somewhat heartbroken or feels harmed in some way. That being said, there is a high chance your niece does not agree with whatever was said in that e-mail, and it's causing her great pain, or she simply has not read the e-mail. But the three swords stabbing this heart represents you, her, and her boyfriend, and her poor heart that she feels is getting ripped apart. The king of wands is not a god man. He is dominant, manipulative, and overbearing. He likes to push people around. Your niece might see these attributes in either her boyfriend, or she may feel the situation is just too much for her, and it's controlling every aspect of her life. But, the ace of swords shows us here that this will end in a victory in your niece's favor. Her witty intellect and desire to push through her feelings and do whatever she needs to do will come through. Although she is going through a rough patch emotionally, she won't allow them to get the best of her.

    With all this being said, that e-mail caused some issues within your niece. However, she wants to make things better, and she will succeed in that matter.

    Does this make sense?


    Dani Bo ❤

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