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  • Hi, my name is mistie I am the 3 c's and also a medium. The problem is I cannot read into my own life. So If at all possible if someone can do a reading for me. 2/1/81 is my dob

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  • Email me at I will do a tarot reading for you. Just give me permission to cast your cards.


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  • Hello,

    Serenity Thanks you have my permission to cast the cards! I appreciate it and I will do a reading for you if you would like!



  • Adnimistrator,

    That looks very hard & I am sure it cost money. I don't prefer to click on links either! But, thanks for the information! Maybe you could tell me more about this!

  • Sure, give me a day or so and I will post it online. Thank you.


  • DevineEvanescence,

    I read a 10-card spread. This is the message the guides wish to give you.

    VII Chariot : King of Swords Reversed : 7 of Pentacles : 3 of Cups Reversed : 8 of Swords

    10 of Wands Reversed : Page of Cups : Ace of Swords Reversed : 2 of Pentacles : Page of Swords Reversed

    The guides say you are currently on a important journey on your path in life. It's all about learning new things, experiencing new things and having lots of lessons and growth. They say that this is a positive journey of self discovery and knowledge and that you'll be experiencing lots of different things in order to grow as a person and learn what you like - what you don't like - how you handle some things etc. So this is a learning lifetime for you and they say that it looks pretty good from here - they see lots of advancement and good discoveries so you can look forward to that. They also say that from all this growth and knowledge you will be choosing your future paths based on all the wonderful things that you'll learn in this lifetime. So have fun they say.

    The guides are bringing up a person (most likely a father or father figure). They say that he won't really encourage you or help you financially. Not that he's a bad guy but he isn't going to give you a financial safety net. So be aware that you're going to have to watch out for yourself in this aspect. Just keep this in the bad of your mind as you are making your discoveries and going down your path in life. He'll be there but he won't really BE THERE for you. I get the feeling he's kind of ambivalent about things so he isn't really going to encourage you do get out there and spread your energy all around and go down different roads of self discovery - he won't see a very good path in that, and that's okay, that's just the way he is and there isn't any point in worrying over it. This is just information that the guides want to give you so that if this issue ever comes up in any planning or decision making you know where this person stands in assisting you.

    The guides say there are a lot of things bubbling up around you. Different ideas and paths and things to experience and try out - and that's all wonderful. It's all about going through things and testing them out and tweeking them and figuring out if you like them if it is something that you can use and grow happy with like a talent or a craft or an experience etc etc. It's all about learning new things and building your interests and intellect over what things are and how best to use them for your own purposes and some will be just to experience them and see if you liked them or not but it's supposed to be a very positive fun experience of testing the waters with a lot of things and looking forward to doing different things. I get a very happy feeling - like a kindergartener learning all this cool neat stuff for the first time and even if they didn't like something they just loved learning it and then finding something else that they liked better -that kind of discovering. But this is REALLY important because the guides say that once you figure something that you like and have an aptitude for that you can focus on it and not only will it help set things up in this lifetime but it will help influence your other lifetimes to do things similar to it - whatever you learn or like and focus on you will actually be helping the guides set it up in future lifetimes so that you can keep learning your lessons (both the good and hard ones) around these things that you decided you liked. Kinda like a reward system: you're figuring out what you like and honing your self to it and the guides will use that information to help you in other lifetimes by rewarding you with it as you might by learning both difficult lessons and good lessons - it's a type of release like when people say, "I've been having a hard day but all I need to do is this (activity) and it's like nothing else matter, like I can block out the world and all the problems and just be happy doing this with myself". They are trying to get you to that point in your future lifetimes - it's a way to help deal with harder things to come (difficult lessons/choices/people etc etc etc). So use that knowledge as you are figuring out what you like as something that you can keep growing with in other lifetimes.

