Astra how are you?

  • What kind of bike does he ride? I am shopping around for one myself. Used to ride when I was younger. (Like 40 years ago haha). Was looking at a Harley, and the BMW's. Just curious.

  • He has a Harley and a Ducati. Sometimes he takes me on the Harley (which I love) but only one person can ride the Ducati. That is is favorite one. he loves it more than he loves anything else in this world! He has a good friend out there in your town who rides Harley's with him.

  • Okay those are great bikes...

    Hey I had another thought I wanted to share about that 8 pentacles (past) and 3 pent (future). I think the pentacles really represent life in total. Not just "physical" things. We wake up in the morning and step into Pentacles. Cups and wands and swords are aspects of the Pentacle experience that we can life. So pentacles in a reading could very well be speaking of everything all together, setting, mood, thoughts, path... all of it.

    So, assuming that, the change from an 8 to a 3 shows a kind of "scaling back" on the relationship to a less developed level is all. Funny, I went to Starbucks this afternoon and was thinking about you and that reading... and this all occurred to me.

    So, what could be happening is that you two were trying to live out an "8" pentacle relationship which is very well developed, just short of total commitment and fulfillment at the 9. Bob is feeling that 9 coming and he is like. "Woah... not sure I am ready!" So Bob then retreats back to a 3 which is not quite at a dependable (4). 3's are safe places for relationships. Light and fun (or should be) and there is not any commitment (4). So i think he is trying to get to a less developed place and unfortunately he could be sort of in a panic mode and wants to "end" the relationship, however deep down I think he is saying, "sadsag, I just need to scale this back down... sorry". The way it came though is, "I want to end it."

    What could be happening is that he was trying to walk out a more developed level of relationship however he felt he was having to act it out too much... some pressure to perform perhaps... and he becomes aware that he is not himself, authentic, and he runs back to a place that he knows who he is. A 3 pentacles. They both work though. 3's and 8's are very similar.

    Anyway, I wanted to share that. It may sound too esoteric. The numbers are very significant though, so when I saw that 8 > 3 transition I started to see it as a scaling back and not ending.

    I mean, ending we would have seen Death or something, right? (I see good things in death too though, so I may still have worked up some positive spin on that haha).

    I will have to take another look at the Harleys.... in the off chance I find someone who would like to ride on the back with me. Hope springs eternal.

  • Astra,

    I understand what you are saying. I'll have to think about it. I think, or at least he says, that what he wants is the whole commitment. He says he loves being with me but cannot make that commitment. His little voice is telling him not too. I think that little voice is fear. Anyway, we do very well at that 3 level. It is great and he says we could go on like that forever but he is "wasting my time" because he cannot take it any further. And I think he feels like he is wasting his time since what he really wants is total commitment. I don’t think he will ever have that unless he deals with his fear. First he has to recognize that is what it is. He thinks he just does not love me enough. Perhaps that is true…

    I have made a bold move and told him I want to talk. I just can’t sit back and wait for him again. I will lay it on the line for him, what I think, how it looks from my perspective, how I feel. He won’t believe it. He can’t see it at all and is probably not ready to hear it. It likely will not change the outcome but at least I will have had my say.

    I am a bit biased towards Harleys. I like them. My dad had one when I was very little. My parents met because my mom saw him and wanted a ride. I guess it is in my blood. You get your Harley and I will ride with you 


  • Astra,

    Clearly I am preoccupied today and not getting much work done. I went to ifate and did a spread around our upcoming meeting to talk this over again. Here is what I got. Very interesting I think.

    Perfect vision: death inverted

    True vision: 10 wands inverted

    During the night: 6 cups

    My emotions: 3 of pentacles

    Opposition: 7 of wands inverted

    The outcome: 10 of pentacles

    I think it is interesting that so many of the same cards showed up.


  • bumping this up. Astra did you look at the cards I drew in the above message. Would love to hear what you think.

  • Oh hey sadsag

    Yes I saw that and also thought it interesting that some of the same cards showed again.

    Let's see what we can see... I am not quite sure what the terms are referring to, as in Perfect vision, true vision however the cards all speak for themselves.

    Let's put them all together and see how they relate. This reading was pertaining to your upcoming meeting with him, so we will keep that in mind as we go along...

