Re,Any cancerians finding their old life is being replaced by a new one

  • Hello everyone,

    I want to thank everyone that posted on my topic,

    it was my first !!

    I can't tell you how reading all your posts,has helped me,THANK YOU !

    My little cat of 16 yrs sadly had to be put to sleep a few weeks ago, he was like my "fur child" as i am unable to have children, so that did take me lower than i ever knew possible,

    but on reading all your lovely posts, it has helped me, i really did think i was going mad, thought i must be evil for friends to drop off the face of the earth, that i had for many yrs, i thought of my friends as my family, as i only have one niece in the USA,

    had told one friend i was abused from the age of 3 till 15 and that is why i have had to have 30 operations on my tummy,she then told everyone we knew, and even tho i always looked after their children weekends, so they could have a rest, i was told not to go near ANY of them or the family again,

    i would NEVER hurt an ant let alone put the same pain onto a child as i had,

    so..followed by other sad situations,

    I'm lucky i don't feel lonely, just alone,

    Operations not going as planned,having two men hold me by gun point,all but one friend has gone,for the most insane reasonsmuch more, drama,drama,drama,

    I wanted to say good bye to all this pain physically and mentally,i am not one to talk about how i feel, i am usually the one that others come to, and i always pick myself up brush myself down and get on with life,

    past months i can't do that....

    i feel all the people that opened up and shared their lives with me on here, new faceless friends,(as we cant see what we all look like)

    but you ALL have helped me, i have tried meditation, and couldn't get the hang of it, but i AM going to try again,until i get there,

    bless you all,my fellow crabs

    You will never know how you have helped me,to believe life will get better, i know one door opens as one closes, just can't find the door at the moment, but i am sure i will.soon.

    again, God bless you all, Gabi xxx

  • Hi gabi I'm an Aries but with cancer rising i think i'm more crab than ram most of the time! I havent read all of your posts as i have just come across this one however i know how this eclipse is going to affect all of us and yes there is going to be big changes for us all!

    I should see the dropping away of people from your life as part of your new life (its happening to me also right now) even those you thought were always there and always would be it may just be a transition turning from caterpilla to butterfly sometimes we just need to shed our skin, of the old ways to begin the new journey.

    I can also identify with the troubles you have on a physical level i am 38 and am unable to have my own children.

    I've always been surounded by animals mostly dogs ,my dog sky is who keeps me going right now. When i was a child i was sexually assaulted and with violence in the family too its taken many years to overcome the feeling of aloneness which still haunt me, i have only last year got out of a violent relationship which was ongoing for 5 years.

    I have met someone i believe to be my soulmate but we cant be together right now bit i'm happy to wait.

    The support on here is amazing and i believe you,i and everyone else will pull through this dark night of the soul soon to find that things have changed for the better.

    I will send you some healing when i meditate later this evening as i practice reiki and hope you can find some calm and peace for the days ahead.

    Blessings to you.


  • Hello Lisa,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to answer me,it seems our lives are more alike ,than i like to mention,

    I am usually the strong one, helping everyone else,but i am going down and feel like a sinking ship, this is not only scarey,but i'm so confused,

    I am in a lot of pain from so many operations on my stomach, so to have mental pain and the physical,its wearing me down,

    i NEVER have wriiten to any forum before,this is my first.

    I havnt been online for a while,but reading your words, and your offer of healing is so kind of you,

    My little cat was my life ,and it was the aniversary of his death on fri, he gave me so much love, i thought i couldnt get another animal, but i did think today,maybe!!

    I am trying to move, well have been trying for over 2 yrs,but nothing as yet, so i should see where i end up, as wouldn't want to have somewhere animals are not allowed,

    animals are so loyal,

    I thought the man i was dating was a good man,but it was just sex for him,i didnt see it, which is unlike me,

    I have now lost all of my friends,just because one heard that i was abused as a child of 3 until i was 15, as they all have children, friends said they would rather i wasnt around them,that killed me inside,i wouldnt even kill the hoards of ants in my garden, and wouldnt ever give anyone the pain i suffered,i feel i want to unzip this body and walk out of it, and find a painfree and happier body,step in and zip it back up!! if only !

    Everything is being chipped away, i understand that and why, but it seems there is never going to be anything to replace all i have lost, i worry about writing too much that i will look and feel weak,so i will close now, bless you for sending me healing,you are very kind,also that you have found your soul mate that you love and he too loves you ,i wish you all the luck and love and light ..God bless Lisa,.xx

  • Hello Gabi & Lisa, You both sound like my soul mates. I'm a cancer, and have had my life turned topsy turvy. It is just not of late, but started exactly 2 1/2 years ago. As with you, I put out more of myself and am always there to help people, but when it comes to me, there is no one. I've had friends, cousins, sister, aunts, uncles, employers stab in the back, short change me. With my friends, I have lent them money, been there for them emotionally, only for them to lie to me. These are friends of 20 odd years. I have now decided not to trust anyone, put myself first always and take it from there. I'm not lonely, just alone. I like my own company very much, and if one day, the man of my dreams comes along, so be it, if not, then I can handle it.

    Gabi, your niece cannot be a very nice person, if she told your firiends about your sexual abuse. It was not for her to tell people, it should have come from you, if you decided to confide in people. You do not need people like her or your so called friends in your life. If they were real friends they would try and empathize with you.

    I'm hoping that one of these days, my luck is going to change, but until then will keep plodding along.

  • Sorry to say this, but I get a strong feeling that this life is settling your Karmic debt. A couple of your past lives you were deeply influenced by someone and did some bad things.

    You will just have to live through this life on the good road that you are on and keep the good heart you have. You don't hurt ants or people and you love animals and this compassion was missing from the last life. It's shocking because you really don't feel you would ever have done that. Warning to you, the person that influenced you will be re-introduced back into your life later on in a different form. One day either a new person or an old friend (with a new personality) will try to tempt you into following them. If you don't want to go through this life after life, you will decline. Sorry that you are going through this.

    Please consider talking to a past life therapist to get this sorted out. Maybe there is some way to get over bad karma.

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