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  • Hello, I’m in need of a reading if anyone wants or has the time to do one for me please. I was very hesitant asking because I don’t like to bother people or ask questions that so many have already asked but I’m really in need of answers. I want a future love/relationship reading if that makes sense. I’m currently single and have been for a LONG time. I haven’t been looking and have been torn as to whether I should continue achieving my goals or allow some room in my life for love. I’ve been really picky in the past about who I would even consider dating and have ruined one potential relationship in particular that I felt could’ve been something real (I had just broken off an engagement with a man who was a liar, cheater, had more kids I wasn’t aware of than I could count on my fingers, etc. so it was hard for me to trust him and let him in to my life and to reach my heart because my heart was broken) so things are long over between me and that one guy. I don’t know why I still think about him because I’m not really interested in rekindling things with him; it’s weird how I think about him though. As of late, over the past two years or so, I started having dreams about a man who was supposedly my “soul mate” and before this I didn’t really believe in soul mates. But when he started coming to me in my dreams and holding me, kissing me, and telling me things it made me open my mind to the idea. For a while I wanted to just write it off as something my mind was creating because I was lonely but the sensation, aura, and energy I felt in the dream and after I awoke instantly made me think otherwise. I mean, I could still feel his presence and arms wrapped around me when I woke up and I actually felt sad that I had woken up. I did get a name, I think it was Josh or Joshua or something with a J and his last name started with a W I think. I don’t know, but the first initial was a J for sure. I wanted to know what could I expect over the next two years as far as relationships are concerned? What does the man in my dreams have to do with this and is it possible that I could meet him? Any advice, readings, and all would be greatly appreciated. My birthday is 11-8-88. Thank you so much!!

  • Well, the universe always sends us what we ask for. But because you don't know exactly what you want - being torn between achieving your goals or letting love in, the universe cannot send anything concrete your way. You have to be ready for love. Until you work out if you can risk trying again, you will be stuck in a state of romantic limbo.

    What are your priorities right now - material goals or love? Sometimes when we let go of something and get busy with life, the thing we released will appear like magic when we are not thinking about it. This year for you will be full of surprises and new opportunities so make sure you don't let any fear of repeating the past hold you back. Don't be afraid of getting close to people or no one will want to get close to you. I feel like you may have a fear of being stuck with one person or kids who keep you from living life or might make you miss out on opportunities. But with the right person (who is worth waiting for), you will be very happy. Get right in your mind and be sure of what you want - then it will happen.

  • Hello, thanks for replying TheCaptain. My life is pretty much in order. I know what I want and before it took me a while to figure that out (when I was younger) but I have a clear concept of what I want in, for, and of my life. I’m about to finish school, planning to get my masters, and work on some projects I didn’t have the time to do before. I’ve spent the past few years distracting myself with goals because I wasn’t meeting the right people. I never felt a connection with anyone who showed interest in me and I wasn’t willing to settle. I want something real. I want that one man that God set aside for me. I got discouraged and pushed myself into goal and ambition overdrive because I had given up on finding that man. Then the dreams started and thus the confusion was back.

    I feel as if why can’t I have both? Why can’t I achieve my goals and have someone I can help achieve theirs and share our lives together? I’m not afraid of commitment. I think I went into goal overdrive after I realized I had surrendered and given up all of my dreams for the guy I was engaged to. I completely walked away from what I wanted and tried to make him happy while I was miserable. He didn’t even do the same for me. As for kids, I love them. I’m working on becoming a children’s therapist. It’s always been something I’ve wanted to do. I said that about kids because he lied to me and told me he didn’t have any kids when he had more than I could keep count of. I want to start my own family and I want someone who’s worth starting a family with. I’ve always held the ideal for sharing my life with one person who was just right for me and me for them.

    I almost kind of let myself believe that I was supposed to be single but the dreams have confused me. I feel like I have someone out there waiting on me and I don’t know where they are or how to find them or how I could help them find me. I kind of just focused on goals to keep myself from thinking about being and feeling lonely.

    Thank you for your help. It was very much appreciated. Enjoy your weekend.

