• I started to work in an occupation that is different than what I've done previous. Can you give me any insight/reading on this and anything else that you pick-up. I've read several of your posts and think you're good.

  • Oh, thankyou Daliolite,

    This really warms my heart.

    I will try my best for you, and will reply soon.

  • Hello again Dear Daliolite,

    I have read 2 spreads for the questions you have asked, and will read the cards for you later on this evening,(much info here to share with you). But first, I will share some interesting words with you that affect everyone today. I am writing this to show the synchronicites and how we all are affected by this moon phase.The words here also reflect some of what was revealed in the cards:

    Diversifying, Applying talents in a different direction. People splitting up and splitting off. New opportunities and potentials. The beginning of a new age. Letting go of the old and outworn. Separations. Embracing one's future without the need for others. Coming to a fork in the road. Divorces. New jobs, directions and destinies. The dawning of a new era.

    The caution: Not giving or receiving emotional support. Feeling split off and alone, even when one is with others.The fear and loathing of possible separation. Overthrowing the old too quickly. Changing direction unexpectedly.

    Situations that are very ripe and full of fruition. Celebrating what you have. Expanded perspective making everything clear. A sense of achievement. Seizing the moment to make the most of what's possible. Natures bounty. Not being able to sleep, lol, that's me.

    I will continue by reading your spreads later on this evening. Are you a Virgo? Aries and Taurus also showed up, can you tell me your sign, so that I can clarify my interpretation of the situation or person easier. Have a great day!

  • No Taurus. I do have an Aries moon. Virgo and Taurus, I believe, are both fixed signs. I enjoyed your reading so far. Especially the no sleep part. Until I've been on this job 3 months will I be able to. That concerns me. I hate being an anxious person. I'm an Aquarius, 3rd of Feb. I have a lot of planets under the sign of Capricorn, however. In my birth chart, my work sector (house) is under the sign of Virgo.

  • Thanks for your time and insight.

  • Hi there, I have been on my computer for hours, trying to fix something. Sorry for the delay, this sight was hard to even connect with. I will send info as soon as I can this sorted out. Have a great night.

  • As soon as I can sort this out I mean, just getting tired from this computer problem. TTYL.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    I have had a bit of rest, I hope you are getting some too.

    The other night when I was doing your reading the song pilot or co pilot kept playing in my head, I know that Aries people make good pilots, although this song may be a feeling that you have about wanting to fly away, if you are feeling stuck that is. The Taurus card may be a sign that you like to sing.

    There is a lot of info here, but I will give you my impressions of how you are feeling about this new phase with work and others.

    I see that you are wanting things to go well, but may feel troubled about trying to cope with 2 situations, you can achieve more if a decision is made. It is important to maintain balance; don't let this anxious time influence or disturb you, you are able to cope.

    Again the Taurus sign has come up, although this is what may be causing you some concern; The focus is on unexpected developments and occurrences in love affairs or personal relationships;

    motion, messages, and controlled reactions; workable ideas and concepts to further growth.

    You want success or cooperation in busness and love.

    You may be feeling discouraged , alone, melancholy or lack confidence in yourself or your work. A good rest and a break from emotional stress and difficult people, would be good for you and your heart. I will continue on the next post. My computer is acting up.

  • Cont.... for Daliolite. You said that you are an Aquarius, but the Aries is what people see in you.

    There may be heated debates over papers or contractual agreements with difficult people in your work place. Your finances are going to improve although it looks like your pleasure will be dimmed by suffering or hardship. Don't push yourself beyond your limits.

    Your going to develop a new method of operation which will be an asset to your work or assist you in utilizing more of your potential. And you'll have to straighten out your relationships even if it means ending one.

    Luck will be with you in money matters and in attaining a sought-after position, but it may come through what appeared to be an unfortunate experience that caused unnecessary suffering.

    The focus is on travel, promotion or advertising, and real estate or property investment, I aslo see a party in a restaurant or catering.

    Follow your heart, your hunches or your gut reaction... do what feels right and don't do what dousn't.