    Death (r) with the 10 of wands sounds like a one path is ending and another is definitely beginning. I tend to see the 10's as gateway cards, they fulfill one phase and point to a new beginning at the same time. So in wands, this is path, story, role, identity concerns.

    Then the 6 cups is very nice flowing, emotional conditions so this 10 wand course development is a love or emotional matter and I want to say that the "New" path is more toward a very beautiful and flowing emotional state for you.

    Then the 3 of Pentacles (we saw that before) and this is a "3 level" of life which is very youthful and growing at an early stage. So this new emotional flowing condition (6C) is also a nicely "working" life situation, in other words the love/emotional path is real, tangible and somewhat new/young in its physical expression.

    Opposition is the 7 wands, 7's are divine interests, could be heavenward, god, magic, or simply fantasies and imagination in path/role/purpose. So the only opposition is getting too dreamy/mystical and spiritual in this matter. The advice seems to be to leave that out (with him in this meeting) and focus on you and him and avoid too much path speculations, where are we going, what are our plans and such. I would stay focused on the moment, the here and now, and let the pondering and imagination be your own, not necessarily involve him (during this meeting).

    Outcome is 10 pentacles which is a solid, working life situation result, with a hint of new material setting. So this sounds like the meeting ends with a solid life setting/situation development, that is very mature and also points toward possible new directions in the way your life setting is expressing itself. This sounds like an offer or door opens physically that is a precursor to even more to come.

    No swords show so that says that this should be a very light, nice mostly wands and pentacles so the emphasis seems to be on the physical life (practical concerns) along with path/role concerns. (With the advice to not get too dreamy or spiritually focused in the mtg, the important wands is 10 which is "what we have is working great and we can expect more nice things to happen).

    I think there is a sense here to not go into the meeting with a "what is wrong death and how can we fix it (7 wands pondering) I think the mtg will be very light and wonderful and some laughs and fun! This ends on a VERY positive note with the 10 pentacles and I would expect some nice affections being expressed, kisses and hugs and very warm atmosphere. I see this as a great meeting for you and him and could very well show a turning point for the two of you. (2 tens in the reading are strong indicators of fulfillment and happiness as well as pointing toward even more opportunities in the relationship to come.)

    I believe you are in for an extremely positive experience here! The "death" card at the beginning seems to be a sign to expect a real transformation in the relationship! Going from an earlier "mode" that had some issues, toward something very nice and new and perhaps unexpected in its quality and style! Yippee!


    P.S. I went to the Harley shop today here in Spokane and looked over the bikes some more, they are really well made, solid and USA made. Although now the weather isn't exactly the best for motorbiking! We just got snow over here. Your side of the state probably not like that so the bikes can probably be used year round more. Would love to give you that ride should I end up with a Harley! (the bigger BMW's are great touring bikes too. Still comparing.)

  • Hi Astra,

    Thanks for looking at that. i thought it sounded much like what your reading said. It all sounds very positive but of course I have a hard time believing it. I know last fall your readings all pointed to his internal processing and our reconciliation, and you were right. that gives me a bit of hope but he needs to make some real changes and I am just not sure that will happen.

    anyway it may all be a moot point now. I cancelled the meeting. I told him that I don't really have anything to say to him and that is true. i would just be saying the same things I said before which he cannot hear right now. His "little voice" of fear is just too loud for him to hear anything else. So he wrote back again apologizing for hurting me blah blah blah. My response was "whatever". Can you tell I was a bit angry yesterday? Oh well. He has to come to this on his own. I can't force him. He will either contact me again or he won't. If he does it will be a while because he is very slow to process his feelings. He moves at a glacial pace (excepts on his bikes!) The truth is that he needs to go and work with a counselor and try to get at what ever is blocking him. He will never do that so things will never change. He may go on and find someone else and very likely find the same block. Perhaps then he will recognize that I am correct, but probably not.

