Why did my reader feel his energy?

  • I have a question for the psychics out there....I had a reading a few days ago and the psychic kept getting up and going to the window, looking out, very haunting....the view is just desert and mountains. She finally said that she was feeling my ex's energy and that he felt very confused, like he was trying to figure things out. This ex and I have had a very strong connection for over 30 years, we haven't been able to see each other or communicate for over a year and I have felt it was finally over. Do any of you know what would make her feel this energy at this time, how she would know it was him in particular and what this energy would have been trying to get across? I have really been bothered by this every since it happened and I am hoping someone has some insight into the him or the situation. Thanks so very much and bless you all.

  • Did you tell her about your ex before she mentioned him? And did she name him?

  • Also, do you want him back?

  • Yes, she has known about Bill since she has been reading for me. I would take him back under different circumstances....the reading wasn't supposed to be about him and I though but it turned to be partly about him....I have been under the impression we were completely over this time.

  • Did she say she knew why Bill was confused - was it about you? It could have just been a bad day at work for him, for example.

  • What she said was she felt a movement, like he was searching, confused, trying to figure things out. She said it was very strong and it had never happened to her before. I got the feeling she didn't quite know what to make of it either. I guess I am wondering how you know it was him rather than, say my deceased brother or someone else....I am not psychic so I don't really understand how you distinguish that. And yes, I supposed it didn't need to be about me, I just assumed that....any thoughts from your end?

  • Well, there are many ways the psychic could have told it was Bill - she could be clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient (meaning she hears, sees or feels things) depending on what particular ability she has. It sounds like psychic feeling to me. You need to press her for more info next time she gets an impression of Bill - try to find out why he is feeling that way. It may have just been she picked up on him at a time when he was bothered by work or other issues and was perhaps just a temporary thing. I don't feel it was about you in particular - just an overall revision of his life, to date.

  • Thanks for your insight...it is much appreciated.

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