Lovers tarot card discussion.

  • Ive pulled this card numerous times in spreads and just recently it fell in the position of the connection i share wtih a friend of mine.

    Could i get some pointers on what this could be representing.

    I know the lovers choice is about choices so i kinda feel it has something to do regarding that... any further input would be great i just would like to learn more about this card.


  • Personally I rely heavily on my knowledge of Venus (both planet and goddess) when drawing the Lovers card in my divination practice, as this has given great accuracy.

    In the RWS, compare the Lovers card to the Devil card. In the Lovers, the woman is yet to eat the fruit, while in the Devil card the fruit grows from the woman as though she has consumed. Moreover, in the Devil card her right hand is reaching for one of the fruit, while the man's hand reaches out to her as if desiring to try it himself. In the Devil card they are expressive of self-restraint (loose chains) and they stand in a fixed bodily position, versus the free moving and creative position in the Lovers I.e. their spaced feet and open arms. Personally, it's clear to me that the "angel" above the Lovers is in fact Venus.

    I can't say much for your placement of the Lover’s card as you have given very little detail of the reading, perhaps it suggests newness or even a cooperative financial venture between you and this friend. Either way, I hope I have provided some angles for reflection on the card. 🙂

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