How did you learn to read Tarot? I'm trying to practice...

  • I bought the Sharman-Caselli deck and I have been practicing and have heard of the cards "talking" to readers, but I just can't seem to get to that point.I can't seem to interpret the meanings, especially whem reading for myself, so I resort to reading the meanings from the guide book and then get completely confused.

    Can anyone shed some light on learning?

    Thanks so much

  • First off it doesn't help to try too hard. And it is normal under stress for a psychic not to be able to always read the cards with clarity if they are feeling fearful or anxiouse. That's why even those who usualy read for themselves successfully on occasion ask for another opinion. Mostly though if the cards are not speaking clearly--you just put them away and wait a bit. I use three decks---my HEALING WITHE HE FAIRIES by Doreen Virtue as well as her ARCHANGEL MICHAEL cards. I also use an ANGEL CARD deck and those are the ones you tap into your own impressions and hear the message and they ARE a bit harder to use as you are tapping into your own connection straight to spirit or angels--which ever you prefer to call them. My Fairy cards are my everyday cards or my most frequent used----they too have a message book with meanings and after awhile---you get the pattern---specially after years of use. I also have my own way of picking them not in the book but feels right to me ---so feel that freedom of making your picks your own process. I shuffle or cut once and read the top and the bottom card. The MICHAEL CARDS feel very different and I've found they are more for truelly seriouse asking and I consult them less frequently--sounds funny but I get the feeling Michael is seriously busy on very important things and I am careful not to bother him for messages unless really important. What I'm saying is that do not be afraid to be wrong or right about feelings and just trust that. The Angel cards--the one's you listen for take more independence as you are learning to use intuition. At first you are just wanting a clue! It could be the cards you are using just aren't the best for you for doing the hearing thing. Maybe the book is the best. I use the book for my fairy cards and my Michael cards as the book does work best---the Angel cards are the ones that I use for "hearing". So try some othe cards--in fact next time you are in the store pray for help and choose other options. The hearing the message is not the same for everyone---you may not exactly hear anything---it's visual mostly, what you see in the card--the details that jump out---the feelings you get as you look at the card---it's an excercise in deep feeling. It's being very very quiet in your mind so you only see the card and notice small details. Usually--first reaction is the true one--start from there. At first just practice seeing hidden details. Reading cards from an intuitive place means letting go of the head--the logic and being in a more feeling state of trusting gut feelings. If you are already psychic then you may hear a message in your head as a thought but it will come at you quik---more as a voice in your head that blurted out without thought. I've included some cards and some reading insights I'll post below. BLESSINGS!

  • The first card is immediatly expecting! Somethings about to be realized--it could mean that you have passed or are still in gestation--maybe losing faith but spirit says---hold on--the wait is almost over! The grean plant growing is about life--see her right hand rubbing the belly and touching the vine--it may mean yes--you have been working hard! Why just a right hand--no left? See in that detail--it may be saying---you have been doing the RIGHT things and soon they will pay off! Notice the colors---yellow is often expression and violet or purple and indigo are powerful spiritual soul colors--enlightenment--higher conciesness---notice the face is lavender? And how the vine of hard work has risen and surrounded her head--it looks like a halo! Notice the teardrop of light as a third eye and the few waves of light below the throat--connecting to the heart chakra. Notice the movement difference surrounding her--the botom more sweeping like harder effort but rising to the top to something more peaceful yet still energetic--like water. Go ahead and notice your own ideas.

    SECOND CARD--I'm drawn first to the moon! The moon is for inspiration--love---visions---creativity--see the little hearts coming off the moon? I see possability--a fertile time of magic. Expect serendipity--special coincidences---special meanings and meetings with others. Notice the tree--how it anchors the moon? As the moon can be madness on its own but here it is well anchored to the earth so here it may be saying--good job of keeping balanced! It looks like the card has several seperate layers yet they are connected---bottom looks like restting---center is acctive and top is reaping---open to reveive. See in the busy center stage all the arms reaching out--working giving---well this card can be saying ok---let that time give way to RECEIVING! You deserve it. It says again--happy balance---rest--give--receive. And when you allow that kind of restoring of the self you will be more open to the magic around you.

