Interpretation/insight help please :)

  • I tried to do a reading for myself re: my current relationship. She's an amazing person, but very fragile mentally and I worry about her ability to handle life's trials. Oddly, I'm having difficulties interpreting my cards- this has never happened before.

    Here's the spread:

    Or in text form:

    Covers: 7 Pentacles

    Obstacles: Moon, inverted

    Top: Justice

    Bottom: Ace of Swords

    Behind: 7 Wands

    In front: The World

    Last four: The Hermit, 9 Wands, 3 Cups Inverted, The Emperor.

    Many thanks in advance!

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  • It is hard for me to read your tarot cars because I use a different spread. I wouldn't mind doing a reading for you on this topic. A unbiased reading is what you need. Please email and give me permission to cast your cards with your name. No fee or anything. Sara.

  • Your guides are saying:

    That in the distant past you had this new beginning concerning the topic, but it was spectacular it was just an okay beginning. You've had troubles with it constantly fighting against something but you aren't losing. Currently you are waiting to see what comes of this situation/relationship but you are confused. What will come is the completion of things, the answer or result to what you are waiting for and it will be a just and fair outcome. It is a good thing that you have been keeping your own counsel wisely and quietly even though the situation/relationship might be bringing trouble which is wearing you down. You fear that the outcome will leave discord or awkwardness if it doesn't work out. However whatever the outcome you are on the road to mastering what you are dealing with, this lesson which you are currently learning will be learned by you at this current path you are on.

    Remember I'm not reading this doing my spread. If I did your reading the cards might be different because they mean different things to different people. I hope that this gives you clarification.

  • Thank you for that, Sara 🙂 It's just weird that I'm having trouble with it because I've always had near perfect clarity with my deck- question answered on the first or second spread. And my deck has always been right, which shocked me at first.

    Thanks very much for your time and offer- expect an email 🙂

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