Career Help -Captain, What Do You Think?

  • Well I finally feel anout normal. Began running and getting back into life. I should have my new flying medical his week. I was thinking about flyingfor the airlines. What do you think? Thanks and hope you are well.

  • Hmm, i am sensing you working for a smaller company, maybe even working for yourself with a single plane.

  • Wow. i wad thinking about getting my instructor license and buying aplane or joining a regional airline. you awys blow me away with your accuracy.

    do you see anything else of interet, good or bad, in my life? thanks again!

  • What - a whole new way of life and good health is not enough for you? 🙂

    You can now have whatever you want in your life - it's your choice.

  • Hi Captain! I just heard back from a local skydiving company and I might get a job with him. It depends on his need for pilots. Do you see that working for me?

    Along the flying lines, I was thinking about earning my instructor's certificate. I am torn between studying home or going away for a weeks or so. Do you see any benefit to each?

    As for my health, there is a risk of small bowel obstructions/blockages due to adhesions. I didn;t have as many adhesions as they thought I would during my last surgery. Do you see any long-term problems for me?

    Oh, and any chance David Tennant will return? 🙂 How are you doing? How's life on the other side of the world treating you? Well i hope! 🙂

  • I think the skydiving job may be a bit far off in the future. I think whichever course offers the best 'hands-on' experience is most suitable for you. No, I don't foresee any big longterm health problems for you. And no I wish he would but I don't think David Tennant will return to Dr. Who, unfortunately. I think he has other irons in the fire. 😞

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