    THIRD CARD--this one is easy

    the third eye is glowingas well as her vision. ---more hidden though is notice her demeanor---her face--her state of mind--she looks very very still! as if all the focus is in the eyes----and notice an even brighter glow about her head--OUTSIDE---it is flowing from outside. And the green? I'm thinking is the love in the giving---the sharing of the gift. Notice how the energy swirls it's own little head near her throat? I'm hearing that the voice has a mind of it's own that bypasses the woman's head and goes directly to the throat---than is spoken outward.

  • Sorry for all the typos--I type too fast!

  • Hi There! I would recommend looking around and finding "your deck". I think until that happens, you may not feel like you are getting what you are 'supposed to" out of your readings. Personally, I started on a basic Rider Waite deck about 20 years ago then was given the "Osho Zen" deck. Years later began using the Crowley "Thoth" deck. I have other oracle decks that do not follow the exact traditional set up like the ones I have just mentioned, and for me they do not work as well. I prefer the structure of the traditional deck (Virgo lol). I think once you first find your deck(s) then practice and get your energy flowing in the deck you will find more success. For years a friend and I did readings for each other and found our own way. I have different decks for different people or situations. I no longer use the Rider deck and passed it on because I didn't feel connected to them. The Osho Zen are amazing and are for readings that require less of a straight answer and more of a reflection. The Crowley deck is controversial and I wouldn't recommend them for a beginner, mainly because they are a powerful deck and you have to know who you are with them. I have not met anyone so far that used the deck more then once. They all stated it was too accurate and freaked them out. So I use that deck when I want real clear answers and when I am okay with hearing the truth good and bad. I do not use them on just anyone, some people will not be receptive even though they think they want answers, so I will use the gentler deck in that situation. People are also (ourselves included) very influenced visually, so I wouldn't recommend a deck that has images that scare you or give you bad vibes.

    I consider myself a 'good old kitchen witch' and a Reiki II practitioner and I believe that I decide the energy of what I use for information. So, it is all just in what you are interested in finding from your cards and the readings you do 🙂

    I feel Tarot reading shouldn't be forced; if it is something you have been drawn to, it is probably a divination method that is appropriate for you, but there may be something more effective for you. My Tarot buddy friend is able to use a crystal ball... while I love and am drawn to them they make my third eye hurt intensely 😞 so it is not for me. So, as stated by both of us, don't try too hard and pressure yourself (and block energy) to be "good at it". It takes time and the right cards 🙂 Once you get the hang of it you will find your own way. I feel a good rule of thumb is respect of the cards and their power.. They are YOUR cards and they should not be handled by just anyone who wants to finger through them to look at the "pretty pictures".

    Good luck!! Hope my experiences have been useful to you!

  • I agree with Spookykat and Blmoon.

    I've had my tarot cards since my second year of highschool and back then I never took them seriously. I would always let my friends touch them and would leave my cards scattered all over my room. Suffice to say that a lot of my readings were never really accurate and I could never pin point things. It wasn't until I finally took them serious --putting them in a soft, gentle cloth; not allowing anyone to touch them unless they were shuffling; getting them an appropriate box or place to put them, and not just my sock drawer-- that I started getting better results from reading them. To me, it's almost as if you have to take care of them as if they were a real person -- I always wash my hands before using them and when I'm doing a reading and it's too cold, I always cover them if they are exposed for too long.

    My way of practicing was to simply practice on those closest to me. It also helped a lot when I focused on one card at a time of my entire deck. I wrote down their meaning. Back then, I was going by what I remembered about what the description in the book said, but after some advice from the Captain, you have to look at the entire card and pick up on what the pictures say. In this way, they do speak to you because your mind focuses in on something meaningful to you.

    What I find most helpful are the "jumping" cards. When shuffling and one or two (sometimes more) fly out it makes the reading more astounding because this is what their energy is mostly focused on at the moment. I've found that one card that jumps out the deck usually sets the tone for the entire reading.