    Look like you'll be forming a new union with a small group of associates or friends but someone from your job will call and cause you to make different arrangements.

    You'll consider yourself lucky that you're able to meet the cost of living, or for the resurrection and redirecting of energies into constructive channels, and for the resolving of arguments. You will be grateful for the ability to ward off conflicts, negative behaviour patterns and physical assault. Success in legal matters is also indicated, are you a lawyer by the way?

    A herbal treatment or anit-inflammatory medication could maybe help as well, be careful of accidents around the home.

    You will take pleasure in completing a task or project successfully in spite of the difficulties that you encounter.

    Your best success will come through the discovery of a new way of relating that will allow you to see things through the eyes of others and an alternative course of action or plan B.

    Dear Daliolite, please let me know how accurate this is, or how you feel about my reading. I wish you all the best, and if you want I would love to read for you again, thanks, Luv2laf. my keys won't let me go up to see if there are spelling mistakes, oh well, that is not really important, you are. take care.

  • Yes, your reading rings true alot. I have a legal background. I'm a paralegal and my father was an attorney. The 2 situations that you mentioned is probably that I''m trained in 2 occupations. Legal and medical right now. The restaurant and catering is that I managed a restaurant and really enjoyed that. At retirement I'd like to pursue that again. Also, what I've been trained in is alot different than my natural abilitiy--drawing. I've had hardships in recent past which has affected my general outlook on people and things. It's made me more anxious and insecure. Also, made me quick to mend fences. You are right regarding relationship. When you said a lot of unnecessary suffering that I encountered, your right. I have thought a lot recently about moving. I'm better positioned for doing that with a shift in my career. It's easy to attain a job in the career that I'm in. I can also continue my education more readily now. My only problem is that I'm not involved in an artistic endeavor. I always feel the need for expression. Your reading was VERY GOOD. I thought it would be. Thank you!

  • O.K. this is good, I have a lot more info for you, my intuition was right, I thought that you also have a background in the medical field, as well as being interested in art. I did about 3 more readings for you last night and can verify the cards for you if you like in many areas.

  • I wanted to post a picture. Maybe it'll work...

  • I don't know why this won't post..try again

  • I don't know why this won't post..try again

  • Please, I'd like to know what you drew. I was trying to post some art but it has an extension that won't post. duh! thanks

  • Hi Dear Daliolite, I will be able to send this indepth information for you tomorrow evening. Thankyou for asking. I was going to send it but then wanted to wait for your consent. I then saw a request from someone. Thank you for the thought of the picture. In my minds eye I saw a lovely pastely red and green rustic, landscape, painting or pastel type, a cozy country scene, with a house to the right in front. It might be a picture of a woman as well. My imagination loves to show me things. Have a great night!

  • I really wanted to post this picture for you so will try again. It's from my work.

  • Hey, wanted to add that I've had a somewhat abstract idea of buildings with the sun hitting them. Don't usually do abstract but this idea will be with me until I do it. Most that I do are pencil and pen. This one will have color.

  • There she is, the beautiful woman that I saw! You are extremely talented, I love the drawing, I too draw, not as good as you though. She has such a real quality of happiness. The house had the sun shining on it in my vision, I picked up on your thoughts, this is such a beautiful connection to have this shared between us...l This is wild as well, as I was saying this I was drawn to a book for a moment to read something about color and saw this quote, " Daydreams, as it were... I look out the window sometimes to seek the color of the shadows and the different greens in the trees, but when I get ready to paint I just close my eyes and imagine a scene...this was written by Grandma Moses. Wow, I just found this now in a book, it is fascinating how synchronicity is always in my life. This is what I was looking for instead, " The purist and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most." written by John Ruskin. I love to sketch as well, but gave them all away as usual, lol.

    Thankyou Daliolit, you made my morning! I have more details about the readings, is there anything specific that you would like to know first? I will send it later this evening for you. Ttfn.

  • I'm going to let your vision shine thru. Just tell me what you see and feel. thanks

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