Astra how are you?

  • Astra,

    There is a divorce in my past and there was another woman in that situation, but that is long past and has nothing to do with L. L and I have only been involved for about 2.5 years. There have never been any other women involved. In fact I still don't think there is. No worries about not being able to keep it straight. You have lots of people asking about relationships and we have wandered all over the place in our topics. I have always found or conversations interesting and thought provoking, whether they were about him or not. And your readings have always been helpful and spot on. They have gotten me though many a bad day and for that I will always be grateful.

    BYW he has come back into the scene. I ran into him in a pub last weekend. My son and I were there and he came in. He was very surprised to see us and was clearly a bit unnerved at first. We had a casual “ Hi how are you?” chat and then he went off to the bar. He came back and few minutes later and asked to join us. He did and the three of us chatted for a bit longer. Then my son and I left. He texed me and told me he was glad he got over feeling weird and sat down with us and that it was very good to see me. Then he texted me again and asked if I was on my way home. I did not notice that text so did not answer. 20 minutes later he followed it up with a “?”. I got that one and responded. He wanted me to meet him so I did. We spent an hour together, just casual chatting, no relationship talk. Then I had another place I needed to be so I had to go. He gave me a hug, very tight and longer than needed, and I left. We have had a few casual email exchanges since then. No talk of getting together again. It was clear from his actions and body language that he still has some feeling for me. Whether or not he will act on those feelings is still unclear. So the saga continues…

    love and light


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