Could you please do a reading for me Captain??

  • Hi Captain,

    here is the info:

    Me : Feb 1st 1977

    Him: Dec 28th 1979

    We dated for six months and it was great. He broke up with me because he was in school and had a full time job, he said it was too much to handle for him. That was last year around this time. We didn't talk much since then. I am in school too. But out of blue He recently contact me. He said "he is going through a period of reflection" and needed to tell me that he made a mistake and is regretting that he lost me. He also said that " wish i could change the way things happened"

    A part of me still cares about him but also scared of getting hurt again..I dont know what to do.

    Thanks a lot in advance..

  • This relationship can be a seesaw affair, oscillating between conforming to you and your ex's attitudes and trying to find a balance or middle ground between them. Your partner who is used to struggle may somewhat resent you, since you prefer to be spared the pain of work and may ridicule those who view it as their reason for living, as your ex does. The two of you are apt to expend considerable amounts of energy trying to convince each other of your individual points of view. As your relationship develops (or if it does), you two may be able to compromise and discover you can live a life in which you alternate between work and relaxation in quite a pleasant way, and avoid the excesses of either state. Or you may not...

    A love affair here should be viewed not as either a frenzied or hyper-relaxed work project in itself but as a moderate, and highly enjoyable, activity in its own right. This may not be possible until you two are older/more mature and can learn from and accept one another - your ex to be less serious and you to be a bit more so. Marriage at that point can be a splendid melding of work and love, supplying a steady flow of energy to both these aspects of your lives. Your partner however has a judgmental streak and you a taste for silliness, and collisions of irritation are likely to occur between these two moods.

    So unless your ex can learn to approach his job and study in a sensible, non-fanatical way and learn to relax and take regular breaks to engage in more light-hearted activities, there is no chance he will dedicate his time and attention to you alone. If you need more love and devotion than that, look elsewhere.

  • Thanks Captain!!

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