    I don't know much about BMW's. A friend of his bought one last summer and it really was big. It looked very comfortable. Comfort is not what L looks for in a bike. Speed and style is what he is about. His bikes are very pretty and he rides very fast. He has been riding since he was a child so he is a very capable rider. I have a soft spot for Harley's myself but like the classic look. No choppers or high handlebars or that kind of thing. That is just silly in my mind. We don't have any snow here but it is cold. L does not ride when the weather is cold or wet (even though he has this great heated shirt that plugs into the battery) but lots of other people ride all year. I am always surprised to see guys riding in the cold rain. I prefer the warm dry weather myself. So motorbike season is done for now, perhaps forever for me 😞 You have the winter to look at all of them and make a decision. That can be fun, all of the window shopping and dreaming. Then next spring we will go riding!


  • Hey sadsag I was a little "sad" to see that you cancelled that meet up with him. I could feel his heart a little let down. You sure you dont want to reconsider and let him know that you would like to do it?

    8 of Cups, that is certainly picking up on some emotional intensity here. 8's are expansive and inviting and wanting to take things to another level. Pursuing, chasing, willing to walk miles to get there. I dunno.. sometimes we think its the other person who has the challenges and that could be our own selves projecting.

    I have been getting that with you to be honest... that while you seem to feel that it is him who needs to get his act together... that perhaps there is just the teeniest tiniest part of you that is also trying to work through something? He could really help you there.

    Come on sadsag... go for it... call him back... tell him you do want to meet.

    tell you what. You tell me what time the meet up is and I will be there in spirit making sure it goes well. I can teleport over there and sit at a nearby table at the restaurant or where ever you are meeting and throw pixie dust on the table while u two are eating ice cream and peach pie.

    I am sure it would be really sweet.

    Have faith.

  • Hi Astra,

    Honestly I hope his heart is a little bet let down! Mine is a lot let down and not for the first time because of him. I don’t have much sympathy for him. I know this was not easy for him, I don’t think it is what he really wants to do and yet he has done it twice! That being said, I have second guessed myself all day. I just know that he has his mind made up right now. He is convinced this is the right thing to do. I don't feel that way but he already knows that. I don't know what else to say to him. I really don't. I can come up with all kinds of very rational arguments but they seem to fall on deaf ears. The frustrating part is that he struggled through this decision by himself, just like that last time. If he had told me about his doubts earlier, before he made up his mind, then I might have been able to do something. Right now it feels like a waste of my time to even try. I did that the last time and it got me nowhere. He will be very sweet and will let me talk but we will just go round and round. He is convinced that he has to listen to his little voice. I know that voice is in his head and not in his heart but he does not see it that way.

    I made several suggestions of things to do rather than call it quits. He shut me down on every one. He was very clear that he is not willing/able to take our relationship to the next step. He said he should be there by now but just isn't so he needs to let me go and stop wasting my time. He just kept saying that he loves me but not enough to go further. So how do you argue with that? Why would I even want to be with someone who says he does not love me enough? That is the question for me now. Why do I even want him when he so clearly does not want to be with me?

    I hear what you are saying about it possibly being me. I am usually pretty good at speaking my mind and expressing my feelings. For some reason he has always made that difficult for me. He has a wall up that makes it difficult to talk about feelings. In fact, he admitted that. Said he has been the one to shut out the intimacy that we should have. He has not allowed it. That is the step he is unwilling to take. I am willing but I did not push him on it. On the few occasions when we have talked feelings I don’t have any trouble telling him. In fact after he told me he loved me, about a month ago, I felt much better about it but when I said something recently he just brushed me off and minimized my feelings. I am willing to own that I did not push him, I just let him take the lead allowing him the space he seemed to need. That may well have been a mistake but it is too late now. Now it feels more like groveling.

    I may contact him again but I need a bit of separation right now. I am just not sure that I want to chase after someone who does not want me. That is certainly my struggle but I have put my heart on the line twice for him and twice he has broken it. I am having a really hard time mustering up the nerve to ask him yet again to change his mind. I can only take so much rejection and right now I am sure rejection is what I will get. So perhaps it is best to just cut my loses and walk away. I know right now I am angry and that is not the best place to be to talk with him. I will make things worse. What he wants from me right now is forgiveness for hurting me so that he can feel better. That is not what I am feeling so not talking to him is probably best.

    Of course that may all be different in the morning! My feelings are quite changeable right now. If I do change my mind, or hear from him I will certainly let you know. I would be happy to have your positive energy supporting us. We certainly will need it! We don't have much else going for us right now. thanks for being your usual supportive sweet self.


