Please help me interpret!

  • Hello

    This is a 5-point star spread about a some work have expressed my interest for in a far off, wonderful place. And I am aching to get out of this hell hole!

    Cards I pulled:

    1- seven of swords

    2- queen of wands

    3 - magician

    4- page of swords

    5- two cards came out. first death then 5 of wands.

    I am still learning, and I am just not good at card combinations and making sense of any of it!

    Your help is greatly appreciated!

  • I'll take a go at it. I do not read this spread and keep in mind that cards mean different things to different people.

    There is something you are trying to get away with Seven of Swords. The guides want you to embody success with the Queen of Wands. You have the tools/skills to do that the Magician. There is conflict in the job the guides want you to stand up for yourself. Change is ahead but also more conflict.

    If this sounds familiar but not extremely accurate I would be happy to do a reading for you for free, just email me at . All I need is your permission to do a reading for you. It will be easier for me to interpret the cards.


  • Correction : The Magician signifies that you need to learn the skills not that you already have them.

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