Readings tonight

  • Does anyone want to a spread for spread tonight ... bored would like some practice

  • Actually I would like to participate. If you need practice, I would like a reading done. I have alot going on right now. Im currently unemployed, doing poor in veterinary classes, have drivers license issues, etc.. lol and I also would like to know what I can exprect to see happen in my relationship with my boyfriend. he lives with me and my family right now, he too is looking to truck drive. Im not sure if i want a general reading, or a relationship reading or a combo of both. all of these issues are important to me, especially my relationship since i love him so much and looking forward to spending a life with him. anyway if you like to do a reading on me, feel free to decide how or what kind of reading you would like to try. i do readings myself as well, however if i do a reading I wouldnt be able to do so til after 10pm tonight, since im in class right now lol 🙂

  • i can do the reading for you and then when you get a chance and don't mind you can choose to do the reading for me. My question is where is the libra girl in regards to me and what can i expect to happen over the next couple weeks

  • ok, i can do that for you as soon as I get home tonight

  • Alright so I just am going to do a flow reading and just go by that and see what i get i dont do this often but i feel with everything that is going on with you maybe itll just tell us what it wants to do by doing this (hopefully that makes sense)


    First card i pulled is the eight of pentacles as you said your currently unemployed, doing poor in veterinary classes, i feel that you are trying very much to make this veterinary thing work that your not really keeping your self open to new oppertunites or your not putting enough effort into the classes. Either or the eight of pentacles is all about putting the effort into it and working hard to achieve what it is your trying to succeed at. I also feel that its a chard of warning that you need to stay disciplined in order to reach your goals but not to the exclusion of everything around you. this might even lead into whats happening with your boyfriend someone is is so focused on there work that they are neglecting something or someone

    The next card i pulled was the lovers

    is there a decision that needs to be made in regards to work vs your relationship??? the lovers card is all about decisions and knowning what is best for you vs what isn't so good for you its a card to take a good look at what the big picture is in regards to your choices in ur life. I feel as if there is some sort of choice that your not fully opening yourself up to.

    The next card I pulled was Seven of cups

    This goes again with the choices and illusion you need to know what is infront of you. Knowing the difference between what you really have to what you think you have. You need to really think about whats the real deal and what will make YOU happy no one else take time to really think about what your looking for and what choices are actually available to you and work with that.

    finally the last card i pulled as the queen of swords: she can also simply represent great wisdom, When the Queen appears,she is asking and advising you not to loose your focus and attention over the matter at hand, but doit in soft, controled way take the logic approach rather then jumping into some decision you havent thought about ... do no open or show yourself to much.... be kind

    but deep, give something and waite to see what you get back..Make sure you are speaking your mind but do it in a direct honest way and you will see positive results back in your relationships. Know that you are a strong independent person so take advantage of those qualities.

    I hope this makes sense feedback would be greatly appreciated

  • thank you for your reading. it does make sense that i do need to put forth effort in my classes, which iv been slacking on. I think mostly cause of the stress iv been dealing with. as for our relationship, i dont forsee any major decisions as of yet. he left for trucking school sat night but they are sending him back home tomorrow morning dur to some issues with his paperwork. i dont know if he will be able to go back or not. He wants to truck drive over the road til he gets enough experience so he can get a local job that will bring him home every night. it will be hard to have him gone for weeks at a time but its only temporarily. he lives with me and my family(sister,and my mom) as well as his friend and my moms friend lol, a full house! I dont whats going to happen with this company he is trying to get into, but it looks as if he isnt starting work yet, and he will be back home. i want to spend my life with him, and talks about us getting our own place, its just right now we are broke and stuck living with my mom. i will start on your reading now

  • I have your reading here. Right now your current relationship with this "Libra" friend of yours is full of happiness and a sense of completion. you feel like your ontop of the world when you are around her. You feel a sense of victory with her. You feel strongly towards her, there is a sense of happiness, strong bonds, maybe even some family ties. She may be impressed with success you have had in work or business, or how you are good with your money. To improve your relationship with her you may need to be more aggressive, go after what you want. Tell her how you feel. as far as the near future it looks like you need to work on building a foundation in which to build the relationship on. as far as long term outlook, I havnt asked that far but if you ever need a update reading just ask.

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