  • Hi Astra,

    I just wanted to come on and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you are spending the day surrounded by people you love. I am spending the day with my kids and my surrogate kids. I have lots of them 🙂

    I did get a nice note from L yesterday wishing me a happy holiday and once again telling me he misses me and is happy to have met me, blah blah blah. I have to admit it is much earlier than I expected to hear from him. Oh well, it changes nothing. But I am putting it all aside today and enjoying my time with people who love me and want to have me in their lives.

    Again, Ii hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy the feast!


  • Astra,

    Happy Holidays! I hope you are well. I have not seen you on here for a while now. I hope you are okay. I miss you! I value your readings immensely but I also value your friendship. i am waiting to here if you bought that motorcycle 🙂

    Nothing but darkness and rain over here on this side of the mountains. i am getting really tired of it and it is not helping my mood. But the days are now getting longer and soon the sun will shine again.

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year.


  • Astra you're back! 🙂 Yay. I hope you had a good holiday. It was gloomy over here both outside and inside 😞 I had my boys with me as usual and friends but my heart is still smarting. Nothing new there i guess. It seems to be my fate these past few years. No word from L. Well that is not strictly true. He did text me the day after xmas. Saw a car like mine and it made him think of me fondly. How nice for him. I don't expect to hear anything else.

    If you feel like pulling some cards to see what might be going on in my life and where it is headed that would be cool. I don't have any specific questions right now. I am kind of just floating, not moving in a specific direction. I just love your reading no matter what they say!


  • Hey sadsag

    Yes holidays nice, okay on yours... cold and snow over on this side of the state, this winter the snow is sticking around, lots of slipping and sliding on the roads yee haw...

    let's see about what is going on with you...

    I drew a Celtic Cross on you and overall it looks very nice! Not one sword in the whole thing, so you are living out a very positive and enthusiastic life path right now. Nice balance, cups, pentacles and wands...

    Situation - High Priestess - Crossed by the 2 of cups = So right now you are in a nice place, sorta at peace with everything, the High Priestess can also be connected to travel and some business dealings, so that could be developing. The crossing card shows what you would LIKE to have painted on her, she is a blank white card so the 2 cups is your deepest desire right now, a relationship. Love, something NICE.

    Above, the 4 of pentacles - this is more where your head is at. Material stability, financial security seems to be something you are thinking a lot about. That is not really your heart though, your heart is over in a drifty mystery land of angels and heaven and misty places swirling around love... that is where you really want to be. The material issues are just something you occupy yourself with while you are awaiting that 2 cups.

    Below, foundation, background to your life right now. is the Hanged Man. So this sense of being "stuck" and immovable, suspended in life, marks a kind of theme for you. A lot of reflection, a lot of gazing into the water, pondering life's twists and turns seems to be something you enjoy, and this is a foundation for the heart, so the "hanged man" could in fact be a symbol that you are using to represent this ideal companion for you. A person who is off in the clouds like you... a match for the windy days... suspended animation... that is your man.... you are looking for a mystery man I think... that is your ideal mate. That is who is out there for you.

    Behind, fading influence... Page of Wands - some sort of message recently, given or received that you are still thinking about. This may be something subconscious. Messages, a path risk was taken, something you did recently, was something new for you, a new experiment, a new role or effort that you wanted to try. Something out of doors it was. Has some connection to that hanged man, so like... a trip was taken to a new park or setting, mountains. Something back there about mountains and this man of your dreams... Outside is important to you.

    Approaching... the Fool, so something soon that you will be taking some sort of risk in. A step, leap of faith, and it is something you have been thinking about. Must be emotional in nature. A new setting of some sort a physical change of location maybe. Could be a trip or journey that takes you somewhere to reflect. a retreat maybe would be good.

    Then the future environment this "fool" takes you to. The 5 of Pentacles is this out doors place, and it is a drmatic change from where you are. Could be the water, an ocean. a place where there are places where you can get away and just gaze out to sea... and feel the arms of this man around you. That is what is trying to develop for you... you want to take a trip of some sort with this "mystery man"... That is very strong with you.

    The 4 of pentacles above you, that is a "security blanket" that you hold to. It is where your mind "lives", sort of hiding from where you REALLY want to go, which is running off with someone, escaping into love, that is where your heart is taking you.