  • I'm not an accomplished reader but I did a 3 card past present future. Crowley deck.

    1 Past. Tower Trump card. Some see this as chaos or tumult I see it as old structures not needed and passing or simply put, more change.

    2 Present. Lovers Trump card. I see this as recognizing your abilities or capacity to love to merge not necessarily w/ a person but in whatever you do. Deeper understanding w/ your inner self an inner merging.

    3 Future. Universe Trump card. The Universal flow non resistance. Love what your doing see thru Loves eyes. The source of love within you is the goal (Pamela Eakins)

    Personally I would see that as "being" love vs finding love but you may hear it differently.With changes afoot and merging and Universal flow I see no reason why you cannot have both. Open up to it maybe.

    Cheers P

  • I should have said "I feel like you may have a fear of being stuck with the WRONG person or his kids who keep you from living life or might make you miss out on opportunities." I do feel in you a fear of the past repeating with the wrong types of partners being drawn to you. But whoever you draw to you is whoever you are subconsciously asking for. It's not random. Something in you - maybe this fear of being lumped with the wrong person forever - is causing you to send out a message that calls incompatible people to you. You need to figure out what issue in you stops you attracting the right person. Are you worried about becoming an ordinary housewife and being buried in the 'burbs for the rest of your life, perhaps? You may think you are consciously clear about who and what you want, but the people you have been attracting into your life show you that you don't know exactly who would suit you. For instance, are you thinking to draw someone very devoted and committed when maybe you don't need someone to be around all the time, just when you need him to be?

    Looking at your astrological profile, I see that you may have a fear of what you cannot control. You may want to be right all the time and have an almost compuylsive need for order. But life is not always ordered or 'tidy'. Situations and other people are never ideal enough for you to let go of control and feel safe, so you continually postpone trust and joy. You have to believe that you can handle chaotic times, without any advance preparation. Feeling internal pressure to be 'good' and 'improve yourself' and 'do right' can leave you with a nervous hyperactivity that may make it difficult for you to sit still unless you are tired. Being anxious to please, your words may tumble too quickly from your mouth at times, making others feel uncomfortable with your high-strung energy and sensitivity. When you stay in touch with your feelings, fewer words are necessary. Ideals and lofty standards that may block your authentic feelings can make it difficult for you to express your emotions honestly. But relationships provide the ideal situation for you to learn how to do this, and for growth. Once you get past judgments about yourself and others, you can open up to more relaxed and accepting relationships. Self-doubt, perfectionism about performance, and issues of morality must be released so that you can enjoy more loving, intimate, and pleasurable relationships.

    You tend to have a well-defined moral code and rather strict standards of behaviour, and once these rules have been transgressed by others, it's unlikely you will be inclined to forgive or forget. Yet this very rigidity can be your downfall and you would do well to cultivate a willingness to change. At the same time, there exists within you an 'all-or-nothing' attitude that can result in your being bound to unhealthy addictions (such as work) on the one hand, and escapism on the other. Career crises are not uncommon for this lifepath and at some point you may be forced to confront all your assumptions about wealth, power, and fame. Scaling back or even discarding your ambitions may be necessary for your spiritual growth. But eventually you will reach a balance between the satisfaction of your material and spiritual needs, and your personal and professional needs. Keep your thinking open always to new ideas and concepts. You need a like-minded companion who strives for a broader or more spiritual experience in life, someone with strong boundaries who will not be dependent or needy. This person has to allow you to fly free when you need to, and also to support and shelter you when you want to be loved.

    In any event, you will have to work hard to find the balance point between acceptable structure and too much freedom. For all that, you are likely to move beyond yourself through devotion to others as long as you are given the chance to show what you know. When illuminated through love and being loved in return, you can realize tremendous fulfillment.

    Good luck to you, Riibean! I hope this helps.

  • Thank you Pfree. I like the line "being love versus finding love." I will analyze your reading more to see how it applies to my life. Thanks a bunch!

    Thank you TheCaptain. I know that must've taken you a long time to write.

    Thank you both for your insight and help. God bless you, and have a wonderful week.

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