Can i get a reading please

  • Hi am new here and well i ended up here because i need answer and am tired of looking an dnobody answers me and really don't the money to pay much money to get a readung but if someone can help me here i will be more than thankful. Well my name is Alejandra 11/30/89 and i would like to know if my partner is being unfaithful? which i have a feeling that he is. If so is it going to last long? and if we will overcome all this. i will appreciate it. His name is carlos 10/19/89.


  • I don't feel Carlos is having an actual affair, though he does love to flirt and have people like him, and to be independent and creative. He is a strange mix of drama and criticism - his mind and emotions are often in conflict. You yourself love freedom, so you have to grant it also to your partner. He does want to have an honest relationship with you and his nature is to be loyal. He wants to achieve harmony and balance in his life and love.

    Little is held back in this relationship. It sweeps the two of you away in a whirlwind of exciting confrontations, both physical and verbal, that allow little room for objective thought or detachment. The relationship values natural behaviour and honesty highly, yet it may not be very sharing - the two of you are capable of living at quite close quarters together without having a whole lot to do with each other. Tensions will be eased if each person has his or her own inviolable space, completely beyond the jurisdiction or watchful eye of the other partner. The problem here is that both of you have a lot to say about each other's habits. It may sometimes be hard for you both to back off, or to mute your criticism or concern.

    In matters of love, this relationship is often unstable and explosive. Fits of temper or passion are likely to burst loose at almost any moment; harmony and emotional balance are hard to maintain. Furthermore, although Carlos will be relieved to be able to be honest with you (who in turn will benefit from - without always enjoying - his powers of observation, though it can take the form of a very scathing tongue), this may mean also that the two of you might not really be interested in keeping things artificially cool or polite.

    Marriage may help to channel the relationship's wild energies in the right direction. Having children can also bring a bit more calm, although these children will often feel seismic tremors threatening to break loose beneath the surface of their parents' volatile relationship. You two must work hard on controlling your emotions and insecurities. Don't be too nosy in each other's business, either. Be honest but diplomatic.

  • Hi The Captain thanks alot and you ae so right on what you said. I had this doubt and you know once they put doubt on you, you can't take it off of you till you know the truth. Here is what happened at times i do think it did happen and sometimes i don't but i'll explain to you maybe you can tell me if it's not to much bother. Well like 2 or 3 weeks ago a girl called me asking if i was his wife and i answer yes (we are not married but live together) and she came out saying she was doing a favor for a friend trying to find out if he was still with me because he was ith her friend and he would always talk about her being the only one he was with and so she gave me the number to the other girl (nikki) and i called and never answer and the she called me back like minutes after Carlos got home. I asked if she was with him and said yes and started telling like personal stuff about him and even told she had come to my house and described what i have. But he denies everything he does say they work together but that nothing has happened between them and i have a funky feeling that it did. Well i left my house that day but came back the next i wasn't to confortable where i was staying even though is family. Well later that day she text me saying " I don't know if Carlos told you but we are staying together" i know what she meant by that cause he comes home after work well i think he does but i never replied back. Haven't heard anything about her since. Was all this true? or did they make it up just to seperate us? i asked him what was gonna happen and he said he didn't know cause he didn't know what he wanted and haven't bother to ask again.

    We have a little girl together. Are we gonna have more kids? since he doesn't want any at this time.


  • I feel this woman is trying hard to break you up - she seems to be trying to force you into believing her. If she was so confident about him 'loving' her, she wouldn't have to try to upset you. I think she is a stalker and is definitely infatuated with Carlos. He might not be aware of what she has been up to. Don't let her nastiness drive you apart. If trust is gone, there can be no more relationship.

  • Thanks that's what i kind of see but i don't know to believe it or not cause i haven't seen anything and i say i will belive till i see it. Sometimes i do doubt him cause his a flirt and we had many confrontations for this reasons but i try sometimes not to over reac cause sometimes how women can be. We been together for so many years and have overcome so many things to let a "women" like this mess everything up and am guessing she won't leave him alone anytime soon right?. I really appreciate everything. Thanks alot

  • You may have to ask Carlos to tell this woman to back off. She would only listen to him as she is obsessed with him. She doesn't realize that he flirts the same way with everyone and doesn't take it at all seriously. She imagines he wants her. But he just likes people to like him.

  • I will try my best but i just don't know how to tell him. Do you see any changes in our relationship?

  • Yes I do see changes coming to your relationship but if you stand firm, be open and honest, and ask for your rights, they will be good ones.

  • Thanks I do hope they ae good ones. I have a question I went back and reread everything and you said "He might not be aware of what she has been up to." What do you mean by that?

  • I meant he might not know exactly what she has been doing to you.

  • Oh ok I was a little confused by that thanks for clearing that up. Do you see anything else i have to know about this woman?

  • Just shut off all contact with her and don't listen to anything she says. Certainly don't let her into your home which I feel may be her next step.

  • Oh my god that caught me off guard. Thank you very much. Sorry to bother but my sister and I have always had a doubt and have always wanted to know if we have any other siblings besides us 2 by our fathers side. We don't know because he died almost 20 years ago. We ask our mother but she says we don't and that if we did we would have known by now. I ask because what I know is that he was going to marry someone else before he met my mother and when they were married he would go away to the mountain range. So we always ask and sometimes bother my mother about that but she keeps saying we don't. Is there any way you can clearify that. Thanks

  • YYY

  • No I don't feel your father had any more children.

  • Thank You we always had a doubt about but than again we would think it was only us two.

    Thank you for everything.

  • Hi sorry to bother again i jus have a quick question. Is Carlos still seeing thus other woman "nikki"? I have a feeling he is since I have seen transactions on his credit card for restaurnts which I don't go and that ar near his job.

  • No, I don't feel he is seeing Nikki, not for quite a while as they had a falling out.

  • You can't keep doubting Carlos like this - it will drive you crazy. If you feel you cannot trust him, you have to leave him for your peace of mind and happiness.

  • Thank you so much am tryng my best in trusting him since he trust me but sometimes I just get so overwhelmed that his always working and is barely home that is taking a toll on me. I get so stressed with the baby that is hard and the little time I have for me all this things come to my head. I appreciate everything.

    Thank you

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