    That is where you are heading. It doesn't matter what your head says, it will try to convince you that none of this is possible, that love can't come, that life is going to be more of the same on and on and on.. haha... the mind has NO grasp of the realm of the heart, of love and all of that mystery, where relationships come to pass so easily, and beautifully. A big part of your life is letting go of the arguments, and the way the intellect tries to "comprehend" life. So while your mind has done a pretty good job of making certain that the basic needs are taken care of and that there is security, and that all of the bills are paid... that isn't really where you are heading.

    Sadsag... you are about to "step out of the boat" as they say. This is going to come soon, you are not really going to be totally prepared. When that opportunity comes... you MUST take it. Don't reason with it. when the invitation comes, you MUST simply say yes and jump off the cliff... do that and the rest of your days will be in the arms of true love.

    The outer influences... this is the "setting" around you... the 9 of wands... that is the prison, the place that seems to be there trying to keep you from living this romance life you long to live. It isn't real. Whatever thoughts you have ever had about yourself, any limitation at all, any reason that you can't, that you must not, that it is impossible, that you would be a fool to do it... none of that is real. Those are "ghost images" of the mind, shadows... they may feel real... they are not real. This wall is an imaginary one. the reality is you can live ANY DREAM YOU CHOOSE. The rest, the setting and people and situations that speak otherwise... are ghosts... fabrications... not real.

    Paradoxically, this Mystery Man that you love, though now he is little more than an angel to you, is more real than you can ever know. How amazing that the places we see that look real are fantasy... and our fantasies are the real!

    Then the hopes and concerns, the Knight of Pentacles. This is the ticket out of there. This is the horse that Sagittarius rides and you were made to MOVE and not be still. You are meant to chase love, and to be chased by love. That is all you live for. The rest, the "real life" of practical concerns, is not the real you. That is something your mind created as a womb, while you wait for the fantasy to come true, this movement is your life. This Knight is soon to appear and you will be invited, or there will be some sort of opportunity that marks your emergence from this shadow world.

    Outcome = King of Cups. See? This is where you are now heading. This is your Lover, this is your dream life come to pass, can you believe it? Oh your mind is going to try and argue you away from it. You know why? Because you will have to leave your mind behind. You will have to leave whatever security zone you presently enjoy. This will be a trip, a journey, a new environment, and it will not be ANYthing like the present place you are in.

    Nothing less will work for you. Your life is primed for a step of faith that even the angels above wil be so impressed by. It is where you have charted your course ever since you were young. You have thought your life was a little "sad" at times... guess what? That was needed, to insulate you from the glory, the grandeur of love about to appear for you.

    Sadsag... your life is about to change dramatically, in ways I can't even find words to describe. You will find LOVE soon, very soon, you will find PASSION very soon... the likes of which there is not any way to express.

    All of that is the High Priestess and the Two of Cups... that is your heart... that is the real you. Everything else... everything you have ever thought was you... now melts away... and YOU WILL FIND LOVE and it will be something so beautiful for you...

    There... that is your reading... might be coming? Might be? Might?

    There is no "might be"...

    There is only...

    WILL BE.

  • Astra.

    You are amazing as unusual. And you are quite the romantic too. I wonder if anyone else would have read the cards the way you do. You always put such a positive romantic slant on it. I am not complaining. I always like to have something good to look forward to. You certainly have given me that. Thank you.

    And you are on the mark too. My head is definitely telling me to stay right here in reality, right where I know everything that is happening and can happen. But my heart, my ever hopeful heart is out there in lala land believing in something that my head has given up on. I am taking a trip soon, to Hawaii. I am going with girl friend. Going with the King of Cups would be lovely indeed but that is not the plan. Still it will be nice to be outdoors and contemplate nature for a bit. I do feel a strong need to get away. I have not had a vacation in 3 years and that is unheard of for a sag. Time to go feed my soul for a week. The trip is not until April so still a way off but that is fine. It is something to look forward to.

    And I have been working on the practical side of life. Working on my house so I can rent out my basement as a studio. That will help so much with a bit of financial security. Know anyone over here who needs to rent a place? Of course my son is still living there at them moment but he plans to move out this spring.

    I will have to ponder this reading a bit. I can't think of a recent message unless you mean the useless one from L. I don't think that is it. Course it could be since it is a fading message and he is certainly that. Fading back into history.

