In need of relationship reading please if you have time

  • Hi there,

    Thanks for reading

    Recently I met up with someone I knew 30years ago, totally unexpectant.

    He has been quick to come visit me, take me out on dates etc. Point is, I am afraid I am reading more into it because of past feelings.

    Would like to know

    How does he really feel about me?

    Is there hope for this relationship?

    His date of birth 01 Oct 1962

    Mine 04 May 1962

    Thanking you in advance

  • This is fine if you want a sexual relationship but not promising for anything more than that. A love affair here can be highly satisfying, especially physically, and each partner can be excited by the other's attractiveness. There is a mental connection too but this can manifest in critical and dominating aspects to the relationship - giving it an obsessive quality, reducing conscious control, and heightening the pain of separation or breakup. Both of you are highly critical types and your personal and working relationships tend to be unsettled and irregular. Things may go well for a while, but storm clouds will inevitably gather and lightning will flash. There is a risk of the two of you running away from your pressing problems through this relationship and, if it became a habit, it may reflect a refusal to confront emotions and be honest about them (a notable trait in your old friend's nature).You Angelhearts may experience frustration at being unable to reach him at a deep level. Your friend does not like anything too serious and will disappear if the relationship goes too far or hits a snag. The relationship's lack of emotional honesty however may be its biggest drawback and what ultimately may prevent it from being meaningful or longlasting.

  • The Captain,

    Thank you for your time. Your reading just confirm what I felt in my gut.

    Thought it might be my imagination.

    Thanks again

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