The Simplicity of Life

  • a message from Jesus/Jeshua channeled by Pamela Kribbe

    Dear friends,

    I am Jeshua. It is with great joy in my heart that I am here connecting with you. I love you deeply and I am connected to you like a brother. I was human like you are, I know all the struggles you go through as a human being. I know them from within, I was not a saint. I was human and I had a connection to the light, but I also experienced pain and doubt in my life and that is why I can connect to you so deeply. We are one.

    The Christ-energy is not only mine; I was a messenger, a representative of this energy. I came here on Earth to remember all of you of the light within. This light is universal, we share it. And when you feel this light, the energy of Christ within, everything becomes very simple. Can you feel at this moment the simplicity of who I am? I accept you as you are. I see so many of you struggling in your life, there is tension in so many of you. You are suffering too much. Today, I wish you remind you of the simplicity of life. Once upon a time you knew this simplicity from within; this was when you where a child. A child doesn’t think of tomorrow or yesterday, they are here in the present. Children have an easy connection with their divinity, their light. They don’t doubt that they are good as they are.

    Now as I speak of this, travel with your awareness into your body. Go to your heart and into your belly. That is were you find the child within. Remember this place inside where you can enjoy the moment.

    A child is able to receive, there is no judgment in a child, it takes life as it is. Feel this energy inside your belly. Dare to open up to life again. When you were a child you dared to have big dreams. Right now we need to have big dreams on Earth. Times are changing, and more people are becoming aware that something needs to change. We can only change this world if people know how to get back to the inner child: the source of unconditional love and joy.

    What are your dreams? What were your dreams as a child? Do you remember just the feeling of it? Now see the child in front of you, the child that you were. She or he is carrying a flower; the flower comes from their heart. Can you feel what this child has to offer to the world? It is such a special and unique energy. Can you admire the innocence and the courage of this child? They have come to Earth, a place full of danger and fear, carrying this delicate flower with a passion in their heart to share it with the world. Caress this child within. How does the flower look like at this moment of your life? Is it blooming, is it healthy? Or does it lack the right nourishment? Do you feel tension, fear, bitterness around it? Now imagine that you reach out your hands towards this flower and tell it: “You are so beautiful, so precious. I will remain loyal to you.”

    The flower is a message from your soul. It contains the energy your soul wishes to manifest on Earth in this lifetime. See this beautiful flower and notice if there is pain, discouragement or fear inside you about your destiny. Look at these emotions with compassion. You are very courageous to even be here on Earth. You are here now to bring change, to bring light to Earth, but you are also here to have joy in life. Remember the simple joy of being a child, living spontaneously according to your nature. Bringing light to Earth is not meant to wear you down. You are a child of Earth as well. Mother Earth wishes to give you everything you need.

    When I was on Earth, I had a mission. I came here to plant the seeds of a new consciousness. You essentially have the same mission as I had. Now, this world can make you very sad. Your mission depends on your ability to have joy here as well, and to receive like a child. When you feel down and depressed, remember to connect to the inner child in your belly. Have fun and take things lightly for a while. No matter how you feel, this child still carries your life energy, your spontaneity.

    See yourself as a beautiful angel of light. On your lap is your inner child. Together you are creating your path on Earth. The child represents your earthly part. As a cosmic being taking human form, you have to work with the emotions of the child. Whenever the child feels sad, or angry or fearful, you have to take these messages seriously. Like an angel you can attend to this child. The child holds the key to paradise on Earth. Take care of her/him with tenderness, and in dealing with other people always remember there is a little child inside them as well.

    This channeling is also available as audio file. The transcript has been slightly edited for purposes of readability.

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