    Thanks Astra. You always give me something to think about and it is always positive. I love your readings, always have since the very first one you gave me. I think you told me you could tell I had myself together or something like that! As usual I wish there was something I could do for you in return.

    Can I ask another favor? My friend Yummybrummy is having a tough time right now. Lots of jog stress and a little bit of man stress. Mostly its the job though. can you do a reading for her. i know she reads my thread so she will see it. she needs some hope too!

    Thanks Astra. You are my very very very best friend on the east side 🙂


  • Hi sadsag

    Yeah, diehard romantic, can't help it. Reality is too much to take sometimes, so romantics like to create dream places where anything is possible. The amazing thing is that whoever wants to be a part of that fantasy and watch it come to pass just board the same train and we all go to the same place... heaven... where every dream comes true! All aboard hah!

    Okay well I would say my whole family could use that basement as the money here is drying up and the mother is working her tail off trying to pay the bills and I am without work and can't find anything over here yet. We are moving the end of this month and don't know where we are going to go. I keep joking with her that we could just live in a tent and camp out, and it may come to that.

    Okay on the Hawaii trip wow does that sound nice, there is not a day that passes that I am not pleading with the Universe for at least a getaway to a beach for a while. I am not doing so great with this winter the snow is on the ground deep and not going anywhere. I am from Georgia for crying out loud... how did I end up here?

    Okay, this is for YummyBrummy...

    Situation - 10 of Wands - Yummy, you are wanded out totally at present, which is total path concerns, like which way, what now, do I go back, or move ahead, and that has your head spinning.

    Crossing you is the High Priestess so that is moderating your concerns. Good thing as she is the card of mystery so the word here is that there is some reason that all of this is happening, and you will soon see WHY it had to go this way. So let this card help you, it would be a good one to meditate on.

    The High Priestess is also a card of travel and business, commerce, and such, so it could be that you are being prepared for a new path that has you doing some traveling. I say that because up top in your thoughts is the 2 of pentacles, so you are thinking about moving, relocating somewhere maybe the grass really IS greener over there. Why not go and find out?

    Below is the Lovers, so that shows a background of love issues being very important somehow at present. Something has happened in your life that has you remembering things from back there related to love, and that is connected to the path concerns you have. Like, "I don't want to repeat that, and I will move if I have to" seems to be the thrust of that at the moment.

    Past, fading away is the Tower, so you experienced the collapse of something you depended on greatly, and that left you in this 10 wand WHAT NOW? mode...

    Approaching, is the Queen of Pentacles, so this is GREAT card of material provision and accomplishment, so I think it could be that you are looking at some sort of move or physical location change, as the 2 of pentacles is sort of hidden in the Queen of Cups. There is some sort of physical change for you that leads into work, employment, income. It takes care of needs quite well.

    Then, an environment you are stepping into as that Queen is the Hierophant, so a time in your life where you are getting established in your views, some how your philospophy of life has come under seige lately, and you are searching for some answers in some of the tough questions about life. It is really a search for God or something divine, I think. soul searching, I think this new materially nice place for you provides you with some comfort and relaxes your mind so that you can finally do some of the meditation and deeper work that you love to do, without agonizing over the basic life needs.

    Then an outer influence is the King of Wands, so there is a person of interest appearing connected to this soul searching you are going to be doing... you could meet someone at a setting where all of you are searching for the same thing. "Oh wow, you are here?" I hear you asking... someone. could be a man from your past? DO you know a King of Wands? Whoever he is steps into your life here,and as he is next to this Hierophant card, he is very spiritual or searching just like you... so you two will search together. A companion to ask the same questions one to another, and he will have answers that you never dreamed possible... and you will have answers for him that he never thought of before... and the two of you will be complete, each one's questions answered by the other. I see you two as the "Lewis and Clark" of the Heavenly love search 🙂 This is something ... someone you have longed for...

    Hopes and concerns... 8 of Cups... this is your deepest cup card, this goes deep in you. THe 8 is all about developments, expansive and growing love. And this card tells me that more than anything you long for that kind of love with someone, that grows and grows and ever stops. You have had experiences in relationships where the love stops growing, and grows stagnant and that is a concern for you. The good news is that this need will be met (the King of Wands) and that you will never have to be concerned about that ever again, your love life will simply keep growing and growing becoming more and more beautiful over time!