    I'm still learning too, even it's been almost a decade, but it's just how much you practice and building your confidence that works the best.

    There should be no rush to learn, only a want.

  • Junping cards! So true. They do speak loud and clear. I always let cards sit from the last reading for myself--I leave the deck as is with the top message card in view-- but in the box with the lid off-and underneath--sometimes I'll set my favourite stone on top---and then I'll do a new reading maybe days later and pull the same two cards! I've even had that happen three times in a row. It makes me feel very validated and life magical.

  • well said everyone I use a Da Vinci deck and no one is allowed to touch them and I keep them in my special drawer. I do not do readings when I feel upset or scattered but like with everything else practice practice practice and the guide book is just that a guide it is what you feel or what the cards say about the reading

    enjoy and have fun it will fall into place for you

  • Thank you for all the helpful replies everyone. I've only just got into Tarot and decided to get the first deck because I was reading a thread on this forum actually. I ordered the cards online as I don't know where else I could get them where I live. If I knew a store in which they sell tarot cards or crystals I'd prefer to go and see what they have there.

    I'll have to take care of my deck, and as it seems not try so hard. I just seem to struggle with the understanding of Tarot, I have will, but it's almost like there is no power fulling me towards the cards, but I do get this feeling of wanting to learn, wanting to read, and it's almost like I am drawn to them or to think about them. I can't explain it, it's unusual, but they just pop in my head and it's like this warm feeling of want ting to practice.

    I think another one of my issues is that I do the 5 card spread, and I just get stuck in the positioning and what the card means: future, past, present, etc.

    I just can't seem to connect with the images, and it's like the words aren't coming into my head, Like I'll notice little thing,s I'll notice the river, or I'll notice the flower or bird, but I have no idea what it represents, it doesn't speak to me.

  • Either make the cards your own--meaning, find a system that FEELS right for you--makes it personal or get another deck. Tarot cards can be intimidating as many people take very seriously the art and people take classes just to get it perfectly right. I respect that but have no feeling for using the cards either---although as a pshychic I can pick up a message off of a spread if people ask me on here. I do know the basics of Tarot. You can buy cards at a big bookstore--one of the large chains should have them as well as CD's for meditation etc. If you are in the US --try Booksamillion or Barnes n Nobles--Waldens. Most bookstores have a section for spiritual books etc. Your last line says it all--if the cards do not speak to you find a deck that does. I think you should start much smaller with a deck of non tarot first. There is no magic in the cards--non--in fact you can make up your own deck---all they are is a language to be used to hear better---spirit speaks through the cards--the cards are not magical. Treating your cards withe care is just an act of intention--it puts out the energy that you are seriouse about your intention and greatful for spirits cooporation---they are the invitation to come in so in that respect you welcome them by creating a positive energy that comes with caring for things--it's the energy. Energy is so relative---if the cards frustrate you---it will be hard to hear. Shop some bookstores----find your feels right cards. BLESSINGS!

  • I am so excited that I am not the only one who gets jumping cards. LOL my friend and I have that happen all the time, and true, they often set the tone for the reading and the question! And certainly, if you are not resolved on an issue, they will tell you the same thing over and over with the same or different cards!

    I'm glad that EIAI mentioned finding a nice box or special cloth and location for the cards. I discarded the original packaging long ago and found some nice card sized boxes for them at a hippy incense scented store lol. The cards sit with their guide books and the journals of my readings and other books that are related to the topic. All those things further saturate them in my energy!

    Nottelling:The best place now to search is the internet... just do an image search for tarot and see what pictures call to you!!

    If you are having a hard time with the images, again, they may not be the cards for you, but also, read up on symbolism. If you don't understand symbolism and general symbolism within astrology, I would guess it would be pretty confusing. Again, it will take time! Deep breaths and focus and an open mind will do the trick eventually!!!

    Good luck, it's so fun to hear everyone's experiences and tricks!

