Scared for the future please help on job spread

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    I am in school and im really nervous about whats next after money isnt the greatest right now and if i get a job im sure it will change it but if i dont im scared what will happen.... and i went to the cards for whats next so i would just like some help interperting these cards

    Why did I choose this career? 2 of pentacles

    Pretty much this says to me i was in a position where i wasnt exactly happy so i was trying to look for a safe harbour to fix this so by doing this i was juggling the ups and downs and i figured by doing this it would eventually lead me to something more stable.

    Am i on the correct path: Page of pentacles (hierophant / emperor)

    obstacle: Disapointment?... maybe not having patience and thats the message here.

    what is helping me: Magician

    • being able to apply myself

    • having the right tools to make magic happen

    What new oppertunity will be presented: High priestess

    • i wasnt really sure about this....

    When: Ace of pentacles / 3 of pentacles

    I think somethin in the next little bit

    what could this oppertunity bring me: King of cups (ten of pentacles)

    good thing will come of this

    pls help 😞

  • I'm not a tarot-reader Jamie but I was drawn to your post. I feel like you are making choices for financial reasons when you really have the heart of an artist and just want to immerse yourself in your craft. Go with your heart and follow your real passion - it will pay off in the end (not straight away) - but you will be happier doing your own thing and starving in an attic (well, not quite) than going commercial in and making lots of money in a career that you hate. And don't let family or friends persuade you otherwise. If you put all your heart and energy into something you love, it will reward you bigtime!

  • Thanks Captain for the inspiring message! I appreciate your uplifting words, exactly what I needed to start off the day. 🙂 I will definately listen to your advice 🙂 thank you!

  • High Priestess - listening to your inner voice will present a new opportunity, I think.

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