    I'm getting the feeling that concerning a group of certain people that things aren't really jiving together. Like there is stress or uncomfortableness. Most likely friends. Something isn't working well together and there is tension over the relationships now. Like an awkward feeling around them because its uncomfortable (like nails on a chalkboard feeling). They guides don't want you to worry too much over it. They say that there isn't much you can do. Everyone is just dealing with their own demons inside this issue and they are going to act they way they want to act over it and no one is going to change that. There are going to be some differences that bother people but because of their personality types they aren't going to just let it go and because of that it's going to make everyone else uncomfortable so just don't worry about it. It's just the type of people they are - the guides don't want you to get too affected by it, especially since there is nothing you can do. Just brush it off your shoulders and keep moving forward. They don't want you to be sad over this because they are your friends or are close to you - you have to understand that they are like that (their personalities are set in stone right now) so even if you are affected or you trying to fight against it or help it you're just going to be dragged under with them. I get the feeling that they are causing their own drama and if you trying to intervene or interfere you'll just get hit with the same negative stuff they are dealing with and the guides don't want you to do there unless you really want to. So this is a little warning - just be aware that there is some tension and not to let it bother you, try not to get involved and get keep focusing on yourself and bettering yourself not on the troubles of other people, even if you are close to it or in the middle of it. It's not your problem the guides say.

    There are some things which are keeping you bound, stifled, keeping you feeling like your hindered by it. The guides do not like this. They don't want you any where around this. They say to get away from this feeling and whatever is causing it. I'm getting that this is pretty serious so get away from it, don't do it, don't be around it. It's keeping you down, it's keeping you trapped and feeling really shackled. Bottom line: it's not good, it isn't helping you or serving you in any way, the guides see it as pretty harmful either to you or your mental/emotional state etc etc. So try to get away from this - it's really NOT GOOD!

    Looks like your being burdened but it's almost like you don't see it that way. Like you have a workload or things that you are juggling but you aren't seeing it as a burden. And that is a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing is that you are a positive hard working person with good ethics but the bad thing is that you can take on too much, especially if other people are using you to do things and they might take advantage of this. Remember to keep things balanced. Having a good work ethic is GREAT! but having a work ethic that starts to keep you bound is a bad path to do down because it can lead to worse things. So try to limit it now in order to have a better time dealing with it later. Constant work will start wearing yourself down even if you don't want to see it that way or admit it. This constant work will wear down your body and you'll start to have problems (health) later. So be warned that this is something you need to be aware of and deal with appropriately. And don't let other people take advantage of you!

    You need to do some soul searching really centered around your emotions. The guides want you to figure yourself out a little bit more, and that is part of the self discovery they spoke to you about earlier, but they also want you to be aware of it so you can place some special focus on it; they want you to do some internal discoveries along with your external ones.

    There is something coming which isn't very good. Like a bad beginning or bad ending scenario. It's not too pleasant the guides say but they just want you to be aware of it so that you can prepare yourself for it if it does decide to come around. They say that it's still in the air whether it will happen or not but if it does they want you to be mentally/emotionally prepared for it.

    There is something going on around you which you haven't done anything about. Like a scenario that needs to be worked out but you haven't helped it along. If there is a situation around you which is going down and you need to deal with it but you have been putting it off then this is your wake up call. The guides say that it's time to make a choice with this already in order to allow the situation to unravel itself more. I'm not sure if its a bad scenario at work or financially but whatever it is - the guides say that you've had the choice to do something about it and you still haven't yet. So make the decision and start doing it.

    The guides want to bring up a person. I'm getting the feeling like its a bad kid or they have a bad-kid personality (mostly likely not an actual kid - more like an immature adult or teenager). And it doesn't really look like this person can really help you, they can't move your forward, they can't bring too many good things into your life so the guides say it's up to you to figure out if you still want to be around or help this person. I'm not getting a burden or a heartache feeling over this person but it's like 'more trouble than your worth' feeling. So I think the guides are kinda dancing around this because they don't want you to see this message in a bad light they just want to give you as much information as they can in order for you to make the best decisions for yourself. So this is what they see with this person and like they said above it will be up to you to decide whether you want to continue to help this person or not.


  • Sara,

    Thanks your amazing 🙂

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