    And the final outcome card - The 10 of Swords - now, before you freak out, take deep breath. All this card indicates is a lot of deep though in some area of your life, and in this case I think the Universe is giving you a sort of "heads up" that there will soon come some developments in your life, both in work and in love, that will tend to put your head into overdrive. You will be tempted to think it all through, however the good news is that these situations have already been prepared for you and you can trust that the steps will be ordered for you... so relax your mind and let Spirit guide you, your heart, the High Priestess should be your example here. So the 10 of Swords is giving you some advance notice to not be surprised if you find yourself really thinking a lot about life situations, and that when you do remember that secrets - mystery - are your strength. Trust that in areas where you can't figure it all out... that is exactly where you are being placed so that you can discover what an amazing resource you have in the Universe to help you when you don't even know what form that help looks like!

    Okay, Yummybrummy I hope that gave you something! I see exciting developments soon, this is all happening for a reason you'll see why soon.

    Blessings to you both!


    P.S. sadsag I still want to get a motorcycle, I sorta put my search on hold as I don't see too many people riding bikes over here right now on ice roads, however one of these days, I want to take a trip that way. On a Harley! Or whatever I end up getting, something decent... Harley or Victory bikes they are cool too... 🙂

  • Hi Sadsag and thank you very much for your request and unselfish (as usual) thoughts 🙂

    Wow Astra, you are so on the ball. I can't begin to emphasise the problems I'm having on the work front, it's very tense and my nerves are shot to pieces. You hit the nail on the head mentioning my turmoil of whether to move or not....

    A brief summary is 3 years ago I moved to Dubai from UK (although had a brief interlude in Egypt prior to Dubai) and my current employer has for some unknown reason turned hostile towards me, which I can't fathom as we used to be fairly good friends for the last 3 years. My residence visa is due to be renewed next month and I haven't yet been approached to hand over my passport and no arrangements have been made for my medical, so I'm panicking to say the least that my visa won't be renewed. I hate my job with a passion but cannot afford to be without it and out here there is no safety net - if you're not earning and you have no savings then you have no option but to leave. My quandry is WHERE to move to. I'm applying to all different jobs around the world but to no avail. My sinking gut feeling is that I shall have to move back to UK which to me is a totally backward step as I haven't really achieved anything living out here.

    I've felt stuck between a rock and a hard place and my mind is mithered with 'what to do, what to do?' I don't wish to admit defeat and feel a failure moving back to UK but at least there I could perhaps find temporary work to cover me until I find something permanent seeing as I'm legal to work there.

    Astra, dare I hope that your wonderful and uplifting reading will happen. Am quite happy to put the 'love' situation on back boiler as my main concern is securing a decent job, however it would be nice for that knight in shining armour to race up to me on his trusty steed 🙂

    I so hope this is all going to happen imminently and want to offer you many thanks again Astra for taking your valuable time doing my reading. I shall keep you posted of future events.

    I also hope that you manage to sort out your circumstances and that you won't end up living in a tent 😉 You're a lovely man Astra and I really wish the best for you. AAGGHH WHY is life sooooooo difficult?

    Take care. Love, light and blessings

    YB x

  • Oh Astra,

    I am sad to hear that you have not found work. I thought perhaps you did since I had not heard anything about it recently. That is hard. I wish i could help in some way. I will ask my son again about this company. They seem to be hiring all the time these days. The job market is getting better here, bit by bit. Are you thinking of moving out of the area? Back to GA? West of the mountains? It is expensive to live here but if you live outside of the city it is not bad. Of course I live here in the city where it is very expensive, hence renting out my basement.

    The trip to Hawaii is a huge treat and probably not wise but oh well. I have been saving for a vacation and I rally want to go somewhere warm and sunny this spring. Spring really gets to me her when the cold and wet drags on. Like you, i was raised to VA where it is warm by April. July is way to long to wait for some sun. The plan was to go with L. but obviously that is not happening. It would have been fun but alas I think that relationship is in the past. I need to let go of it. Easier said than done but I am working on it. Having a fun trip to look forward to will help.

