• Found it too! Thank you for the clue ladies 😉

  • Thanks for the clues, I had to go to the page at least 4 times before the Pot of Gold appeared - he was an elusive little leprechaun!!

  • Finally! Wow, that was a tough one. Even though I followed the clues I also had to do it several times before it showed up!

    Purplequeen you are so right, elusive little leprechaun, lol!

    Thanks to everyone for all the clues! I wouldn't have found it without your help! Many blessings and lots of luck to you all!!!

  • Thanks, LJZ! Your clue on page 2 worked!

  • Greetings everyone,

    Happy Sint Patrick day!!!

    Awesome clues. Coffee is much needed these days..lol. (not a clue btw)

    I hope everyone is doing well. I am in the middle of a move so I won't be on much.

    Until next time or next hunt.


  • Yay, Tarot.com! May the luck be with you all this year, the road rise to meet you and the sun be at your back!

    Have a good year!

  • Wow....I kept going back and forth and huh? and then it was so plain...looked like a popcorn kettle! Thanks to you all - and good job first clue finder! and lol @ the detailed clues, too....fun!

  • Hee-hee! I'm cracking up reading these comments in sequential order (actually, they are kind of fun/ny out of order also:)). You made me laugh blessed44times (like your screen name by the way) because you referred to my clue as "complicated though (I) understood it better"~pretty hilarious comment...guess that says a lot about your mind and mine too, eh? Hee-hee! Glad I could be of help to you and to anyone who benefited from the detailed riddle I proposed. I was havin' fun so I'm glad you did too, jlinaangel! And yah, it did kind of look like a popcorn kettle (now I'm hungry for popcorn--thanks, jlinaangel!)....and it definitely was hoppin' around, dancinglight----the little leperchauns kept moving it I think! Anyway, glad everyone who posted found the gold, however it happened for them---that includes you triplevirgo!:) Blessings of light love and prosperity~islandsq

  • this one was so elusive thanks to all for the clues I had to walk away and come back cus it was so frustrating but I didnt give up and keep rereading the clues I think the sinus headache (yea its bad here with the pollen) kept me from thinking

    thank you every one for all the help it was fun Goodluck on your move flowsco

    next an easter egg hunt??? 🙂

  • that explains it I looked everywhere that the clue led-but only once! persistence was required so I missed out!!

  • Thanks Shadowmist!!!

    Does anyone know if there is a hunt for the Spring Equinox (fairy hunt) or do we have to wait a little?

    Will check in when I can.


  • I havent seen anything yet maybe they are waiting for easter?

  • Does anyone know if there will be a Pot Of Gold hunt for this year--2014? Thank you.

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