  • Blmoon

    If the cards themselves don't have energies why is a certain deck more disturbing than another? I had to switch from Rider waite to Marseilles deck coz' I couldnt handle the energy.


    I bought Da Vinci cards bcoz they called out to me but dont know how to use them.Cant bring myself to actually use them.The images are fainter and different.What is your experience with this deck...meaning how was it different?


    This site is a great palce to practice and learn about tarot. I began by reading for myself. I am still trying to learn to read them without assigning fixed meanings read in a book, by just looking at pictures.

    Good luck !

  • I got my cards off the internet too. The only reason I got them was because they were the cheapest I could afford. My sister got me the Rider Waite tarot, but just looking at them made me want to throw them away. I didn't, but I gave them to someone else.

    Only recently this past year have I gotten a new set of cards, but they're not tarot cards they are oracle cards.

    A site that I have seen a grand collection of tarot cards is in

    Browse the images and see if any of them really draw you in. Don't feel over whelmed or in a rush. Take some time to decide as you can always look through them and find one you like the best.

  • Suramya

    it's not the cards--it's your own reflection of taste---who you are. Why do certein foods gross you out yet another person loves that food? The cards are different in symbolism and artfuly so. My favourite art may not be anothers. And music---I find classical torturouse yet others find it calming. I belive certein cards do apeal more or les to certein spirits, angels and other guides.But all messages are through them --not of them. I was raised Catholic--I think it falls under the tho shalt not have false idols (gods). I believe there is power in nature----and it is my nature to be close to nature so as a refletion of that the Fairy cards feel good to me as they are the nature guides. Also there is something light and carefree about that deck. They never lie to me. I can feel it when the connection is not there and just put them away---either I do not need a message or my energy is not in a receiving place. My Michael cards felt so diferent--a bit more intense--yet felt there was a reason for the intitial attraction. Took me awhile to get the feel for them and how I felt best choosing. I usually go to them when needing extra strength.

  • blmoon

    Thanks for you response.that explains it.I love the fairy cards too, and do feel at one with nature.Right now Im attracted to the Goddess oracle cards by Doreen Virtue. And they seem to bring inspiring positive messages,that are also accurate.I tried The Achangels and saints deck but did not feel the instant connection that I do with the messages from Angels deck.So what you say makes sense. also some of us are not yet ready for opening ourselves fully to these messages.It can be overwhelming and frightening ,even though it should not be so:)

    Loved the pictures on the cards you posted

    Love and Light

  • THANKS! I love the GODDESS cards online on the Ishtar Ler ners (probably mispelled! it!) website--she also hase inner child and flower card picks. I pick from there now and then. BLESSINGS!

  • Hi Not telling,

    Im so sorry i never got back to your getting the pack of cards.

    You have to as book says get used to one deck time, look at colours themes, e,g like the cups are re emotions. then you practice with that let your feel guide you. I take you didn't feel that?

    I been off for a while, and i truly think you cant do tarot or physic unless you feel up to it.

  • What i aslo love is that, someone else does thread re learning tarot, and they get everyone , who as experience, and some us dont, still great treads.

  • Thank you all for your wonderful advice.

    I will be seeking a new deck also. Maybe something that speaks to me, I'd like to see them in store, hopefully I'll be able to find something at the local book store.

    I haven't tried to read in a few days and decided to do it today.

    Don't think I was very successful. I'll add the cards I got, and what I think, maybe someone else can help me with the reading?

    My question was "Is he (bf) being honest?

  • Hm didn't seem the work the first time.

    Anyway, question was "Is he (bf) being honest?

    Five of cups: a lot has happened in the relationship, he is unsure whether to continue or not, there is a comfort level, but there are issues which make him distance himself

    Ace of Cups: he is sticking around because he loves me, but things are changing?

    The Sun: - (I get nothing) maybe, current happiness? content?

    Ace of Swords:

    the Hermit: darkness, depression, unhappiness

    I don't know, it just seems like I don't get the FEELING, I just don't seem to be connecting.

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