Luv2laf, can u please do a reading for me? My life is a mess now :(

  • Dear luv2laf, I was very impressed with your readings for other ppl here. Need ur insights on my life pls..

    First, my career. Have been looking for a job for a few months after finishing school. So far, no luck whatsoever. Money is getting tighter and tighter. And I'm getting bored sitting at home. I wanna make my money so bad! I have a friend who is helping me with the job hunting thing. He's trying to get me into the big firm he's working for. He's a big boss there and he can give me good reference. The prob is they r not really hiring at this moment... So there is not much he can do... Anyway, that's my situation for now... Am wondering if I can get a job with this firm in the next couple months?? If not, will I find a decent job somewhere anyways? And when probably?? Any insights regarding this issue will be appreciated! Thank you!

    Second, my love life. My ex broke up w me last nov. and I got hurt so bad. Didn't mean to get back to the dating world anytime soon after being single again but somehow I met my current bf late Dec... We have been dating ever since. There r some fights and arguments between us.. But I can tell This guy likes me a lot... Maybe I'm wrong but I think he wants a future w me... I like him lots too and don't wanna get my heart broken again. Hate how it feels. Do u see if we will get engaged sometime this year? I ask this becuz of our conversations recently... He jus gave me this odd feeling that he wants to settle down and he wanted to find out how I feel abt this.. Well, again, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I over thought... So what is really thinking abt our future together? What's the possibility of dating him for long? Ever engage this year?

    Am looking forward to hearing frm u! Thx so much!

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