Is this the right move? May I also have a reading please?

  • Hello everyone, I am going through sort of a phase here. My Ex boyfriend (Aquarius Feb. 18th ) and I split in April of last year and I have yet to move on. Well I did but I couldn't stop thinking about him. What had happened, we had sex for the first time for the both of us, and the next day he dumped me because he was angry at something. I cried and cried I was hurt and devastated. i wanted to get back at him so I lied and told him I was pregnant. He found out the truth and we didn't talk for 6 months. I started talking again in Dec and it was just so painful...I want him to forgive me and I want him to know that I'm sorry for everything I did to him..I still love him..what do I do? I'm a Libra btw

  • He will probably forgive you eventually, but it will be hard for him to forget or trust you again. I feel he will start seeing someone else soon. You will have to do some self-work so that no matter what people do to you, you always act with honesty and integrity. Get control of your emotions and don't let them lead you into trouble next time. Choose your next BF (and you will have plenty more as I feel you are quite attractive to others) wisely, using your intuition - not your emotions.

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