Help!!! Not sure what to do with a huge financial issue

  • I am so in need of guidance if anyone has any insight if my current situation is long standing or can give me an idea if this an omen to move on. I am trying to get a modified mortgage and just feel like I am just trudging and not getting anywhere. What do I need to focus on to fix this ???

  • call a foreclosure attorney - the mortgage lenders have been dragging their feet so they do not have to do anything, they lose all the paper work and keep on asking for the same info over and over - it is totally ridiculous especially since they robo signers (they are auto signatures stamped on the mortgage docs - make sure you have a list of who & when you spoke to the mortgage company & list all docs they requested even if they have asked for the same docs over & over again

    also make sure the attorney gets paid from the lender as his fee

    it will take a couple of months but well worth it in the end

  • ohhh Thanks Shadowmist, I had never thought of doing that as it seems like a huge daunting task. I just remember what I went through the last time I refinanced the house over 2 years ago, it took almost a year to get that finished.

    Thank you again

  • Yes I feel you have to look to new or smaller mortgage sources or those you have never considered before. The usual ones will not suit your situation.

  • OHHH!!! eeep, ok, I think I need serious help in figuring this out because I am completely out of my realm on which way to go. Thank you Captain, and does it look like this is going to be resolved or do I truely need to concider the fact I am just not meant to be in this house??? It's hard for me to let it go because it is roots for my boys and my stubborn streak is saying I can do this at the same time my common sense is saying hey, this isn't such a good idea.

  • You need to remove your emotions and sentimentality from this decision, and weigh up the pros and cons in a practical way. Is it worth the financial risk or would it be better to live somewhere else that doesn't put you into so much debt for now? Children are more adaptable to new situations than we are. Cancers get very attached to their home, but isn't that not a place but wherever you are with your children?

  • Thanks Captain,

    My biggest thing is change and I know you are right thanks again .

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