    I am glad that you have not given up on the motorcycle but this really is not the time of year for riding them. Particularly where you are. i do still see a few around here but I think those people are crazy. My son is talking about buying one this summer. Again, L was going to help him (blast his chicken sh!t hide) but again, not happening. i hope that means the idea will die because i really don't want him riding one. the city is the worst place to ride a motorcycle. They are for the open road, not traffic. Much as I love them the mother in me objects to him having one.

    Thanks for the reading for Yummybrummy. She will be happy to read it. Perhaps it will give her a bit of hope. We have been a couple of very sad sagies lately, crying to each other via email. We sagies don't handle unhappiness very well. It goes against our nature. I hope that everything you told her, and me for that matter manifests very soon. I have absolute faith in your abilities so I will be watching for my King to come along. You were actually pretty right on about L all the way through. Sadly he just has too much fear i think. I sometimes wish I had gone ahead and had that conversation with him but really it would have done no good. He is following his head and the fear that tells him to run and not listening to his heart. It breaks my heart but life is like that sometimes. We don't always get what we want 😞

    Hang in there my friend. I will send lots of love and light and abundance manifesting energy your way. Stay in touch or I will worry about you. You have my other email if you need it.


  • Hey yummy,

    I ran some more cards and got something for a location - Spanish speaking country - the word "HOLA" was spelled out in the reading, and also a strong phonetics for "JOBS" so I would encourage you to take a closer look at our spanish speaking neighbors for good job possibilities for you. Just a thought.

    sadsag - thanks for your nice words, I am not concerned about the "job" thing, it'll work out, or I will be a gypsy haha...

    Also sadsag, you totally have a guy entering your life, I did another celtic cross and got the same things again, a King swords leading to a Knight Cups and 3 cups as outcome, so the general sense I have with your life right now is that something is changing for sure (wheel) and the Sun... may not be L as there is an Ace cup fading... stay open stay open to other possibilities, we become so attached to the physical person and forget that Love (L) is really an internal affair with Spirit. Allowing the Universe to bring the right "package" is up to them... I think we cling to people thinking that the person is the love when it is really a spiritual relationship primarily.

    The world would be a much calmer place if we could let go of the person and stay focused on the spirit (love) behind all things. Human beings are strong "association" beings, in other words, we associate one thing with another, and that determines our reality. We can always re-associate with something else though. That is a learning process.

    WE saw a fool card in the other spread and that is trust, implies a new step of faith. There was a KNight - king in that spread too, same as this one. So the spreads build on each other, you keep laying them out over a period of days you should get a pretty good picture of what is developing. In your case I want to say a new love coming.

    It has been known ...on very very rare occasions mind you... that something can happen in our life that is unexpected. ...Extremely rare ...however it has been know to occasionally happen. I think it happened to one person in India back in 1865 was the last time.

    Why not be open to that very slim possibility of NEW entering that was something you couldn't forsee? You could be the next rare event of something unexpected happening to someone.


  • Astra,

    How sweet of you to do another spread. It is interesting that they are so similar. I am trying to be open. I am just feeling so defeated in that part of my life. Like Yummy I feel so stuck. I am working as hard as I can to let go of L. I am making progress but it is slow and difficult work. I do tend to be the type who holds on. But I know that it is in the past and it will not resurrect this time. He just left such a hole in my life and I am plagued by the memories. They just arise out of no where and push me off balance. But it is better. Progress is being made, slowly but surely. As with all events like this, it is the loss of the possibilities that is hard. Not only the things we shared but the future we could have shared. But that is the romantic in me. In reality we had no future a all because he is not capable of it. That future was all in my head and my heart. he wants it but can't do it and therefore it is not to be. It is very sad for both of us actually.

    So I will try to be open to new possibilities. I know it is possible, it has happened before. At the moment it just seems so unlikely. I know that is just my head putting up roadblocks and keeping me stuck. For better or for worse I have been known to be stubborn now and then and right now it is not serving me well. And yes, we are creatures of association and we do not change easily, at least i don't. Just more stuff for me to work on.

    So I will keep your words in mind as I work on letting go of the past. Of a relationship that no longer serves me. I will be grateful for the joy that he brought to my life and wish him well in his journey. At least i will keep trying to do that 😉

    Thanks you again for your support and kindness. You do have a gift and it touches me.


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